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Headlines Du Jour ► Monday, February 17, 2014

As we celebrate the birth of Jerry Lewis-muse Kathleen Freeman, let’s take a closer look at a few Headlines Du Jour from yesteryear:

1753 – In Sweden February 17 is followed by March 1 as the country moves from the Julian calendar to the Gregorian calendar.
1801 – An electoral tie between Thomas Jefferson and Aaron Burr is resolved when Jefferson is elected President of the United States and Burr Vice President by the United States House of Representatives.
1819 – The United States House of Representatives passes the Missouri Compromise for the first time.
1933 – The Blaine Act ends Prohibition in the United States.
1959Project Vanguard: Vanguard 2 – The first weather satellite is launched to measure cloud-cover distribution.
1965Project Ranger: The Ranger 8 probe launches on its mission to photograph the Mare Tranquillitatis region of the Moon in preparation for the manned Apollo missions. Mare Tranquillitatis or the “Sea of Tranquility” would become the site chosen for the Apollo 11 lunar landing.
1996 – In Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, world champion Garry Kasparov beats the Deep Blue supercomputer in a chess match.

Now that that’s over with, let’s take a gander at today’s Headlines Du Jour:


Russians “brutally” arrest former Italian member of parliament at Sochi Olympics


Hospital charges shown to vary widely
Some bill more ‘because they can’


New details emerge on Colorado
marijuana operators raided by feds

Deep pockets and personal stories underpin Florida’s medical marijuana push


Kickstarter Hacked, Credit Card Data Safe


Murdoch’s ex-British paper boss Brooks to start phone-hacking defense


Would Fox News’ Bill O’Reilly be a good president in 2016 or not?


Why would a Michigan medical clinic block Fox News?



Election Thief Karl Rove Says Chris Christie Is What We Want In a President


Reviled by Republicans,
Ted Cruz is ‘So Hated,
He’s Going to Need
a Food Taster’


Al Capone’s gangster mansion on the market in Miami Beach


Top Ten Reasons Why You Should Not Talk to the Police


Rob Ford’s Toronto: where the buck doesn’t stop

If Ukrainians can protest their leader in weather even colder than Toronto’s, why are Torontonians content to let Rob Ford be mayor?


Michael Dorn Confirms He’s Working on a ‘Star Trek: Captain Worf’ TV Series

CBS developing new CSI
and EMS related Star Trek
television shows


Pastor dies after snake he was handling bit him


Bob Dylan and the Ethics of Market Fascism


Headlines Du Jour is a leisure-time activity of Not Now Silly, home of the
Steam-Powered Word-0-Matic, and your rest stop on the Information
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today’s open thread.

Headlines Du Jour ► Saturday, January 18, 2014

In yesterday’s exciting episode of Headlines Du Jour, I lamented that my headline-collecting robot drones had not shown up. Now I know why. They’ve become supreme overlord to your home appliances. The first two headlines describe the latest adventures of my former-headline-collecting robot drones. In the meantime, I’m taking applications for interns all over again.

Refrigerator Used By Hackers In Cyber Attack
Internet-connected home appliances are infected by a large “botnet” over a two-week period.

Hackers Use Refrigerator, Other Devices to Send 750,000 Spam Emails


New study shows chimpanzees capable of communicating
through gestures and pointing to achieve a common goal


Fox’s Elisabeth Hasselbeck: Are male-wussifying feminists a national security problem?

Ann Coulter: Fox & Friends Won’t ‘Put on Conservatives Who Can Put Two Sentences Together’



Houston cops cuff and detain man for an
hour for giving change to homeless person


Harry Reid signals support for
medical marijuana use


Nancy Grace: People on pot shoot
each other, strangle each other,
and kill whole families


On Mars, A Rock Appears
Where There Wasn’t One Before


‘Hannity’ regular Erik Rush calls for military coup against Obama


’20 Feet From Stardom’ Gets Its Turn in Oscars’ Spotlight
How legendary record man Gil Friesen’s documentary about backup singers wowed the film world


‘MITT’: Five Big Revelations About Romney In The New Documentary


Headlines Du Jour is a leisure-time activity of Not Now Silly, home of the
Steam-Powered Word-0-Matic, and your rest stop on the Information
Highway. Use our valuable bandwidth to post your news comments in
today’s open thread.

Fox “News” Spin Cycle ► Episode 27

Bizarro is owned by DC Comics

It’s been tough going lately for Fox “News.” No sooner had it lost the election for Mendacious Mitt, its whole Benghazi Conspiracy Theory started to fall apart. If that wasn’t bad enough, MSNBC started to smoke Fox in the ratings.

However, as the week began Fox “News” still thought it had the White House and the Nielson Ratings cornered. By week’s end, Senator John McCain was hilariously left twisting in the wind after repeating his Fox “News” created smears (he didn’t build that) of U.N. Ambassador Susan Rice. All he could do on the weekend talk shows was his best Jackie Gleason impression: “Humina humina humina.”

That’s why Fox “News” has to WHITEwash the record and why the Fox “News” Spin Cycle exists.

Morning Eric, but usually the Fox and Friends First cheesecake starts my week early Monday morning. What’s up with that?

Wretched Gretched must have a good agent because she had the whole Thanksgiving week off.

Here’s the lie Fox “News” was pushing when the week began.

Here’s a new lie Fox “News” tried to get away with early in the week, until it was revealed that this language has been included on this web site since 2007.

It would be more accurate to say: Senator smears Obama.

What does Fox “News” have against solar energy? If we were to spend 1/10th subsidizing solar as we do fossil fuel energy, we could solve the energy problem tomorrow.

Fox “News” keeps pushing the lie that the White House lied.

New Jersey Governor Chris Christie is the Republican that Republicans love to hate. It doesn’t pay to get too close to this President.
Truthfully, Bully Boy? I was just thinking you’ve not given me much material for my Chow Mein and Bolling series lately.

Get used to it, Loofah Lad. Mendacious Mitt is going to be a punchline for the rest of your life, especially after all the Bain Capital lawsuits are finally settled.

Now that it appears to have worked, it will be that much harder for Fox “News” to invent smears against Secretary of State Hilary Clinton. But . . . not impossible.

Sensible people everywhere rejoice when Allen West finally agrees with what has been obvious since the election.

The Fox “News” Phony War on Christmas starts earlier every year.
You can always tell when criticism has stung The Falafel King. It’s when Loofah Lad has to attack someone who has attacked him. Who is the obtuse one?

Short story: Bob Beckel played the buffoon all over again. Long story: He chug-a-lugged a Twinkie milkshake and, seconds later, ran off camera as if he was about to puke. Love that Bob.

Does Miller think there’s a link? What’s the new Petraeus Twinkie Conspiracy?
Believe it, or not, this article was not written by Brad Stine.

Because we all know how “Fair and Balanced” they are.
Because we all know what a crack police officer he is.

Because we all know what a ideal soldier he is.

Because we all know what an honest broker she is.

Because we all know how intelligent College Grads are.

Let’s see. Who was President when this language was added to the government web site in 2007? Oh yeah, that LAST guy, who is never blamed by Fox “News” for anything, even though he’s to blame for pretty much everything.


Fox “News” seems very concerned about the Twinkie.

It’s the Wussification of ‘Merka. Be afraid! Be very afraid!!!

Fox “News” is still trying to sell the lie. Even though the person responsible has now stepped out and admitted it, Kraut the Hammer and Bill the Loofah Lad aren’t “buying it.”
Secretary of State who???

Secretary of State who???

Wouldn’t be nice if we could all trample a White House flower bed for our Thanksgiving card?

Wouldn’t be nice if we could all afford such a cornucopia of food for our Thanksgiving holiday?

Will you be serving cheesecake for Thanksgiving?

Yes, you are a balloon elf. OH! You mean the picture. Never mind.
Bully Boy Bolling should be thankful he still has a job, considering how many times he’s been wrong.

What’s different about Clayton Morris today? Did he get a haircut?
I am thankful Scammity is not compulsory viewing. At least not yet.

KKKarl Rove is another person lucky he still has a job after his disastrous predictions about the election.

I wonder if Father Jonathan found a way to smear President Obama in the process.
Last week Scammity was promoting books, this week he’s promoting documentaries.

Now the Fox “News” invented Conspiracy Theory really starts to fall apart.
Too! Many!! Jokes!!!

There were shootings and wild fights in the parking lots. Viva la Unbridled Capitalism!!!
Viva la Unbridled Capitalism!!!

Viva la Unbridled Capitalism!!!

Viva la Unbridled Capitalism!!!

Dennis Miller’s not green. Kermit the Frog is green.
Viva la Unbridled Capitalism!!!

Viva la Unbridled Capitalism!!!

Viva la Unbridled Capitalism!!!
Viva la Unbridled Capitalism!!!
The kind of joke comedians have made ever since there has been an income tax. However, now Fox “News” gets to use it to smear President Obama. See how that works?

Still promoting a new anti-Obama movie.
Viva la Unbridled Capitalism!!!

Viva la Unbridled Capitalism!!! “BOLDER & FRESHER” is the name given to Loofah Lad’s live appearances with the never-funny Dennis Miller, not to be confused with the “BOLD & FRESH” tour, which was with the never-funny Glenn Beck.

Yoga pants?
Viva la Unbridled Capitalism!!!

Viva la Unbridled Capitalism!!!

Viva la Unbridled Capitalism!!! Oh! Wait!!! Never mind.
Yoga pants? Again with the yoga pants? A day later and you’re still on about the yoga pants? Yeesh!
That doesn’t take too much these days. Just ask Glenn Beck.

I’m betting “Freedom” is the name of his dog.
I’m betting “Freedom” is also the name of his gun.
Here’s a picture of Freedom.

Mark Shields is no more a Liberal columnist than Bill “Loofah Lad” O’Reilly is a Christian Saint.

More on the Fox “News” Phony War on Christmas.
Wait!!! What???
If this lifts the veil on poverty in this country, this pastor is doing a good thing. If Fox “News” ignores this story a month from now, it’ll just be Fox “News” covering up poverty in this country . . .  as usual.

However, when Progressives from Occupy Wall Street are pummeled by over-zealous police, Fox “News” managed to ignore that, or make fun of the protestors. Conversely, if a Conservative anywhere is disrespected, Fox “News” jumps into action.

Fox “News” has been selling it’s bullshit since 1996, but it’s beginning to look as if its viewers realize they have been lied to all this time. The election really opened a lot of eyes. Fox “News” and its entire roster of pundits were not JUST wrong, but MONUMENTALLY wrong.

It couldn’t have happened to a nicer group of liars.

The Fox “News” Spin Cycle ► Episode 26

Bizarro is owned by CD Comics

For all the attention given to other news stories this week, Fox “News” could have just as easily re-branded itself “The Benghazi/Petraeus Terrific Hour,” although that doesn’t sound as officially deceptive as “Fair and Balanced.” 

However, the Fox “News” Brain Room interns spent most of the week trying to come up with a Grand Unifying Conspiracy Theory [G.U.C.T.], which would link the attack on Benghazi with David Petraeus’ infidelity, while folding in the Elmo sex scandal and ending, finally, with the bankruptcy at Hostess due to rapacious unionism. However, by week’s end, a G.U.C.T. seems to have eluded them. Let’s get right to the low-lights.

This is now a Meta Joke: Fox “News” posted a story about Bill Maher’s slip-of-the-tongue, in which it called him “Pig Maher” in the headline, as it always does. News Busters, that paragon of professional journalism, shared that story with its followers, copying the headline, which attracted the attention of Bill Maher. This tickled my funny bone. Your mileage may vary.
Now get out of my room, Bully Boy.


If there’s really a God, Huckleberry Mike will not be a part of a Republican road to 2016.
Be afraid!!! Be very afraid!!! This is the ultimate DOG WHISTLE. Hint: It ends with reparations.


Broadwell knew all about Hostess, but had never met Elmo. Jill Kelly knew Elmo, but doesn’t like snack cakes. You can’t force a Grand Unifying Conspiracy Theory; it has to happen organically. Back to the drawing board.
Now Kristol tells us it would be okay. However, since Bill Kristol is never right . . .
That’s quite the declarative headline. It’s not supported by the article, however.
Early in the week Fox “News” was still waiting to hear back on its Freedom of Information Request on Elmo’s emails. However, when Elmo’s accuser recanted, it was all moot.
I hope her “surgury” went well, Bully Boy.
Another headline that doesn’t match the story.
TRANSLATION: I’ll pretend I was right all along.
The only thing that’s unraveling is the Fox “News” invented scandal.


You’re asking us?
TRANSLATION: If Hostess knew that Elmo ate Twinkies, how does that hurt Petraeus? Wait!!! What??? Twinks, not Twinkies? Oh! That’s different. Never mind.

Some sore losers in Texas.
TRANSLATION: Mendacious Mitt lost the election because the Left are evil.
How fortunate that Fox “News” was able to find a Black guy that was willing to say what they are all thinking.

I am reminded of the Obama Reelection Office in Denver that was shot up by gunfire. There were any number of “vicious attacks” on people and property for supporting President Obama, but you never heard about those on Fox “News.” However, poor Melissa Joan Hart. Somebody called her mean names.
Was it an Italian Jeep built in China?

