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The Mark Koldys-Johnny Dollar Comment of the Day ► The gretchen carlson Edition

This time, it’s not so much what was said as what wasn’t said. First take a look at Johnny Dollar’s Wall of Resentments and Paybacks™. What’s missing? I’ll let you decide:

If you guessed gretchen carlson [I won’t capitalize her name ever again] then you can move to the head of the class. Yesterday was the day that gretchen carlson FAMOUSLY walked off the set of Fox and Friends when Brian Kilmeade made a not-so-friendly sexist joke. It was everywhere EXCEPT at J$’s sewer. Maybe it’s time for Johnny Dollar-Mark Koldys to retire that obviously lying rubric:

Actual screen capture of an actual lie

Johnny Dollar has learned well from his [alleged] financial backers. “Cable News Truth” is no more honest a slogan than is “Fair & Balanced.”J$ doesn’t think you can handle the truth, or wants to hide it from you. For your viewing pleasure, here is gretchen carlson walking off the set of Fox and Friends.

Not only did Johnny Dollar-Mark Koldys ignore it, but it appears as if Fox and Friends never addressed it either.


Johnny Dollar: Thanks for reading the Aunty Em Ericann blog!

Mark Koldys-Johnny Dollar Comment of the Day

This one’s almost too easy, folks. If this isn’t the most supremely hypocritical thing Johnny Dollar-Mark Koldys has ever said, you’ll have to prove it to me.

Ain’t that rich? Proving that J$ is a fucking hypocrite is like shooting fish in a barrel.

When I wrote “Johnny Dollar Has Proven Himself To Be A Very Dangerous Person”  I made the point:

However, why is Johnny Dollar dangerous?  Under the guise of his rubric of “CABLE NEWS TRUTH” he published GrayHammy’s long character assassination on his website, which exposed my alternative lifestyle.  Reprehensible.  Disgusting.  Beyond the pale.  And, we must ask: Why was this done?  Simply because I write for NewsHounds.  If it’s something that could potentially hurt NewsHounds, then why not destroy Headly Westerfield personally by all means necessary?  I’m merely the collateral damage in the years long war J$ has dishonestly fought against NewsHounds.  There was no other reason to expose things about me that have no relevance to my writing for NewHounds and there is nothing in that article that has any relevance to NewsHounds.  Johnny Dollar has proven himself to be a very dangerous person.  

Not only was I collateral damage, but in the Johnny Dollar-Mark Koldys tradition, he will stop at NOTHING to defend Fox News, because he’s a Cable News Truther. What my sex life had to do with Cable News Truth is a question you’ll have to ask of him.

While you’re at it, please ask him why he is now contacting other people from my past to ask whether they know me or not. Seriously. This MoFo is psychotic. Next thing you know he’ll be asking Ted Nugent if he remembers this goofy kid on Gilchrist Avenue 45 years ago standing at the end of the driveway.

Neither Bob Marley nor George Harrison are alive. Therefore, Johnny Dollar-Mark Koldys will just have to take my word that I spent time with both. Or, in the case of Harrison, plenty of video footage exists. I can let J$ know how he can order up B-Roll. Marley? Plenty of people saw us together. Pictures? Probably. I can point him at people who were there. I just want to be helpful.

Oh, maybe this’ll help: John Sinclair still visits Detroit. Maybe Johnny Two Cents will want to interview him next. There’s a very public story on the innertubes about me and my friend John Sinclair and Dr. John.

Johnny Dollar? Mark Koldys? GreyHammy? Ashley Graham? Go fetch!!! You sick fucks!!!