Lookie here: Just a few weeks after his own sex scandal, which came on the heels of his phony movie being thoroughly debunked, Fox “News” has taken to quoting Dinesh D’Souza as a credible source all over again. Nothing to see here.
Bully Boy Bolling invites people to the Fox “News” Conspiracy Central.
“A follow-up, if I may, Jay. Has the President stopped eating Twinkies in solidarity with Kevin Clash? And, why not?”
It’s a jungle out there. All week Fox “News” has been feeding people’s anger on the slow recovery efforts. Well played, Fox “News.”

STRATFOR on the Avon is a wonderful place to catch a play. “Room to Regroup” is a piece of experimental theater, in which a character named Petraeus encounters a set of identical twins named “Hostess One” and “Hostess Two” and they search for Big Bird only to find Elmo.

Law enforcement is probably right. In other news: My computer is virus free.
“The Petraeus Twist” is the dance that’s sweeping the ocean.

We’ll know as soon as you invent it, Bully Boy. BTW: The walrus was Paul.
“Even former-UN Ambassador and current Mustache-in-Waiting John Bolton said Clinton was right to attend these meetings in Australia, but that makes a horrible headline. Therefore, can we make it sound like she’s ducking out to go to a wine-tasting instead?”
As with all Fox “News” headlines, this is not what you’d think. Fox “News” producer Jesse Watters hassled the people in line waiting for “Pig” Bill Maher’s show to start by asking them stupid questions.

You mean White ‘Merka? Sorry, that ship has sailed, Kraut the Hammer.
Because no one appearing on Fox “News” has EVER been treated unfairly. EVER!

“And, never forget, John McCain was smart enough to tap me for his VP pick, which is why I won’t go away.”

“And, never forget, I was smart enough to tap Sarah Palin as my VP pick, which is why she won’t go away.”
Kevin Clash is my nominee.

Maybe we should start a pool about how much longer KKKarl Rove will appear on Fox as a pundit. No matter who the GOP is officially blaming for the loss this week, everybody is in agreement: It’s all KKKarl Rove’s fault.

More sore losers.

Wait!!! What??? Who set the trap? What was it baited with?

Here’s a Jon Stewart segment in which he excoriated Fox “News” for saying the exact same thing that Mendacious Mitt said. However, you’ll never know about it by watching Fox “News.”
Buh bye! Don’t let the screen door hit you where the good Lord split . . . Oh! Wait!!! Are you one of those Atheist Libertarians or Religious Orthodox Libertarians?

Fox “News” suddenly remembered Israel. Now looking for a way to blame it on President Obama.
“QUICK! How can we blame this on President Obama?”

“QUICK! How can we blame this on President Obama?”

Because it was a ridiculous question, one which a man would never be asked.


Now Scammity is promoting books by Jake Tapper? WTF?
Easily the stupidest thing a Republican said all week. However, Fox “News” WHITEwashed the racist implications away.

She didn’t “crash” The View; she was invited on The View. She didn’t get “lip” from Behar; she engaged in a conversation.

Does this mean Scammity found a way to blame attacks in Israel and Gaza on President Obama?

That fits the Fox “News” narrative.
That also fits the Fox “News” narrative, Bully Boy.

That also fits the Fox “News” narrative, Loofah Lad.

Now Fox “News” is claiming to know what Petraeus will say before the fact.

The only reason Mendacious Mitt lost the election was because he simply didn’t know how to market his bullshit.
So what? Greg Gutfeld ridicules everything and everybody.

So what? Greg Gutfeld ridicules everything and everybody.
Fox “News” is still looking for a way to blame President Obama.


Fox “News” is still looking for a way to blame President Obama.
Fox “News” is still looking for a way to blame President Obama.

Fox “News” is still looking for a way to blame President Obama.

More class warfare from Fox “News.”

Fox “News” is still looking for a way to blame President Obama.

Fox “News” is still looking for a way to blame President Obama.
Fox “News” is still looking for a way to blame President Obama.
Fox “News” is still looking for a way to blame President Obama.

Fox “News” is still looking for a way to blame President Obama.

Fox “News” is still looking for a way to blame President Obama.

Fox “News” is still looking for a way to blame President Obama.
Fox “News” is still looking for a way to blame President Obama.

Fox “News” is still looking for a way to blame President Obama.

Fox “News” is still looking for a way to blame President Obama.

Wait!!! What???
Fox “News” is still looking for a way to blame President Obama.
Fox “News” is still looking for a way to blame President Obama.

Fox “News” is still looking for a way to blame President Obama.

Fox “News” is still looking for a way to blame President Obama.

Apologies if I came off as a little repetitious this week. That’s only because Fox “News” was a little repetitious this week, like every week. Hopefully, next week the so-called “news” channel will find a new Grand Unifying Conspiracy Theory. Awww . . . who the hell am I kidding? It’ll be all Benghazi-gate, all the time.

See you next week for The Fox “News” Spin Cycle #27!

The Fox “News” Spin Cycle ► Episode 25

Bizarro is owned by DC Comics

Nothing better demonstrates how Fox “News” is exactly like Bizarro World than this week’s, post-election edition of The Fox “News” Spin Cycle, the 25th in our popular ongoing series. 

Keep in mind: This was the week in which, before the election, the Fox “News” Paid & Preferred Pundits™
were declaring Mendacious Mitt would win in a landslide. It was the same week in which the Fox “News” Paid & Preferred Politician™ Mendacious Mitt Romney lost the Presidential Election in a landslide.

Welcome to the lobby of Bizarro World. Will you be staying here long? The next four years, you say? Certainly, we can accommodate you, providing you stop thinking now. Watch your step as you enter the Fun Way, which is already in progress.

Bully Boy Bolling has no idea how his side is going to be sandbagged by KKKarl Rove tomorrow night.
Wait!!! What??? Wasn’t Fox “News” trying to gin up a controversy over those U.N. election monitors?

TRANSLATION: Media are reprehensible for waiting for the investigations.to play out and not making shit up now.
Hooray! Shameless cynicism didn’t win. Isn’t that a good thing, Fox “News”?

TRANSLATION: There are only a few hours left in which I can pretend that Mendacious Mitt will win in a landslide and where the estimated $300,000,000.00 I am spending on the election will matter. Let me keep up the fiction as long as I can.

TRANSLATION: This will be the last day in which we can pretend that KKKarl Rove’s massive $300,000,000 conflict of interest doesn’t exist, so we won’t mention it . . . once again.


I’ve always maintained it’s more important to know what a station IS NOT reporting than what it IS reporting. A case in point: Some anonymous bozo brags into somebody’s cell phone camera that he’s voted 4 times and Fox “News” decides it’s a national “news” story. Is it true? Who knows? Who cares? Fox “News” certainly doesn’t. Conversely, there has been a lot of reporting (everywhere but on Fox “News”) about the alleged Republican-tied, alleged voter fraud cases in Virginia, and several other alleged locales across ‘Merka — that all seem to be allegedly intertwined — and that all allegedly involve Nathan Sproul, who has alleged connections to KKKarl “Alleged” Rove. Has Fox “News” ever reported on Sproul and his gang? No, because this cell phone video is more important.

It gave me the chills, too. It is a propaganda video that would make Leni Riefenstahl proud.
Tweety went off on one of his rants about GOP Dog Whistles. A little slice and dice — taking comments out of context — and one can justify this headline from Real Clear Politics, which Fox “News” also thinks is a national “news” story.

“Kneecaps” is just another one of those action verbs Fox “News” is fond of. It wasn’t really like that. However, Fox “News” will elevate any story to national “news” if one of its competitors is criticized, even mildly. Action verbs will cover that.

Using his silly quiz to further propagandize is just another one of Loofah Lad’s excesses.

Remember this guy? He used to be on Fox “News” and now he isn’t. That doesn’t mean he’s any less funny now.

I think Mendacious Mitt’s internal polls are lying to him.

The GOP were hoping for counting chaos. Too bad it didn’t happen because then it was harder to say the election was stolen.

There were Swing State newspapers that flipped to President Obama, but Fox “News” will never tell you about them.

The Falafel King started his “people want free stuff so that’s why they reelected President Obama” rant almost immediately after the polls closed. He hasn’t let up since, except to spout racist bullshit about the White Race now being a minority in ‘Merka.

Is this one of those skewed polls? Because it sure was wrong!!!

Be afraid!!! Be very afraid!!!
Be afraid!!! Be very afraid!!!
Be afraid!!! Be very afraid!!! If you see someone on Fox “News” that doesn’t seem right, record and report it.

Thank goodness we dodged that bullet.

Be afraid!!! Be very afraid!!! One Black guy, who poll workers said was “relatively pleasant to speak with,” showed up at one polling station, and Fox “News” tried to turn it into this year’s voter intimidation story. It didn’t work.

Who are you voting for, KKKarl?

By the beginning of the week Fox “News” had figured out a way to blame President Obama for Hurricane Sandy.

Be afraid!!! Be very afraid!!!

There are just a few hours left before KKKarl Rove’s head is going to explode. Until then he can pretend his massive $300,000,000.00 conflict of interest is still going to matter.

I can’t wait until we can do Slo-Mo, freeze-frames of the EXACT moment when KKKarl Rove’s head explodes!!!. Until then we can let him pretend a few hours longer that his massive $300,000,000.00 conflict of interest is still going to matter.

Oddly enough, there were longer lines in Democratic precincts, but Fox “News” will never tell you that.

Five hours later KKKarl Rove’s head is going to explode live on air in one of the greatest public meltdowns ever. However, there is still some time to pretend his massive $300,000,000.00 conflict of interest is still going to matter.

There was a tribute to President Obama painting on the wall of a schoolroom being used as a polling place. Be afraid!!! Be very afraid!!!

It won’t be pretty when KKKarl Rove’s head explodes.

How long do you think it should take, Clayton? After Hurricane Wilma we were without power for 14 days. Hurricane Sandy was much bigger, moved slower, and left far more destruction. Down here after Wilma the difficult thing for Transportation Departments to find were new, in-the-box traffic lights just sitting on shelves waiting to be installed. They had to be fabricated. There were many intersections that reverted to 4-way stops during the several weeks it took to find enough replacements. However, to listen to Fox “News,” it’s all President Obama’s fault that the number of broken
telephone polls exceeds the supply of telephone polls waiting to be
The Flop Sweat begins now!

Even Jeb Bush was delusional. He must have drunk the KKKarl Rove Kool-Aid served on Bizarro World.

The closer the ‘Merkin public gets to electoral reality, the closer KKKarl Rove gets to Bizarro World.

This will be one of the last times Mendacious Mitt is ahead all evening.

The beginning of the excuse-making. No one seemed to say, “Mendacious Mitt was a lousy candidate.”

This is how Woeful Wednesday began, with a whimper and no Fox and Friends First cheesecake.

Bully Boy Bolling thinks Mendacious Mitt was too moderate. Yeah, that’s why he lost because he was not Conservative enough.

Bully Boy Bolling needs to rethink his party. They’re big losers and behave like sore losers.

Who is crazier: KKKarl Rove, who denied reality for so long, or Fox “News,” which actually brought on the wrongest person on earth to give his post-election analysis? It’s a trick question because it’s a tie! And the brain-dead Fox “News” audience are the ultimate losers because neither Fox “News,” nor KKKarl Rove ever admitted on Fox “News” that his 2 SuperPACs were spending a whopping $300,000,000.00 to influence the 2012 election. There’s only two ways to look at it: Fox “News” either knew the scam, or were duped by KKKarl Rove’s scam. Either way the so-called “news” network allowed itself to be used to raise money to buy a Mendacious Mitt presidency: “Lookie here, I appear on Fox “News” alla time. Gimme my SuperPACs money and we’ll have a puppet in November.” Fox “News” won’t ever admit either side of that coin, so it will gladly turn to KKKarl Rove for post-election analysis.

Oddly enough, Fox “News” really kept telling its brain-dead audience all the reasons why President Obama should NOT have won the election. It never really looked into why Mendacious Mitt lost. Funny that.
Hey, didja hear? Fox “News” is considering a new show to run on both the Fox “News” and the Fox “Business” networks: At first the Head Honchos were going to call it “Mea Culpa with KKKarl Rove,” but then remembered that Fox “News” never admits to its mistakes. That’s why “CYA with KKKarl Rove” won out. Check your local listings.

Here’s a lesson in how Fox “News” pushes news down the memory hole: Donald Trump eventually deleted his tweet which called for a revolution, but not before NBC’s Brian Williams called him out on it. Now, skip ahead to Monday, November 12, 2012: Those Foxy Friends on Fox and Friends hosted The Donald for his regular Monday morning phone call. While The Donald was asked about his Twitter War with Brian Williams, never did anyone mention it was because The Donald called for revolution after Mendacious Mitt lost the election. That part of the kerfuffle is gone down the memory hole and the brain-dead Fox “News” viewers need never know about it.

That’s just one of the nicer thing he said. I wrote about Ted Nugent’s racist attack on Detroit almost two weeks ago. Oddly enough, The Ghost of Gilchrist recycled some of his Detroit attacks and applied them to the nation as a whole. That makes his racial enmity against Detroit so much less special than it seemed just 2 weeks ago.

Maybe Ted Nugent and Loofah Lad are merely trying to label Fox “News” as the Racist Channel.

There is no better place than to run this video again because it’s a keeper:

Maybe if you just throw more money at it, KKKarl. Think of it as your own personal stimulus package.

“QUICK! How can we blame this on President Obama’s reelection.?”

Because we all know how “Fair and Balanced” Ann Coulter and Pat Buchanan are. And, poor Bob Woodward, of Watergate fame, has been acting as Scammity’s stooge.

This has been the Fox “News” mantra since President Obama was reelected.

The entire country has shifted Progressive, but Bully Boy Bolling won’t let that dissuade him from feeling like a winner, even when his most closely-held beliefs were resoundly rejected by the voters. Now that’s what I call “cockeyed optimism.”

Another example of Fox “News” shitting on the competition.

TRANSLATION: We’ll find someone to blame.

“QUICK! How can we blame this on President Obama’s reelection?”

Now that really sounds like sour grapes to me.

Here’s a hint: NewsMax did not blame Mendacious Mitt or the GOP. It’s all the voter’s fault.

Just when you thought he’d be slitting his wrists, KKKarl Rove bounces back to pretend he still has some worth to Fox “News.” And, Fox “News” still has to pretend he does, because the alternative is unthinkable. The truth of the matter is that KKKarl Rove stunk up the entire joint for the entire election cycle. If you want to know why Fox “News” blundered so badly in all of its projections, all you have to do is look at KKKarl Rove. Since Fox “News” never reported on Rove’s MASSIVE $300,000,000.00 conflict of interest, it promptly forgot all about Rove’s MASSIVE $300,000,000.00 conflict of interest. The putative “news” network allowed KKKarl Rove to sell it a phony bill of goods as well.

So, it’s all the fault of Mendacious Mitt’s guy, who isn’t as smart as David Axelrod. You’d think Mittens could afford the smartest in the world . . . like KKKarl Rove, f’rinstance.

Let’s file this away and check on it in a few years. Bully Boy Bolling is predicting what commodities will be good buys and which commodities will tank during President Obama’s second term. Don’t forget: Bully Boy Bolling is a former-commodities trader.

Oh, fer fuck’s sake. Bully Boy Bolling’s started a new countdown.

Just not enough to compromise. However, you could be forgiven if you get the opposite impression from this.

“QUICK! How can we blame this on President Obama’s reelection? Oh! Wait! We just have.”

If Eric Holder leaves the administration, Fox “News” will lose one of its favourite strawmen.

Be afraid!!! Be very afraid!!!

Let’s clear up one thing right now: THIS IS NOT MORNING CHEESCAKE!!!

In discussing legalization of marijuana on The Five, Bully Boy Bolling forgot his Libertarian roots and came out soundly against legalization and referenced his son as a reason. Some people jumped on his hypocrisy. Imagine that. It wouldn’t surprise me at all to find Bully Boy Bolling’s Boy’s Bong. Statistically, he’s got to be a doper.



PLEASE! No cheesecake!!!

Oh, jeez. Bully Boy Bolling couldn’t even stick to his 4-year countdown 2 days in a row.

Because we know how “Fair and Balanced” Liz Cheney is.

Shorter Petraeus: It’s all Obama’s fault.

That’s all you got, Bully Boy? When you thought Mendacious Mitt Romney was going to win inn a landslide, you woke up so much more chipper. It’s sad to see you take it so hard.

Already spreading conspiracy theories and it’s only Saturday morning.

And more conspiracies.

And more conspiracies.

Even crossword puzzles are places to push propaganda.

“QUICK! How can we get these people to blame President Obama?”
“QUICK! How can we blame this on President Obama?”

And more conspiracies.

No, Loofah Lad. The lowest race card was right after the election when you said the only reason President Obama won was because, QUOTE, “The white establishment is now the minority.” Nice going, Whitey!

TRANSLATION: Still more conspiracy theories.

And even more conspiracies. By the end of the weekend Fox “News” personalities were creaming their collective jeans because the giant Benghazi Conspiracy Theory newsfront was about to interact with tracking weather patterns as a new front moves in from CIA headquarters. While there’s still a lot of time before these conspiracies coalese and make landfall, Fox “News” is predicting this could become a biggest shitstorm than Hurricane Sandy. At least if it has any say about it.

Personally I never thought Veep Joe Biden would run for the presidency in ’16. And, I’d rather not be proven wrong.

Oh, lookie here: KKKarl Rove wants to change the subject. Let’s change it back.

This Simpson’s clip from just last night, after the election:

By the end of the weekend, Fox “News” found a new conspiracy that involves Attorney General Eric Holder, abortion clinics and his wife. I’m sure there’s far less to this than Fox “News” is making out. There always is.

So, the question must be asked of the GOP and Teabaggers everywhere: Are you better off than you were 4 years ago, before you spent all that money trying to get Mendacious Mitt elected?

What have been learned? On this reality-based world a reasonable assessment would be that FOUR years of Fox “News” lies was not enough to scare enough people into voting against the Black guy. One would have to conclude that the Fox “News” brand of propaganda is no longer working.

What did they learn on Bizarro World? Nothing. As soon as the election was over Fox “News,” along with its sycophantic echo chamber of GOP operatives and Teabagging professionals, were already doubling-down on the lying conspiracy hysteria that allowed the once proud GOP to nominate, and then back, a proven liar like Mendacious Mitt Romney.

Welcome to Bizarro World. The WHITEwash zone is for loading and unloading, which is why The Fox “News” Spin Cycle exists in the first place. You’re welcome..

The Fox “News” Spin Cycle ► Episode 24

Bizarro is owned by DC Comics

This SPECIAL ELECTION EDITION of the Fox “News” Spin Cycle is being compiled the day prior to the election. It’s been an intense several months. The closer we got to the election, the faster the so-called “news” network has had to spin in order to WHITEwash for Mendacious Mitt.

It was a week in which there was a national disaster of historic proportions. However, if you were watching Fox “News,” you could almost be forgiven for not knowing about it. That’s because the network spent so much more of its airtime trashing President Obama for conspiracy theories it has invented about Benghazi. That is, until they could figure out the right way to blame President Obama for the hurricane. As a new week begins, that’s just what they have done.

About that election tomorrow. Media Matters put together a little infographic that highlights why Fox “News” is not “Fair and Balanced.” Never has been. Never will be. This is the context for everything that follows.

Media Matters for America infographic. Fox “News” made them a sworn enemy. What better recommendation is there?

Any week that starts with a little cheesecake is a good week.

Hurricanes do not make a good week. Unless you can blame them on President Obama.

My morning cheesecake.

Here in Florida we have several hurricane alerts every year. You people have no idea what’s coming.

Why? Since you rule out “Climate Change” as a credible answer I’ll have to choose “Dragons.” What do I win?

No one ever would have thought of that on their own. It’s a good thing Scammity’s here for us all.

Just more made up bullshit that didn’t come to pass. However, they got a couple of days service out of this lie.

Here’s the other lie Fox “News” fed all week. I’ll wait until the several investigations are finished before I point the finger.

You people!

All week Mendacious Mitt pretended he had momentum. All week Fox “News” let him.

By week’s end, Fox “News” had figured out a way to blame the hurricane on President Obama. This was early in the week.

Fox “News” managed to get through the entire election cycle without having to reveal the fact that KKKarl Rove is spending an estimated $300,000,000 dollars to influence the 2012 election cycle.
Let me repeat: Fox “News” managed to get through the entire election cycle without having to reveal the fact that KKKarl Rove is spending an estimated $300,000,000 dollars to influence the 2012 election cycle. Rob Portman? He’s another partisan.

These last 3 messages from KKKarl Rove came within minutes of each other. I suspect that means he knows Mendacious Mitt is losing. NEVER FORGET: Fox “News” managed to get through the entire election cycle without having to reveal the fact that KKKarl Rove is spending an estimated $300,000,000 dollars to influence the 2012 election cycle.

This next one was a few hours later. I think it’s Rove’s Turnout Model that will turn out to be wrong. See what I did there? NEVER FORGET: Fox “News” managed to get through the entire
election cycle without having to reveal the fact that KKKarl Rove is
spending an estimated $300,000,000 dollars to influence the 2012
election cycle.

That’s what KKKarl Rove needs you to believe. NEVER FORGET: Fox “News” managed to get through the entire
election cycle without having to reveal the fact that KKKarl Rove is
spending an estimated $300,000,000 dollars to influence the 2012
election cycle.

NEVER FORGET: Fox “News” managed to get through the entire
election cycle without having to reveal the fact that KKKarl Rove is
spending an estimated $300,000,000 dollars to influence the 2012
election cycle.

Still playing down the middle, but by week’s end they found a way to blame the hurricane on President Obama.

Storm politics? Benghazi? Storms in Benghazi?

Morning Joe happened to be right, but Fox “News” felt the need to repost a snarky article about Morning Joe.

Nothing was mentioned about Republican dirty tricks. Why was that?

Because showing President Obama’s competence was an OUTRAGE! An outrage, I tells ya!!!

TRANSLATION: “C’mon media. We made up all this great shit and don’t want to be hanging out here by ourselves.”

Because even a bullshit quiz is to be used as propaganda.

By the end of the week Fox “News” owner Rupert the Murdock had found a way to get Governor Christie to kiss his ring.

See how Fox “News” was trying to draw a false equivalency? The truth is President Obama stayed off the election trail two days longer than Mendacious Mitt. And, he didn’t buy $5,000 worth of groceries to prime the pump at a bullshit Relief Rally.


Hoo boy!!!

KKKarl Rove has a one-track mind. He is still trying to push the fiction that Mendacious Mitt has momentum. He doesn’t. That’s all fell apart by week’s end and revealed to be a sham. You’ll never hear about that on Fox “News.” Rove also knows that Fox “News” will never tell reveal his MASSIVE conflict of interest in spending $300,000,000 to influence the 2012 election cycle. He’s safe, until the voter fraud lawsuits start. I expect to see him front and center in some of those trials.

Everybody is concerned about Hurricane Sandy, except KKKarl Rove, who is empty inside.

I’d pay to see Bully Boy Bolling bathe in tapioca pudding. How about you?

You would need to pass a bill by Congress because election day is proscribed by the Constitution, Wretched Gretched.

This is when the Fox “News” coverage started to turn, and we began to hear criticism of President Obama.

How’s this for nepotism? American Crossroads is one of KKKarl Rove’s two SuperPACs, which are spending an estimated $300,000,000 to influence the 2012 election — and that doesn’t include the “in kind” donations every time KKKarl Rove appears on Fox “News” and they play one of American Crossroad’s adverts without mentioning Roves HUMONGOUS conflict of interest.

It didn’t matter what the polls showed, KKKarl Rove had a scenario he was selling.

This guarantees President Obama will win because Dick “Toe Sucker” Morris has never been right about anything.

Oh my! My rep appears to have had words with an overly officious cop and Fox “News” wants you to believe it was an “altercation.”
By mid-week this graphic had been deleted and restored at facebook. Being restored doesn’t make it any truer.

More Benghazi Bullshit from Bully Boy Bolling.

There was no Sandy aftermath to speak of. It was all about Benghazi.

Another Loofah Lad media bun fight?

I doubt he will be running in 2016.

TRANSLATION: “I’ll be pretending Mendacious Mitt is still going to win, but I’m dying inside.

What consulate could?

And so it begins. Blame Obama for Hurricane Sandy begins.

Would you be at all surprised to find out that after spending an estimated $300,000,000 to influence this election cycle, KKKarl Rove is willing to call it for Mendacious Mitt?

All the good chair jokes have been done to death.

I have never seen Fox “News” pass along a President Obama advert. Why is that?

That’s what they WANT you to believe.

That’s what they WANT you to believe.

That’s what they WANT you to believe.

“QUICK! How can we blame this on President Obama?”

“QUICK! How can we blame Sarah Palin on President Obama?”

Because it was easier than making it out of Hurricane Sandy debris.

The Falafel King never passes along all those HIGH-LARRY-US jokes made about Mendacious Mitt. What’s up with that?

More free advertising for the Mendacious Mitt Out-Of-Context-Faux-Outrage Machine.

By mid week, KKKarl Rove is grasping at straws because he sees his $300,000,000 spent from his two SuperPACs going down the drain as Mendacious Mitt’s poll numbers start to tank mid-week. Rove is trying to put then best face on it.

“Stand and deliver for conservative values” from a Fox “News” personality just proves it is not a “Fair and Balanced.” Never has been. Never will be.

Because they can make shit up just as easily as Fox “News” can. Stay tuned.

However, this is how the above comment appeared on my wall, attached to this pic from Republican Hate Fear Lies and Distortion, via American Women United. McCain is a hypocrite and a sore loser.

How many free commercials will Fox “News” be able to Give Mendacious Mitt? That all ends on Wednesday.

Thanks for the warning.

Fox and Friends First jump on the bandwagon.

The day after NYC Mayor Bloomberg endorsed President Obama, Fox “News” found a way to attack him.


And it will be all Bully Boy Bullshit.

And so it goes. The full bore Blame Obama cycle begins.

Near the end of the week Loofah Lad outdid himself with letting his id say stupid racist shit that he’s been holding back. This was worse than his restaurant review of a few years back. Then he backs off and says that he has to answer the tough questions.

“QUICK! How can we made this sound bad for President Obama?”

Bloomberg was being foolish to think that NYC should have still run the marathon. However, Fox “News” crucified him over it because Bloomberg endorsed President Obama, so this is a two-fer.

World mocks Markris lawsuit.

This is the most poorly sourced story Fox “News” passed along this week. Somebody, who knew somebody, who was told by somebody, who told The Daily Caller that President Obama MAY have had a 2.6 GPA, but didn’t know for sure.

I already wrote about this in Chow Mein and Bolling, but it;s always instructive to see how proud Bully Boy Bolling is over his bullshit.
“QUICK! We found a way to blame this on President Obama.”

I like seeing pampered punks like Steve Doocy whine about being cold when people have died in this hurricane. Certainly he knew that, right? That people have died? So his snide little Prius/Katrina/FEMA joke isn’t the least bit funny. And his minor inconvenience at being cold is hardly worth mentioning, right Doocy, you little pampered little punk? Even Brian Kilmeade, whose entire 1st floor was destroyed by flooding, had it worse than you did, Doocy. Did you have to put on a few extra sweaters?

“QUCK! How can we blame this on President Obama?”

If this election is stolen, it will be in Ohio. Since Fox “News” knows that, it is deflection your attention to this.

I want to see these guys throw punches next time. Put it on Pay Per View and you could retire the debt.

TRANSLATION: They show Mendacious Mitt ahead. If they showed President Obama ahead, we would have said they were skewed.

By Friday Fox “News” had found a way to take a word out of context and smear the president with it. Then Mendacious Mitt was able to pick up on it. By the end of the week President Obama was being painted as an Angry Black Man.

Why I oughta!!!

Now retailing the “Obama Phone” lie that’s already been debunked.

Hoo boy!!!

TRANSLATION: It’s early in the day. Tell us what to think.

TRANSLATION: It’s late in the day. We’ll tell you what to think.

Would you be surprised to discover he’s not so much for Mendacious Mitt, but against President Obama?

Would you be surprised to discover they’re not so much for Mendacious Mitt, but against President Obama?

You should have left the headline at the end of “swing.”

Now look what asshole has been inconvenienced by a natural disaster that’s affected millions of other people.

If we can’t blame him for the hurricane, we still have these lies.

We’ll ignore the help that was sent, to continue this lie.

And, just like that, Mendacious Mitt had his closing argument: President Obama is an Angry Black Man and only Mittens loves his country.

ANother Joe Biden gaffe.

“QUICK! How can we blame Governor Christie after he almost licked the back of President Obama’s hand?

A rare double, reverse dog whistle: Progressives will just find this funny. Racists will find it confirms their stereo-types.

Rove must be getting ready to sell his mailing lists and wants to pad them out a bit before Wednesday, when they might be worthless.

It took almost no time at all to turn this into a tee vee commercial to smear President Obama with another out-of-context quote.

As I keep explaining to people: That’s not voter fraud. That’s voter registration fraud. Adolph Hitler is not going to show up to vote. Either is Mickey Mouse or Popeye. However all those names get written down on voter registration forms.

And, now a word from our sponsor: It’s a national movement, according to Mendacious Mitt.

I hear a dog whistle.

They’re really hypnotizing Joe Trippi.

Wait!!! What??? Tunisia???

Sunday? Isn’t 5 days a week of your Bully Boy Bullshit enough?

HAW! HAW! HAW! HAW! Another Joe Biden gaffe.

Remember the Sainted Reagan?

And, now a word from our sponsor, which is me . . .

Fox “News” tried hard to smear Elizabeth Warren this election cycle. Here’s its last attempt.

And how many have gone to President Obama?

And, by the end of the week, Governor Chris Christie kissed Rupert Murdock’s ring, because Rupie warned him a Mendacious Mitt loss would be blamed on him.
The weekend ended with Fox “News” promoting its election night coverage. It will be a fun night watching the Fox “News” sponsored GOP fall to defeat tomorrow night.

Tomorrow’s the election. Make sure you get out to vote, especially if you are voting for President Obama.

Fox “News” Spin Cycle ► Episode 23

Bizarro is owned by DC Comics

Monday already? That must mean it’s time for another exciting edition of The Fox “News” Spin Cycle, where the so-called “news” channel does everything in its power to WHITEwash for Mendacious Mitt and employ every lie it can invent to smear President Obama. 

It was a very busy week for the Fox “News” spinners: Mittens lost another debate and there were all those Benghazi lies to invent. That’s why I managed to collect 265 separate screen captures. After removing the duplicates and those that were meant to deflect away from the GOP lies, this is what we were left with this week. Let’s get to it, shall we?

I’ve written previously about Bully Boy Bolling being an unmitigated coward, however this past week he showed himself to be a simpering coward. When I saw that the Bully Boy was going to be just up the road from me I offered to drive up so we could get together and talk through our differences. I even offered to buy the coffee. However, the Bully Boy was too much a coward to take me up on my offer, let alone respond.
Juan Williams and Geraldo Rivera have tried to add some reality to the Fox “News” manufactured FREAK OUT over the attack Benghazi. However, Fox “News” isn’t listening because it sees an opportunity to use these 4 tragig deaths as a way to smear President Obama before all the facts are in and the investigations have had a chance to play themselves out. After all, there’s an election coming and this is the best way it knows to help Mendacious Mitt win.
KKKarl Rove is just another one to jump on the Benghazi Bandwagon. Please note: His two SuperPACs are spending an estimated $300,000,000.00 to influence the 2012 elections, but that’s never mentioned on Fox “News.” Instead, he is merely presented as a former Chief of Staff in the former Bush administration. There’s a reason Dubya nicknamed him “Turd Blossom.”
So that’s why you haven’t been able to lie as often as usual. Got it!!!
While Bret Baier presents this as a “Fair and Balanced” debate between Trippi and Rove, he never mentions KKKarl Rove’s MASSIVE conflict of interest.
Sure, why not? Then President Obama can bring up all the Reich Wing Nuts™ who are endorsing Mendacious Mitt.
Then why did Mendacious Mitt keep bring the debate back to domestic issues?
Once again Fox “News” uses an action verb to OBLITERATE the notion that Rudy “A Noun, A Verb, 9/11” Giuliani refused to answer a perfectly logical question and attacked the questioner instead. That’s right out of the Newt Gingrich playbook.
Mama Grizzly tries to promote a conspiracy over what is clearly an unfortunate error by the CBS affiliate in Phoenix. Every station spends weeks before an election testing its graphics. You can’t test the graphics without putting SOME numbers in the computer. Somebody pressed the wrong button and it accidentally went out over the air. However, ket’s compare that with all those dishonest Fox “News” graphics that were not the result of somebody pressing the wrong button.

Uh oh! A Democratic candidate got caught doing something. However, Fox “News” will NEVER show it when a Republican gets caught doing something illegal. This is just another reason why Fox “News” is not “Fair and Balanced.” Never has been. Never will be.
Loofah Lad loves to attack Sandra Fluke. This was merely another opportunity.
As it did last week, Fox “News” only showed tweets that attacked President Obama or promoted Mendacious Mitt.
If Fox “News” has anything to say about it, Benghazi will be the key. That’s why it has been making up shit faster than you can say “Weapons of Mass Destruction.”
I’m not so sure it’s a good tactic to remind people about the ellegal, preemptive war in Iraq started by that OTHER guy that THIS guy ended.
“Epic takedown”??? Hardly.
Shorter Gutfeld/McGuirk: If you’re voting for Mendacious Mitt you’re smart. If you’re voting for the Socialist, Muslim, usurper currently in the White House, you ought to have your head examined.
Fox “News” promotes an editorial that gets it exactly backwards. Does Fox “News” really think Mendacious Miit will get tough on China, where he makes so much money, and Wall Street, where he makes so much money?
HAW! HAW! HAW! HAW! as Judge Nap might say.
Thank goodness Scammity didn’t stay in Boca Raton long enough to pollute the water.
Only a doofus trying to relive his teens wears a baseball cap indoors.
Ya gotta love how The Falafel King can even use his silly quiz as propaganda.
Which means the Svammity mockery begins at 9:01.
That’s why Fox “News,” against all available evidence, had to pretend that Mendacious Mitt won the last debate.
When taking the President out of context, it’s usually a good thing to at LEAST get the quote right. President Obama said he would have more flexibility in a second term, which is just an unremarkable fact of life in ‘Merkin politics.
The war monger tempers his language. Fox “News” loves it.
And so does Judge Nap, who knows it’s bullshit from a bullshitter.
I’ve seen a lot of Reich Wing complaints about what President Obama didn’t do in Syria, but I have yet to see anybody say what he should have done that wouldn’t have involved ‘Merka in another war.
But, Mendacious Mitt let it slide because he knows his argument is a loser. He’s not going to allow himself to repeat Fox “News” lies again, like he did in the previous debate.
If lying is “sober, steady” and “sounds presidential” then Mendacios Mitt is a winner.
Mendacious Mitt loved this line so much he repeated it several times. Fox “News” loved it so much it repeated it several times.
This was President Obama’s best line in the debate.



YEAH! You can lie for yourself, Mittens.
And, who can we blame for that debt? The GOP and Dubya. Who will add 5 trillion dollars to the debt? Mendacious Mitt.
Iran is under no illusions about President Obama’s resolve, even if Fox “News” is.
News Flash to Steve Doocy: President Obama didn’t say the Marines had no bayonets. He said they had fewer. And you call yourself a “newsman”??? You’re nothing but a partisan hack.
Saying it won’t make it true, Scammity.
“I just won’t tell you what it is.”
Israel is under no illusion that this is the case, even if Fox “News” is.
Yet, Fox “News” has continually ignore what the president has said in order to manufacture lies and smear him.
But, every time he does, Mendacious Mitt brings takes debate to “everything but.” He knows that foreign policy doesn’t work for him, so he’ll lie about other things instead.
Oh, goodie: Candy Crowley is off the hook for fact-checking Mendacious Mitt.
However, Mendacious Mitt, who makes so much money from his investments in China, is not the man to do it.
Mendacious Mitt is the only candidate in this election who has PERSONALLY sent jobs to China and invested in Chinese companies.
This is one of those phrases that sounds good, until one examines the actual proof. Let’s see, there was Regime Change in Iraq, Iran, Guatemala, Haiti, and a host of other countries going back to the overthrow of the monarchy in Hawaii before it achieved statehood. I would call that dictating to other countries, Mendacious Mitt.
If Fox “News” politics can quote President Obama accurately, why can’t Steve Doocy? Oh, that’s right! Because Steve Doocy is a partisan hack and isn’t ashamed to show it.
Fossil fuels = eventual failure.
However, there was no money available from teh bands for a managed bankruptcy, which is why Dubya and, later, President Obama stepped in to rescue the auto industry. Mendacious Mitt really would have LET DETROIT GO BANKRUPT, just as he argued to allow home foreclosures to reach bottom and allow the markets to settle it out.
What makes him think President Obama wouldn’t do the same?
Any rational reading of history puts a lie to this pile of bullshit by the supreme bullshitter. Ask the Iraqi people if they feel like they’ve been freed. Keep in mind there’s an estimated 1,000,000 dead Iraqis that can’t respond.
More of that ‘Merkin Exceptionalism that always gets the country in trouble in the long run.
There has never been an Apology Tour, but Fox “News” is hoping that if they repeat it enough people will believe it. And, guess what? They do. Every brain-dead Fox “News” viewer is positive that President Obama apologized, even though he never did.
WHOOPS! Steve Doocy will say anything to cover up for the fact that the GOP created the sequester.
It doesn’t matter what people think because you will tell them what to think. BTW: Where’s the morning cheesecake pic?
Mendacious Mitt had his clock cleaned, but I’m sure you’ll find a way to lie about it.
Dick “Toe Sucker” Morris? He’s never been right about anything.
Because we know how “Fair and Balanced” John McCain is.
This was another one of Frank Luntz’s bullshit focus groups.
Two Republicans and an ineffective Democrat. That sounds about right for a “Fair and Balanced” Fox “News” panel.
Because we know how “Fair and Balanced” they both are.
‘Merkin Exceptionalism! Manifest Destiny! Remember the Maine!
HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! If it were a real brawl someone would have ripped that bad toupee right off Luntz’s head.

Fox “News” will always crow when Jon Stewart attacks President Obama. It will never repeat something like this.
Would you be surprised to learn this was a misquote of what was said?
Some Right Wing Whack Job™ threatened to arrest Al Gore for his comments on Climate Change, so Fox “News” has to turn it into a national “news” story.

Look at how Fox “News” has spun this: This was NOT an NBC News audience. It was a bunch of people crowded around an NBC live segment microphone. However, Fox “News” wants to put out the lie that it was an NBC audience because that feeds into its meme that NBC is evil bad.
This is a total misrepresentation of what the First Lady said, but that wouldn’t surprise you at all, would it?

TRANSLATION: We’ll be lying furiously on The Five and not let Beckel get in a word edgewise.
TRANSLATION: I will be forced to lie in order to twist what President Obama said in last night’s debate about Romney’s position on the auto bailout.
Hey, Scammity! What ever happened to all that money you collected from your bullshit Freedom Concerts? Did any of it actually get to the intended recipients? Did you ever provide an accounting of that money? How much made it into your pockets?
I will be the first to say that if this is true, it’s despicable. However, there has been no confirmation by the police. We only know of this from a press release issued by the REPUBLICAN Senator, who is repeating (or not) a story told to him by his son. It would not be the first time a son has made up a story to cover up a larger issue, or the first time a REPUBLICAN lied to make Democrats look bad.
Because we all know how “Fair and Balanced” that trio is.
HA! Fox “News” is heavily invested into pretending there’s no War on Women and, to do so, Loofah Lad has to pretend that Mendacious Mitt’s debate style appealed to women because we all know how much women like liars.
This interruption brought to you by the folks at NewsHounds. Fox “News” continues to pretend KKKarl Rove is not spending an estimated $300,000,000.00 to game the 2012 elections.
Remember when all those polls showing President Obama in the lead were skewed? Now that Mendacious Mitt has an infinitesimal lead in a poll, Fox “News” is back to touting the polls uncritically.
KKKarl Rove is all over the Fox “News” schedule, from early morning to late at night, and never once does the so-called “News” channel mention his SuperPACs are spending an estimated $300,000,000.00 to influence the 2012 elections.
One person says one stupid thing to the Vice President of the United States and Fox “News” turns it into a national news story.
Ever since the debate ended Mendacious Mitt and Fox “News” has been trying to convince people that the Mittmentum is on his side.
Is this harridan still a Fox “News” contributor? Will she be asked to explain her “shuck and jive” comment? Of course not!
I’d love to see what really happens behind those closed doors.
Because we all know how “Fair and Balanced” Laura Bush is.
I, for one, was happy about the delay.
As usual it was a load of crap, but that didn’t stop Fox “News” from promoting it and pretending it was really something special.
Because the latest Rasmussen Poll shows Mendacious Mitt ahead.
Fox “News” has spent almost two months politicizing the tragic deaths in Benghazi without facts, based on mere speculation. Rather than wait for the outcome of the several investigations now ongoing. Instead it will make up shit in order to smear President Obama and blame him DIRECTLY for these tragic deaths.
Because we all know how “Fair and Balanced” she is.
Fox “News” promotes many anti-Obama ads, but I have yet to see them promote an anti-Mendacious Mitt ad, or even a pro-Obama advert. Which just means it’s bidnezz as usual at Fox “News.”
More promotion for Donald Trump’s sill announcement that went over like a fart at a family dinner.
Now The Falafel King repeats the same lie, except he turns it into an MSNBC crowd.
There has been a lot of possible, alleged voter fraud in Florida, but this is all you’ll hear about because it’s alleged to come from Democrats. All those allegations of much wider Republican voter fraud? You’ll never hear about it from Fox “News.”
I have a thought: Why don’t you tell your audience that American Crossroads is just one of KKKarl Rove’s SuperPACs, both of which are spending an estimated $300.000.000.00 to influence the 2012 election?
Chris Matthews had the temerity to say the obvious, so it’s time to drag out a Republican Black Guy™ to disagree and smear Chris Matthews.
No, not really.
More promotion for Donald Trump’s idiocy. Yet nothing is ever said on Fox “News” about Mendacious Mitt refusing to release his tax returns.
And more promotion for The Donald’s bullshit.
This would be funny, if it weren’t so sad. Because David Letterman was fooled by Right Wing talking points, Bully Boy Bolling thinks it not only confirms his lies, but that Letterman and Maddow what his feeble little show.
Claiming responsibility on facebook is not proof of anything, unless you believe everything you read on facebook. Furthermore, the State Department has now said that this was not the case at all. But, Fox “News” will never retract a good lie it’s made up.
She was just another donor that exchanged a few words with President Obama at a fund-raiser. However, Fox “News” wants its brain-dead viewers to believe that the president helped Gloria Allred cook up some nefarious scheme against Mendacious Mitt.
And, jusy who is in charge of the TWO ‘Merkin Crossroads SuperPACs spending an estimated $300,000,000.00 to influence the 2012 election? Why, it’s none other than KKKark Rove, who never admits that when he appears on Fox “News” as an independent analyst.
Why isn’t this guy in jail? Later in the week this (alleged) criminal, who got off on a technicality, felt the need to spend money to sponsor these posts, which he pumped out all week.
TRANSLATION: “I’ll be promoting an anti-Obama advert for FREE.
President Obama makes a slip of the tongue, which he corrected IMMEDIATELY, and Fox “News” turns that into a national “news” story. However, it has never reported on Mendacious Mitt’s opposition to wind and solar power, instead denigrating the idea of alternative energy.
Because we all know how “Fair and Balanced” Conoleeza Rice is. Yet, she told The Greata Greta that Fox “News” should wait for the outcome of the investigations into the Benghazi tragedy and that she saw no evidence of wrong-doing on the part of the Obama administration. Yet, the next night The Greata Greta was back to politicizing this tragedy as if the former Secretary of State had never said a thing.
Like when she helped lie the country into an illegal, preemptive war in Iraq, or when she told Greta that Fox “News” was jumping to conclusions in smearing President Obama over the tragedy in Benghazi? Which is it, Bully Boy?

ANd, naturally, Bully Bot=y Bolling and Scammity shouted the sensible Juan Williams down.
It makes me uncomfortable when Bully Boy Bolling calls asshole Donald Trump a “good friend.”
But none of the wedding photos were cheesecake,

Say it along with me: No mention will be made of the estimated $300,000,000.00 KKKarl Roves 2 SuperPACs are spending to influence the 2012 election.


I’m like a broken record: No mention will be made of the estimated $300,000,000.00 KKKarl Roves 2 SuperPACs are spending to influence the 2012 election.
If the manure fits . . .
A totally unsourced story on the Bullshit “News” Channel (BNC) from the Bullshit Glenn Beck (BGB) web site in order to help the Bullshitter Mendacious Mitt (BMM). It’s the bullshit circle of bullshit life.
Remember when Mama Grizzly Sarah Palin attacked Ann Coulter for using the word “retard” like she did when Rahm Emanuel used the word “retarded”? Yeah, me neither.
This is what KKKarl Rove wants proplr to believe. However, the reality is the opposite. And, remember: KKKarl Rove is spending an estimated $300,000,000.00 from 2 SuperPACs to influence the 2012 election. Why should he be trusted, especially when he doesn’t mention his conflict of interest.
HOT VIDEO, which is total bullshit promoted by Bullshit News Channel.
I’d love to see how the whiny, simpering Doocy would respond if he really got into it with someone.
Gee, why don’t you tell us what those clearly racist comments were.
Bully Boy Bolling has to make up a pile of crap to pretend President Obama is annihilating the Middle Class. Lie much?

Once more with feeling: No mention will be made of the estimated $300,000,000.00 KKKarl Roves 2 SuperPACs are spending to influence the 2012 election.
Only the polls that favour President Obama are skewed. The rest are just fine.
I’ll say it until I’m blue in the face: No mention will be made of the estimated $300,000,000.00 KKKarl Roves 2 SuperPACs are spending to influence the 2012 election.
The same guy who helped lie the country into an illegal, preemptive war and said ‘Merking troops would be welcomed with hearts and flowers and unicorns?
Because we all know how “Fair and Balanced” he is.
Hannity forever!!!
That Fox “News” lies to its audience.
There was a lot of pearl-clutching at Fox “News” over the fact that President Obama called Mendacious Mitt a “bullshitter.” Yet, it’s still the truth, no matter how many pearls are clutched.
This was the other thing that had Fox “News” breaking out the smelling salts near week’s end. Yet, they won’t tell you that Sainted Ronald Reagan made a similar “first time” joke 33 years earlier.

Oh, get over it, Loofah Lad, and stop acting like you are scandalized. MACKRIS!
Another poll that’s okay to cite because Mendacious Mitt comes out ahead.
Fox “News” went from politicizing the deaths in Benghazi without any evidence to using the families of those who died in Benghazi to politicize these tragic deaths, rather than wait for the investigations to play themselves out.
I wrote all about this in my series about Bully Boy Bolling. Twice.
Like Canada?

And that’s pretty much how the week ended. Removed were all the references to Benghazi, which were all repeats by week’s end, and Hurricane Sandy, which Fox “News” was starting to get serious about. Tune in next week as we deconstruct more lies from Fox “News.”

The Fox “News” Spin Cycle ► Episode 22

Bizarro is owned by DC Comics

It was a very eventful week on Bizarro World … err … I mean Fox “News.” There was so much going on that I had 318 screen captures to choose from, of which this is only a representative sampling. 

As the Foxites attempted to blame President Obama for the actual attack in Benghazi, Libya, they conveniently forget that they never blamed Dubya for the attack on the World Trade Center and the Pentagon. Not to mention forgiving Bush for that whole illegal war in Iraq, which never did locate those Weapons of Mass Destruction. However, even more important for Fox “News” was its need to WHITEwash the massive blunder by Mendacious Mitt at the 2nd Presidential Debate. Rather than learn for himself what may have occurred, Mittens proved he lives in a Fox “News” created bubble when he walked right into the Benghazi Wall. Fox “News” has been working hard to fix that black eye ever since.

Let’s get right to it, shall we?

The week started, as it always does, with some Fox and Friends First cheesecake. With Ainsley Earworm
on her honeymoon, it was left to two other interchangeable “news” babes to deliver the morning leg.

More cheesecake.
That’s easy: Seeing Fox “News” on tee vees at the airport.
Bully Boy Bolling counts it down for people who don’t have calendars, or enough fingers and toes to count for themselves.
It may just be coincidence but after Mendacious Mitt visited Billy Graham, his church took Mormonism off it’s evil cult list.
Wretched Gretched was playing the ref even before the dabate happened.
After Mendacious Mitt fouled himself, they really gave it to Candy Crowley.
Let’s not even bother to wait for the outcome of the investigations. It’s time to fire someone … anyone!!!
That’s like saying “dog bites man.” Get back to me when she says something unexpected.
In case you missed KKKarl Rove’s massive conflict of interest: His 2 SuperPACs are spending close to $300,000,000.00
to influence the 2012 elections and Fox “News” always presents him as an honest, disinterested analyst.
Let’s not wait until the facts are in.
How long can Juan Williams get away with telling the truth on Fox “News”
when that truth is diametrically opposed to the lies that Fox “News” peddles?
Fox “News” that always complains about how unseemly it is to call people’s names, always refers to
Bill Maher as a “pig.” And, “trounces”??? While that’s another one of those action verbs loved
by Fox “News,” Bill Maher exposed Ann Coulter for the empty-headed sloganeer she really is.
Just like Mendacious Mitt, Donald Trump loves firing people. He built a whole show around it, with the help of NBC, of course.
Anything ever said about President Obama is repeated on Fox “News.” However, it never
passes along editorials in favour of President Obama. I’m still looking for one.
Oddly enough, by week’s end the Fox “News” invented narrative was falling apart, right on Fox “News.”
Those Foxy Friends at Fox and Friends keep promoting this series of lectures. While they are FREE, I cannot
believe that Bob Massi is just donating his time. It wouldn’t surprise me at all to learn he’s selling books
and other courses at these lectures. No one does stuff like this for FREE and everyone knows it.
KKKarl Rove caught in a massive conflict of interest, but you’ll never hear about it on Fox “News.”
More of the action verbs Fox “News” loves to use. While Ingraham
can throw as many punches a she likes, none of them landed.
The controversy was they discovered Candy Crowley has been reporting honestly for CNN for many years.
This is just more of the Fox “News” meme that the debate will be unfair before it even began.
Is this silly woman still an official Fox “News” contributor, or does she just shill for her DWTS daughter?
Why isn’t this man in jail?
IRONY ALERT!!! Fox “News” has a Bias Alert??? That’s one of the funniest things I’ve ever heard.
Fox “News” is the mainstream media, Bully Boy. Smart people actually wait for the evidence before alleging a cover-up. Just saying.
There is no controversy, but Fox “News” is trying to smear Elizabeth Warren.
This GOP study has been debunked, but that didn’t stop Fox “News” from passing it
along as if it means something. There are other studies in support of President Obama’s
policies, but you’ll never hear about them on Fox “News,” the “Fair and Balanced network.
This is the news everyone has been waiting for.


This is the picture everybody’s been waiting for.
In case you’ve lost your calendar.
I think it shows guts.
Mendacious Mitt, why do you lie so much and do you think Fox “News” lying about your lies is helpful?
“QUICK! How can we blame this on President Obama?”
And what Trisha Yearwood cooks up will be more palatable and honest than what Lindsey Graham creates.
Let me take a guess: Because they are actually supporting President Obama? What do I win?
Another anti-Obama editorial from The Falafel King.
How refreshing for someone to take the blame for their mistakes. However, Fox “News” will find a way to turn it into a bad thing.
No, Bully Boy. I wrote all about this in Chow Mein and Bolling 10 ► Ignorant And Proud Of It. Read up, you ignorant shit.

Just another one of those segments where Jesse Watters interview people and only cuts together those comments
that makes everyone look stupid. Fox “News” somehow thinks this is worthy of airtime and this asshole’s salary.
A terrible video, with off-key singing and Fox “News” is touting it as this year’s “Obama Girl.” Yet, it’s just terrible.


Is he in jail yet?
Every single one was an anti-Obama tweet. What a surprise.
Why does Frank Luntz wear a dead laboratory animal on his head?
No one is threatening riots, but during the week this became a popular extreme Right Wing
talking point, so of corse Fox “News” has to pass along this stupid conspiracy theory.
I’d rather know what KKKarl Rove has to show for the $300,000,000.00 that his SuperPACs are dropping on the election and, furthermore, how much of an “in kind” donation all his appearances on Fox “News” are worth.
Even a coin toss is worthy of one of the Fox “News” action verbs.
Fox “News” has been doing everything in its power to make this a cover-up, but by week’s end this lie was falling apart.
No one threw Hilary Clinton under the bus. Furthermore, why is Steve Doocy trying to blame this
talking point on his neighbour? Can’t he take ownership of the crap he sends out under his name?
I bet you never predicted that all the headlines (except at Fox “News”) would say, “Mitt Screwed Up.”
Remember: Bully Boy Bolling is the man who called Vice President Biden a drunk, rude, disrespectful, an unhinged
cranky old man
. He also has called President Obama a thug and accused him of chugging 40s in the Hizzy House.

Steve Doocy is easily amused.
The debate begins. And yet Mendacious Mitt never explains how.
It’s amazing how much the personalities at Fox “News” forget, if they ever knew in the 1st place.
One GOP talking point after another from Scammity.
There’s a lot too blame on Dubya and gas prices is just one of those things.
Yet economists have confirmed that was the reason gas prices had taken a tumble at
the end of Dubya’s term. However, don’t let the facts confuse you, Scammity.

You don’t seem to know how utterly stupid you appear, Sean.
Yet, Mendacious Mitt continuously broke the rules and hectored the president as if he
was an intern who brought back the wrong coffee order. That endeared Mittens to nobody.
What doesn’t add up is any of Mendacious Mitt’s tax plans, which seem to change whenever he speaks of them.
Because Mendacious Mitt is not used to following the rules, which are for everybody but himself. And, being
questioned by a woman? That’s unheard of in Romney’s World of boardrooms and the Mormon church.
Mendacious Mitt was rude and hectoring during the debate, but credit where credit’s due: He managed to get off a lot of lies.
Nor should it. Dubya really fucked things up and Fox “News” covered for him then and is still covering for him.
There were much better quotes, but Fox “News” wants to pretend President Obama is just playing small ball.
The same is much preferable to anything that Mendacious Mitt has proposed, then unproposed, then proposed all over again.
The first blaming of the moderator came less than halfway through the debate, which makes the 5 minute figure laughable.
Yet, it was all a lie, as Scammity well knows.
It’s hard not to smile when you know you’re winning.
This “spiking the football” meme was silly the first time and just gets sillier as time goes on.
Mendacious Mitt has so much money in his (not very) blind trust tied up in China that this is
accurate. How can he be trusted to get tough on China when it will hurt his own earnings?
This is the whole problem Mendacious Mitt had with taking Fox “News”
memes and thinking they resembled anything close to the truth.
This is HIGH COMEDY. Thinking they were helping, Fox “News” provided the transcript which actually proved
Mendacious Mitt wrong and then spent the rest of the week saying the transcript did not say what the words actually said.
I thought this moment should have gotten more play in the post-game shows. How can Mendacious
Mitt really think that Obama’s pension, with small investments made by whoever handles that pension
fund, with money that Mittens PERSONALLY invested in China and still has invested in China?

If lies were taxed, Mendacious Mitt could retire the debt.
The ‘Merkin public doesn’t have to settle for Republican liars.
This just shows how delusional Fox “News” is. They’ll spend the rest of the week lying in an attempt to prove this.
He’s never ducked responsibility. However, mendacious Mitt has run away from his own positions time and time again.
Yes. Next question?
Choose an issue and Mendacious Mitt has been on all sides of it. More flip flops than a Florida beach.
As it should be. The president never shirks responsibility. Mendacious Mitt won’t even agree on what he has said previously.
And that ends the debate, but not the Fox “News” lies. The rest of the week the so-called “Fair and
Balanced” network will be playing clean-up for that spill on aisle five that Mendacious Mitt left.
Steve Doocy thought Mendacious Mitt was a disaster, but has to blame the debate format instead.
Midway through the debate Doocy claimed it was five minutes. Yet, there was no mention that Mendacious
Mitt interrupted his own time to hector the President with questions, which ceded time to Obama.
Of course Crowley was right, but no one at Fox “News” can admit that, so they
will spend hours pretending that President Obama didn’t say what he clearly said.
Toe Sucker Morris weighs in and we all know how “Fair and Balanced he is.”
I look forward to laughing at Frank Luntz’s bad toupee as he spins the debate reaction of his so-called “fair” focus group.
Surely he must be in jail by now.
Umpires call balls and strikes and Mendacious Mitt struck out. However, Fox “News” has to blame someone for Mitten’s fuck up.
I heard it. So did President Obama, who tagged him on it.
This was the other crazy Right Wing meme the morning after the debate. Of course
nothing said about how Mendacious Mitt broke the rules that he agreed to beforehand.

Because Soledad O’Brien insisted on telling the truth right to Sununu’s face.
Yet Bully Boy Bolling knows that Candy Crowley was right, but if he ever admitted that he’d also have to admit
that Mendacious Mitt really screwed the pooch, and sold the pups, on that whole Benghazi debate segment.
Citytv is the station I wrote tee vee news for for a decade. It was so sad to see them
promote The Loofah Lad, even tho’ they were really promoting Katie Couric’s talk show.
Another one of those silly segments in which Watters finds people who say stupid things. It’s gotten plenty old.
Gee, what a surprise.
Gee, what a surprise.
Gee, what a surprise.
Gee, what a surprise.
This is the morning after the debate. Consequently no poll is going to reflect the debate
talking points. However, KKKarl Rove wants his brain-dead followers to believe this.
Now there’s a “Fair and Blanced” panel . . . NOT!
Show me one thing he’s fixed, Miller. Personally, I think Mendacious Mitt gets off on lying about things.
The only blows Crowley landed were against Mendacious Mitt’s lies.
This is just a variation on “Watters World.” Jimmy Kimmel asked people who won the
debate before the debate was even broadcast. Most of them said President Obama won.
Kerry Healey continued the lie that Mendacious Mitt had those “binders full of women”
prepared for his use, when the truth is that the “binders full of women” were prepared by a
nonpartisan women’s group PRIOR to the election and submitted to Mittens when he won.
What happened to all that talk that the polls were skewed? Oh yeah! That’s when the polls favoured President Obama.
This is how Fox “News” is trying to characterize Mendacious Mitt’s screw up at the debate: As a “MAJOR
MOMENT FOR GOV ROMNEY” and that … that … that woman Candy Crowley stepped on it!!!
Here’s a better statistic: No candidate who won the 2008 election has ever lost the 2012 election. And you can take that to the bank.
And the sky is green, too. Who you gonna believe, your own ears and eyes, or The Falafel King?
A more powerful voice for bullying by Bully Boy Bolling.
The daily countdown to election day. Thanks, Bully Boyu.

Be afraid! Be very afraid!!!
This was highly amusing. Ben Stein tripped them up by saying that taxes will have to be raised. The Three
Stooges spent the rest of the interview trying to get Stein to walk back the truth, but he stuck to his guns.
Not if I see you first. This is so disingenuous. Wretched Gretched can’t see anyone in the audience.
Would it surprise you to find out that Loofah Lad thought Mendacious Mitt won the debate?
This is my favourite story of the week: Dinesh D’Souza was caught sharing a hotel room with his fiancee, even though he’s still married to another. So Fox “News” allows him the opportunity to lay out his side of the story in an editorial. He denied having an affair with “Denise” but then said that he broke off the engagement because he didn’t realize one couldn’t be engaged while still married. By the end of the week he resigned as president of The King’s College, a New York City evangelical school. However, the only real question is why would Fox “News” allow someone to use its web site to deny charges like this? Could it have anything to do with that bullshit documentary which trashes President Obama with a non-ending series of lies?
What does that even mean? “Won the debate, but lost the argument”??? Oh, I get it! He didn’t lie as well ads Mendacious Mitt.
TRANSLATION: Had it not been for Candy Crowley Mendacious Mitt might have gotten away with his lies.
I have NEVER seen Fox “News” promote a pro-Obama advert, but they will give FREE “in kind” promotions to anti-Obama adverts all day long.
I guess only polls that put Mendacious Mitt ahead are not skewed. Makes sense.
Which only proves that Chris Christie is smarter than he looks.
From News Busters? What about all thos fake focus groups belonging to Frank Luntz?
This is the closest you’ll ever get to seeing KKKarl Rove admit that he’s behind American Crossroads and the $300,000,000.00 million dollars his 2 SuperPACs are spending to influence the 2012 election and he
doesn’t even admit it here, let alone on Fox “News,” which hides this massive conflict of interest.
What’s so funny about an URL?
How many subpoenas can Issa issue? Even before he arrived in Washington after the last
election he promised he would subpoena anything that moved. At least he kept that promise.
If KKKarl Rove says it, it must be true because he has no stake in the outcome, right?

Oh, lookie: They breitbarted the President again by taking his words out of context.
Many papers have endorsed President Obama, but Fox “News” has yet to pass any of those along.
TRANSLATION: Who knew Mendacious Mitt could read jokes written by someone else?
Yeah, President Obama was more self-depricating, so that’s what Doocy will highlight. If he was being honest (but he never is) he would also admit that Mittens threw far more jocular punches at President Obama than the other way around.
Well, even evil robots can deliver lines written for him by other comedians.
Because everyone knows that ratings equal quality, said no one ever.
Here’s your morning cheesecake.
Counting down . . .
Call me crazy, but I want a country where lying isn’t practiced by the Republican candidate for president.
Now he’s old enough to wear long pants.
What you are not being told by Fox “News” (and you knew they left something out, right?) is that
this came AFTER Mendacious Mitt’s son said he wanted to punch President Obama in the face.
A variation on Watters World. They found college kids who didn’t know all the nuances of the attack in Benghazi. I bet they could do the same thing with adults and the only people who would know anything about the Benghazi attack would be people who watch Fox “News.” And, they’d get it wrong just like Mendacious Mitt because Fox “News” lies.
Something tells me Geraldo Rivera is not a fan of Mendacious Mitt’s policies on immigration.
Which is what will make the last debate fun to watch, to see what Mendacious
Mitt steps in this time and whether he can get it off his expensive shoes.
Be afraid! Be very afraid!!!
Because we all know that body language will determine who wins the election, said no one ever.
A documentary called “Special Report Investigates: Death and Deceit in Benghazi”
wouldn’t be slanted at all, especially on the “Fair and Balanced” network.
The parents of the other people who were killed in Benghazi have asked that people not turn this into a political
football, but Fox “News” is going to exploit this mother’s pain and anguish to politicize the deaths in Benghazi.
Fox “News” is going to make sure that every member of its brain dead audience has been brainwashed
into accepting the Fox “News” created lies that place all the blame at President Obama’s doorstep.
Be afraid! Be very afraid!!!
TRANSLATION: We invented new information this morning and we will spin it for you.
I don’t think I want to know.
A reminder: This was said after Mendacious Mitt’s son threatened to punch President Obama in the face.
Izzat what you kidz are calling it these days?
Sorry, Charlie. So far, there is no proof that anyone lied, but keep trying.
Lila Rose?!?!?! Keep trying Fox “News.”
In your face, GOP!!!
Be afraid! Be very afraid!!! Oh, wait! Be outraged! Be very outraged!!!
Be afraid! Be very afraid!!!
Who is cooking the statistics? Oh, CNS? Then they can be ignored.
Did they leave out the speech in Las Vegas again, where President Obama called it an act of terror again?
REMEMBER: It’s only a skewed poll if President Obama is in the lead.
“QUCK! How can we blame this on President Obama?”
Be afraid! Be very afraid!!! At this totally denied by the White House story.
Be afraid! Be very afraid!!!

What woukd we do without Bully Boy Bolling’s daily countdown?
By the end of the week, this was the new Fox “News” meme: The government
COULD have prevented the attack in Benghazi, but was too slow to act.
Would you be surprised to learn that the promos do not defend Candy Crowley’s debate performance?
It merely promoted that Candy Crowley of CNN moderated the debate and works at CNN.
How ironic is this: Eva Longoria became Enemy Number One for retweeting something someone else wrote,
but totally ignored in the kerfuffle was her prayers for the victims of the mall shooting near Milwaukee.
Fox tumbler? Say it ain’t so!
Bully Boy Bolling makes a solemn promise.
Fox “News” just loves to find ways to denigrate Sandra Fluke.
No sense waiting for the outcome of the several investigations before apportioning blame.
Because the White House denied what Fox “News” thought would be a gotcha story, they shift to a gotcha story against the NYTs.
Because 5 days worth of their bullshit just isn’t enough.
 And that brings us to the end of another edition of The Fox News Spin Cycle. Tune in next week when Fox “News” will be forced to WHITEwash whatever mistakes Mendacious Mitt makes at tonight’s debate.

How Mitt Romney Didn’t Build That

At the end of August Rolling Stone published an article called “The Federal Bailout That Saved Mitt Romney,” by Tim Dickinson. The article made the rounds, but had dropped off my radar when I was reminded of it again. I was alerted to a HIGH-LARRY-US parody video — that captures this explosive story — called “King of the Dole.” Now I am trying to help the creator make it go viral.

Now that it’s the morning after the second Presidential debate, as all the pundits decide who won and how much Mendacious Mitt lied, it’s worth taking a look back to see how Mitt Romney’s entire reputation for his self-proclaimed business acumen is based on a lie. To put it bluntly: He didn’t build that and knowing what actually happened shows Romney’s entire presidential campaign is predicated on a pack of lies.

In the Rolling Stone article Dickinson digs deeply into the early days of Bain Capital and outlines an act of what can only be described as blackmail to keep it afloat, leaving taxpayers on the hook for more than $10 million. While it’s a complicated financial story, Dickinson offers this pithy summary:

[T]he legend crafted by Romney is basically a lie. The federal records, obtained under the Freedom of Information Act, reveal that Romney’s initial rescue attempt at Bain & Company was actually a disaster – leaving the firm so financially strapped that it had “no value as a going concern.” Even worse, the federal bailout ultimately engineered by Romney screwed the FDIC, the bank insurance system backed by taxpayers, out of at least $10 million. And in an added insult, Romney rewarded top executives at Bain with hefty bonuses at the very moment that he was demanding his handout from the feds.

The timeline of Romney’s involvement in this story begins in October 1990, when Bill Bain appointed Romney as managing director of Bain and Company.  The company was struggling to stay afloat, in debt to the Federal Deposit and Insurance Corporation for $30 million, and Romney was tasked with turning things around. 

However, it didn’t go so well for Romney. By March 1992, an internal FDIC memo noted that Bain’s financial condition was as dire as ever, and that its “operating performance had deteriorated.”

As summarized by CampaignWatch.org:

In 1992, while Romney was managing director, Bain and Company was in debt to the Federal Deposit and Insurance Corporation (FDIC) for $30 million. Nevertheless, in April 1992, Romney approved lavish bonuses for Bain executives, which helped bring Bain close to bank­ruptcy months later.

Romney then threatened the FDIC in 1993 with doling out more executive bonuses unless it forgave $10.7 million of Bain’s debt. The FDIC capitulated, concluding that Bain had “no value as a going concern” and “would otherwise fail.” The Romney campaign has refused to answer media questions about these disclosures and documents.

Aside from the part about the FDIC bailout, this wasn’t a whole lot different from Bain Capital’s normal modus operandi: 1). Buy a company; 2). Load it up with debt; 3). Take out all the profits in management bonuses; 4). Allow it to go bankrupt once Bain stripped the carcass clean. Only this time it was Bain Capital’s parent company about to go under, which would have rocked investor confidence. So it had to be saved.

While Romney took a government bailout to save Bain, he has no problem pretending he “built that.” The hypocrisy wouldn’t be so quite so egregious were it not for a few, more recent, facts:

During the lead-up to the Republican Convention Fox “News,” which has proven over the years to be a subsidiary of the Republican Party (or leader, take your pick), took a remark by President Obama out of context by falsely editing a video to make it sound as if the president said small business owners didn’t build their own businesses. A full reading of his remarks show that the president was talking about infrastructure — roads, education, the internet, fire departments, etc. — that help businesses succeed. After Fox “News” promoted its false narrative, the Republicans decided to build a whole night of its convention around the false quote. In other words, Mitt Romney didn’t even build the false narrative; it was a Fox “News” lie.

Long after this election is over, flip flops and lies will be the legacy of Mitt Romney’s campaign. On a variety of issues Romney has had more positions than the Kama Sutra, So many that his wife Ann has had to come out and deny it as recent as yesterday. And the lies? Steve Benen of the Rachael Maddow Show has been keeping track in a weekly series called Chronicling Mitt’s Mendacity. He’s already up to Volume 38 and it shows no signs of ending, unless election day is definitive.

However, if one wants the perfect metaphor for the entire Romney-Ryan campaign, one need go no further than Paul “Ayn” Ryan’s actions earlier this week. According to news articles all over the innertubes, Lyin’ Ryan “ramrodded” his way into a Youngston, Ohio, soup kitchen for a Photo Op, where he pretended to wash dishes that were already clean. The president of the local St. Vincent De Paul Society says Ryan’s actions could jeopardize its funding, as they are an apolitical organization.

Clearly after a secret recording was released in which Mendacious Mitt denounced 47% of the population as takers (Ryan put the figure at 30%), the campaign has been doing everything in its power to burnish the ticket’s street cred with that 47% of ‘Merkins. Yet the spending cuts the ticket is proposing would hurt the poor the most, the same people who are helped the most by a soup kitchen.

That’s why the video above resonated with me. In a quick 2 minutes and 13 seconds it says what took paragraphs and hundreds of words to say, and it’s a lot funnier besides. The whole Romney-Ryan campaign is built on a house of cards and the lie that Mitt Romney “built that” at Bain Capital is simply untrue. He didn’t even build his most famous lie. Watch the video again and sing along.

The Fox “News” Spin Cycle ► Episode 21

Bizarro is owned by DC Comics

It was another busy week and the research room of the Fox “News” Spin Cycle was working overtime with 333 tweets and status updates collected in the week since Episode 20 was published. Of course most of them were from Judge Nap. That’s why, beginning next week, we are giving Judge Andrew Napolitano his own series.

It was a week in which Fox “News” helped the GOP politicize the attack in Benghazi, Lybia, Vice President Joe Biden smacked down that snot-nosed kid Lyin’ Ryan, and several attempts were made by the Man Who Fell To Earth, before he finally succeeded on Sunday, which Fox “News” didn’t cover live at all.

After weeding out all the duplicate ideas, and non-political tweets, this is what we are left with, so, let’s get right to it.

It looked, for a moment, that Fox “News” was going to politicize this story. However, it disappeared without a trace.

Fox and Friends found a family to attack President Obama so they didn’t have to.

Judge Nap was promoting his own Libertarian-style column in which he attacked President Obama.

Ignoring all evidence to the contrary, and denials from the White House, Fox “News” spent a considerable amount
of time promoting this phony story that President Obama was going to bring the Gitmo detainees to Illinois.

This references the Presidential debate and, SURPRISE, SURPRISE, Fox “News” found people to trash President Obama.

While this was a segment to promote the Discovery Channel show, they found a way to trash President Obama.

One of Judge Nap’s Libertarian concerns.

This was just embarrassing. Guest Host Mike Jerrick acted like the biggest nerd in the Universe.

Then Jerrick had his sister on the show and they both came off as big nerds.

“QUICK! How can we blame this on President Obama?”

Fox “News” spent a while lot of time pretending the Jobs Report was cooked. However when previous Jobs Reports were bad for President Obama, Fox “News” was happy to promote those numbers.

No, not really. Breitbart is making it up and Fox “News” is repeating it.

And this happened too.

Be afraid. Be very afraid.

Be afraid. Be very afraid. Detroit’s my home town and the police department is
lobbying for more officers. Therefore, they pumped out a scare story like this.

The GOP in the House has been doing everything in its power to politicize the Benghazi attack.

One of Judge Nap’s Libertarian causes. The government is bad. Lack of government is good.

Another of Judge Nap’s Libertarian causes.

And another . . .

. . . and another . . .

I was so proud. Early in the week Bully Boy Bolling proved I was getting under his very thin skin by pretending
he didn’t care. Therefore, I was only too happy to post about it on my blog. Then he proved he’s a typical Bully Boy
who can dish it out, but can’t take it. Consequently, I was only to happy to write about that on my blog as well.

Would it surprise you to find out that Rasmussen hated President Obama’s performance at the debate?

Peter Johnson, Jr., who comes off as everybody’s avuncular uncle is not just a President Obama Attack Dog, but is actually Roger Ailes personal lawyer and a Knight of Malta. Remember that when you see him expound over any religious issues.
Fox “News” Sunday has been sending out these “behind the scenes” photos lately. However, all they
reveal is that the network uses green screen fakery to pretend the guest is somewhere they are not.

Isn’t that cute? It’s made out of wood, just like the Fox “News” audience heads.

There’s so much wrong with this. Let’s start with a “school of journalism” getting pointers from the discreditable Fox “News.”

Fox and Friends Weekend has launched a facebook page. This is an example of what you get if you join.

Judge Nap seems to think it’s perfectly okay for churches to play politics.
I wonder if he would be equally okay with the churches being taxed.

One of the areas in which Judge Nap and I agree is that we are both anti-war. However,
was he as vocal about it when Dubya was lying the country into an illegal war?

Breitbart has a totally unsourced story, so Judge Nap feels it’s perfectly okay to pass it along.

Hoo boy!!!

Gee? A political party spinning a story? Nope, that’s never been done before.

Fox “News” is rather gleeful about this because it was the “Youth Vote” that helped push President Obama over the top in 2008.

Technical difficulties, my ass. God was making Her views known about the lies of Father Jonathan, the Fox “News” priest.

It turns out he wasn’t, but early in the week Fox “News” was positive that Veep Joe
Biden would be gaffe-tastic and Lyin’ Ryan would be in command of the facts.

This is so very typical of Fox “News.” A huge Republican voter registration scandal was uncovered in
several states, including Florida, so it deflects the issue with a small potatoes Democratic scandal.
Sadly this is true, but only because Dubya started 2 wars, one of them illegal. I
wonder if Judge Nap shows any concern for the soldiers once they come home.

This is typical of the hard-hitting news Fox and Friends weekend covers when they are forgetting to bash President Obama.

My favourite Bully Boy goes to Atlantic City a lot. Does he have a gambling problem?

There has been no decision. The Supreme Court has chosen to hear a case.  However, be afraid. Be very afraid.

Remember how just last week the Reich Wing was telling everybody the polls were biased and could
not be trusted. Suddenly when one favours its point of view, it’s announced from the rooftops.

Which one’s the pig? Too strong? See below for an example of Fox “News” calling someone a pig.

There are many people who skip the Pledge of Allegiance, or do not say the words “under God” when reciting it.
However, Fox “News” found a Democrat saying it, so it will use this as a cudgel to get its brain-dead listeners to hate her.

Yet, President Obama has vowed to wind down the war and remove the ‘Merkin presence in Afghanistan.

Does this mean that Judge Nap supports the Occupy Movement?

Where was Judge Nap when Dubya was passing the Patriot Act, participating
in the rendition program, and  and waterboarding suspects?

Judge Nap seems to think money spent on PBS is bad. Where was he when Wall
Street execs were getting giant bonuses paid with the government Bail Out Money?

This was a totally untruthful, hour-long trashing of President Obama’s environmental policies.

Friedman also said: Every friend of freedom must be as revolted as I am by the prospect of turning
the United States into an armed camp, by the vision of jails filled with casual drug users
and of an army of enforcers empowered to invade the liberty of citizens on slight evidence.

This was the Pay Per View debate special that, financially, was a fiasco. Many people who paid couldn’t access it and,
by the next morning, could be found for FREE all over the innertubes. Even Fox “News” was giving it away for FREE.

Two things, Loofah Lad: 1)> Paul Krugman is always sure of his facts, whether you happen to agree with him or
not; 2) Weren’t you one of those who claimed it was unseemly to call out Mendacious Mitt for his lying lies?

Small government = small guy gets crushed.

Here’s another area where I happen to agree with Judge Nap, and Milton Friedman, apparently too.

Fox “News” never promotes President Obama’s speeches in advance, nor does it
run the president’s speeches in full, like they did this one for Mendacious Mitt.

However, Fox “News” was happy to promote this speech from  Mendacious Mitt.

However, Fox “News” would die if people didn’t support lies. It’s all in how you look at it.

Yeah, because we all know that Jesus was one tough motherfucker who told the poor to take a flying leap at a rolling donut.

Don’t tell me, tell the Mendacious Mitt-Lyin’ Ryan campaign.
An unsupported allegation, from someone no one has ever heard from before,
published on World Nut Daily becomes a national story because Fox “News” says so.

Spare us the Faux Outrage, Bully Boy Bolling. He’s talking out of his ass again and he knows
it. He was a former commodities trader and knows what happens in one state would
not have the same results across the country. Furthermore, he also knows that the California
EPA regulations are the toughest in the country. Yet, he would choose cheap gas over clean air.

Fox “News” started pushing this story, which has been totally debunked as a bad translation by Google, right after it
was revealed that a Mendacious Mitt SuperPAC took $1,000,000.00 from a Canadian businessman. What a coincidence.

Oh, fer fuck’s sake!!! The Falafel King brings on a body language expert to decide who won the presidential debate.

President Obama gives lots of speeches. Fox “News” never gives them a kiss on the ass like this.

This is another example of how Fox “News” takes a bogus article and elevates it into national news.

One wonders why someone with a reputation for REAL journalism would sit down with a race-baiter like Scammity.

However, Judge Nap said NOTHING about Mendacious Mitt’s fundraising in Israel of the
$1,000,000.00 contributed to the Mendacious Mitt SuperPAC by a Caanadian businessman.

Judge Nap will pass along any Libertarian ideas, as long as it doesn’t conflict with his support of Mendacious Mitt.
Is this woman still an official Fox “News” contributor?

When Dubya was president, and gas prices were rising, Fox “News” kept saying that the president
can’t effect the price of gas. However, now that The Black Guy is in office, it’s a different story.

Can we get Fox “News” personalities to wear RFID chips? That would make it easier to keep track of the lies.

There is no low to which KKKarl Rove and Fox “News” will not go. BTW,
Turd Blossom, have you admitted your MASSIVE conflict of interest yet?

Another Libertarian cause close to Judge Nap’s heart.

Loofah Lad even uses his silly quiz to push propaganda.

Another Libertarian cause close to Judge Nap’s heart.

Another Libertarian cause close to Judge Nap’s heart.
Remember when the polls were all skewed and couldn’t be trusted? That was only last week, but Fox
“News” is hoping you’ll have forgotten by now. Knowing its brain-dead audience, that’s a sure bet.

“QUICK! How can we blame this on President Obama?”

Because we all know how “Fair and Balanced” Fred Thompson is.

Touting polls that are favourable to Mendacious Mitt and trashing polss as skewed
that favour President Obama is just standard operating procedure on Fox “News.”

Because we all know how “Fair and Balanced” John McCain is.

There is not one single provable occurance of President Obama stifling Free
Speech, but Judge Nap’s not going to let that stop him from pretending there is.

It didn’t happen until Sunday, when Fox “News” was too busy bashing President Obama to cover it live.

This is Loofah Lad pretending he won the debate, even though Bill Moyers called him on his inaccuracies.

One bad debate and Judge Nap hopes that it is all over for President Obama.
To that end he’s pushing a pearl-clutching article by Andrew Sullivan.

This is not what it seems, but all you needed to know that was that it originated
at The Daily Caller, fast becoming President Obama Conspiracy Central.

Another story that Fox “News” is happy to elevate to a national story because an aggrieved
father wasn’t happy with the letter sent by the president after the death of his brave son.

I wrote a blog post about this silly bullshit from Bully Boy Bolling as well, especially after I discovered he blocked me
on Twitter after I hurt his sensitive feelings. Like every bully I have ever met, he can dish it out, but he can’t take it.

More from the Austin Petersen Brain Trust. Judge Nap wants the nation to “fire Obama”
in favour of Mendacious Mitt, who everyone knows is athe lyingest liar to ever lie.

Even Judge Nap knows how stupid this is, but that doesn’t prevent him from passing it along to his brain-dead followers.

This is just a way for me to blow my own horn. Mid-week 3 of the Top 5
posts on my blog were from my popular “Chow Mein and Bolling” series.

Once again Fox “News” is touting polls favourable to Mendacious Mitt. Last week
polls that had President Obama in the lead were criticized as skewed an inaccurate.

This is the closest you’ll ever see KKKarl Rove come to admitting he controls nearly
$300,000,000.00 in two SuperPACs from Crossroads. Then he goes on Fox New and
touts his own attack ads, without mentioning his MASSIVE conflict of interest.

This was a very funny, and very effective, advert. That’s why Fox “Nes” spent so much time denigrating it.
“What’s next?!?! Suing General Motors for car crash?”

Suddenly Lara Logan is a favourite on Fox “News” because she said something bad about President Obama.

This oddsmaker is going to lose his shirt.

Now Judge Nap is promoting movies with a Libertarian point of view.

Who does?

The question wasn’t strange, but Fox “News” will go with Lyin’
Ryan’s condemnation to a question he wasn’t prepared to answer.

This is Judge Nap’s Biggest Lie of the Week™. This is an industry
that had been deregulated. More regulation may have saved lives.

Ayn Rand took Social Security and was against all religions. She’s a fraud, who Judge Nap is happy to promote.

The Republicans helped pass this bill, Judge Nap. You know that, right?

No, but that’s not what The Daily Caller, Conspiracy Central, wants you to believe.

Blowing my horn again. One day later 6 of the Top Ten posts on my blog were all about Fox “News.”

He’s still trying to sell the bullshit that fewer government regulations would have prevented these
deaths when this was an industry that was already deregulated. What’s worse, I’m sure he
already knows that, but since it doesn’t fit his Libertarian ideology, he’ll push a lie instead.

Empty slogans from the Libertarian point of view.

Of course, had AP published a funny picture of President Obama, that would have been fine with The Falafel King.

In which Bully Boy Bolling sent the wrong Twitter address out to his brain-dead fans and there were complaints galore.

Because we all know how “Fair and Balanced” the Toe-Sucking Whore-Monger is.

Fox “News” is doing everything in its power to trash Big Bird
because President Obama is doing what he can to save Big Bird.

Keith Ablow (who embarrassed himself at the end of the week, but I’ll get to that) seems to think
he’s perfectly normal for stocking survival food and guns for the upcoming Apocalypse.

Even though he has already admitted on another newtwork that he has no proof the Job Report was cooked.

Another Daily Caller bullshit story that Judge Nap hopes his brain-dead listeners will believe.

This was such a funny segment because Wretched Gretched went all ’80s Fan Girl to gush over Rick Springfield.

This was how Fox “News” tried to ‘play the ref’ before the Veep Debate even started.

Remember just last week when Fox “News” kept telling it’s brain-dead audience that it was unseemly
to call Mendacious Mitt a liar for all his lying lies? Yet, when Stephanie Cutter tells the truth, Fox
“News” calls her a liar and then claims she turned “beet red,” which was another Fox “News” lie.

TRANSLATION: Boss screws workers to avoid doing the right thing.

It turned out that Lyin’ Ryan would need all the help he could get at the debate the
following night when he came off looking like the lying schoolboy he really is.

It didn’t work the first time, so Scammity tried again. Anything to help Lyin’ Ryan.

If we could tax GOP lies, we could retire the debt.

How can you trust a man who wears a bad toupee? This will be like all the other times: Frank Luntz will have
another skewed focus group, which he will claim is representative, which will proceed to trash President Obama.

Every Fox “News” Sunday poll is bullshit. It starts with the preselected audience of brain-dead
Fox “News” viewers, who get their misinformation from Fox “News.” While they are careful (most
of the time) to say the polls are not scientific, they are not even non-scientifically credible.

“Hammers” is just another one of those action verbs Fox “News” likes to use when the truth is the opposite.
This is something I wish I had not lived to see. As my friend Carol said: I hope I die before I grow old.

Blowing my own horn again when later in the week all 5 of the Top Five posts on my blog were about Fox “News.”

Another Libertarian cause of Judge Nap’s. I have no problem letting Gary Johnson debate.
He is more likely to take away votes from Mendacious Mitt than President Obama.

Again Fox “News” is touting a debate when it is in Mendacious Mitt’s favour. If the polls start to swing
the other way, Fox “News” will go back to saying how they are skewed and should not be trusted.

This is teh Libertarian point of view. Not that I disagree totally, but a
Libertarian candidate doesn’t have a hope in Hell of being elected.

I repeat: A Libertarian candidate doesn’t have a hope in Hell of being elected.

No shit, Sherlock.

Another story based on faulty statistics that was debunked by week’s end.

Judge Nap promotes his own column in the Washington Times which was a endorsement of Gary Johnston.

He’s now old enough to wear long pants.

Former Veep trashed President Obama for the situation in Lybia, even though the policies of the
Dubya administration did so much to fuel anger in the region. Then he trashed Joe Biden’s performance
at the debate, even though he told someone on the floor of the Senate to “Go fuck yourself.”

No matter how hard they tried those Foxy Friends at Fox and Friends couldn’t get
General Hayden to sign on to their assessment of the attack in Benghazi.

It will if Fox “News” has anything to say about it.

More stumping for the Libertarian candidate by Judge Nap.

However, KKKarl Rove will describe everything EXCEPT his MASSIVE conflict
of interest in spending nearly $300,000,000.00 to influence the 2012 elections.

Some idiot on MSNBC wondered whether Mendacious Mitt died his hair. All the anchors
told him pretty much that he was an idiot for even mentioning it. However, The Falafel King
(who calls his show “The No Spin Zone,” remember?) tries to sell it to his brain-dead followers
as a MSNBC investigation, hoping they won’t click through and discover he’s lying to them . . .again.

Judge Nap wants his brain-dead followers to believe that the choice is binary.

Oh, wait! Isn’t it unseemly to be calling people liars Fox “News”???

My Latin is rusty, but so is Judge Nap’s.

While these seminars are FREE, I wonder what merchandise Bob Massi sells to make it worth his while.

Yet it turned out very differently.

Fox “News” started pushing this story as soon as it was learned that a Bain backed solar company was going bankrupt.

Thomas Jefferson also said, “Honesty is the first chapter of the book of
wisdom.” This one has been conveniently forgotten by Fox “News.”

Bully Boy goes all Bully Boy once again.

Only idiots wear a baseball cap indoors.

Who cares?

She’s only partially right. It’s an issue because the entire GOP, with the help of Fox “News,” is trying to turn it into
an election issue. Whatever happened to allowing sober investigations to play themselves out before blame is assessed?

This is Judge Nap’s mantra. Yet, he virtually contradicts himself
with his next message that came almost immediately afterwards.

It was a private company that screwed the Gulf of Mexico up for generations to
come and the government that held the company accountable. And then Judge Nap
contradicts himself again with his next message which came almost immediately afterwards.

You can’t have it ALL ways, Judge Nap. Choose a stance and stick with it.
The woman is clearly an idiot. And, if you watch the clip, it was the other way around: The
host confronted the woman’s idiocy and she couldn’t explain why she holds that opinion.

Does this mean Mendacious Mitt’s religion is now on the table?
Bully Boy Bolling is whistling past the graveyard. He knows the Vice President won the debate.

Judge Nap is whistling past the graveyard. He knows the Vice President won the debate.

Here’s the reaction from the phony bologna focus group.

Judge Nap is bitching about the Nobel Peace Prize given to the EU.

Fox “News” has spent a lot of time denigrating VPN Biden for his debate performance as an
excuse to avoid having to say Lyin’ Ryan lost the debate, even as he lied his way through it.

Oddly enough every tweet Fox “News” mentioned was anti-Vice President
Biden and not a single one was anti-Lyin’ Ryan. Well, whaddaya know?

Yet, the coward has blocked me on Twitter because he can dish it out, but he can’t take it.

CAPTION: God, if you’re listening, strike down this Lyin’ Ryan for his lying lies.

Sarah Palin is a punchline everywhere but Fox “News.”

This is Judge Nap’s second biggest Lie of the Week™. The Obama administration is not trying to prevent
ANY votes. The court challenge is to ensure that everybody has equal access to the voting booth.

Because VP Joe Biden won the debate, so he has to be denigrated.

Now Scammity is promoting the Ayn Rand movie too.

Shorter Judge Nap: He’s against it.

This is the Vice President who shot his friend in the face.

I’d love to follow you, Bully Boy, but you blocked me on Twitter.

Now Judge Nap (while cleverly quoting another so it doesn’t look
like he’s saying it) is calling the president a “political thug.”

If this was two Republicans, it would never see the light of day on Fox “News.”

More Bully Boy Bolling Bullshit™: There’s no indication that this person is a Socialist. Although
he worked for the Democratic campaign in ’08, it was for pay and there is no proof he voted
Democratic. What’s more is that Bully Boy is avoiding mentioning that several shots were fired at a
Democratic campaign office in the very same city. Why would he forget to mention something like that?

This is Mendacious Mitt and Lyin’ Ryan pandering to Ohio voters by claiming President Obama wants to kill Ohio jobs.

Why isn’t this guy in jail?

Does this mean, now that you’re married, you’ll no longer be sending out the morning cheesecake photo?
There are montages out there of all the Lyin’ Ryan lies, but you’ll never see that on Fox “News.”

Another Daily Caller story that is full of unsourced assertions. Not one person is “on the record.”

Fox “News” never mentions Bill Maher on the web site without the qualifier “pig.” NEVER!

Compared to all the softball interviews that Fox “News” gives to Mendacious Mitt and Lyin’ Ryan.

And that’s all the time we have, kidz. Another edition of The Fox “News” Spin Cycle has come and gone. Join us next week when we expose another whole series of Fox “News” lies.

And, remember, starting this week Judge Andrew Napolitano will be getting his own series. Feel free to make suggestions as to what to name it. I am leaning towards “Judge Not,” a terrific Bob Marley song, along with a Biblical injunction. However, I am open to suggestions.

Let’s end with a song.