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The Johnny Dollar Wars ► The Last Chapter?

Cyber-bully Mark Koldys as a child

As I prepare for the 3rd Annual Sunrise to Canton Road Trip for Research, I would be remiss if I allowed an anniversary to pass unremarked.

July 4th of last year was a personal Independence Day of sorts. It’s the day Ashley Graham, the Head Nutjob of The Flying Monkey Squad, tweeted his last tweet. Grayhammy, as he called himself on the interwebs, stalked me online, revealed my alternative lifestyle, and cyber-bullied me for more than 3 years. He didn’t do this for himself. He did it on behalf of Johnny Dollar, who gleefully joined in on the cyber-fun.

Johnny Dollar — in reality, former-Wayne County Michigan prosecutor Mark Koldys — is a self-appointed Fox “News” defender. Because I was writing Fox “News” criticism, Johnny Dollar thought the very best way to defend Fox “News” was to publish details of my private life on his sewer of a blog. If you can’t kill the message, try to kill the messenger.

Despite July 4th of last year being the last cyber-attack, I waited a full 6 months before I was Declaring Victory in the Johnny Dollar Wars. Things have been very quiet since that went up.

IRONY ALERT: While Mark Koldys had no compunction about publishing details of my private life in his quest to be an apologist for Fox “News,” he squealed to facebook and Google when I used pictures of him and his family that I found online. He then tried to pretend that he was the victim of my unprovoked attacks, as if I had no reason whatsoever to retaliate.

However, that’s water under the bridge, all written down, and currently being poured over by editors. However, one of them makes a fair point: “Where’s the Fairness & Balance in your story? What does your antagonist have to say?”

Home of Mark Koldys, who, as Johnny
Dollar, is a proud Fox “News” defender

Fun fact: Canton is a township, not a town
Official Wesbite
Wikipedia Entry
Canton Weather
Public Safety Office
Public Library

Observer and Eccentric – Canton
Plymouth-Canton Patch
Canton Videos
Canton at ClickOn Detroit

Things to do in Canton
Attractions near Canton
IKEA Canton

Canton Township
Cornerstones: A History of
Canton Township Families

Seven Fatality Christmas Tree Fire
Encyclopedia of Invasive Species: From
Africanized Honey Bees to Zebra Mussels

Leaving Home to Find Home


Let me explain. Since the day Johnny Dollar outed my alternative lifestyle I have been writing The Johnny Dollar Wars, a full-length book on what it’s like to be the target of a viscous and relentless cyber-bullying campaign.

Mark Koldys (Johnny Dollar) lives in Canton Township, Michigan. Therefore, The Sunrise to Canton Road Trip for Research was always an itinerary based on my need for on-the-ground research. I purposely named it such so he would know I was coming. While the word “Canton” means little to most people, it hit the intended target: both Ashley Graham and Mark Koldys, who stalked my social media for anything to use against me, made a point to mention it.

During the upcoming 3rd Annual Sunrise to Canton Road Trip for Research I am hoping I can finally write the last chapter of The Johnny Dollar Wars by interviewing Mark Koldys himself. This will be a way for Johnny Dollar to finally go on the record and describe the skirmishes in The Johnny Dollar Wars from his side of the battlement. Maybe there were extenuating circumstances that resulted in my private life being outed.

I have a journalistic duty to find out, I suppose.

Because Johnny Dollar blocked me on Twitter after I started sharing The Johnny Dollar Wars with his correspondents, I cannot message him there. I am hoping someone — like maybe his brother Bruce — will pass along this interview request to him.

Funny story: Bruce and I exchanged some messages in 2013, after which I wrote Fun With Pictures. For reasons I don’t quite remember (I hope I was trying to be funny) I blacked out his name in that post, but it was Bruce Koldys I had been addressing.

During that exchange of messages, Bruce asked me not to judge an entire family based solely on the nut that fell from the tree, but I am paraphrasing wildly. TO BE FAIR: He merely wanted me to know that his politics are far different from his older brother’s and to leave him out of The Johnny Dollar Wars. Ever since, Bruce Koldys has regularly retweeted some of my Fox “News” snark, which is probably his way of tweaking his brother’s nose.

IRONY ALERT: Just before publishing this, I checked his
Twitter timeline. I’m glad I did because it’s obvious Johnny
Dollar has reformed. Now it’s diseased and creepy to stalk
people online. I’ll have to ask him why he changed his mind.

So, I am hoping I can dragoon Bruce into passing along my interview request to his big brother Mark.

Bruce: Tell him we will meet in a neutral location, preferably a Starbucks. He should come alone and make sure he’s not followed. No weapons of any kind. Both of us can record the interview for posterity. Everything said, from first greeting to last goodbye, is ON THE RECORD. Any deviation from these instructions and the truth gets it.

If he agrees to these terms tell him to give me a call. Mark once indicated (correctly) that he knew my address and phone number, so that should be no problem. Or, he can email me. I will be in Canton from July 17th, through to the 24th performing some last-minute research. He can contact me right up until the 24th.

SYNCHRONICITY ALERT: Those who have been following my Pastoral Letter series will be glad to know I finally have a copy of A Letter to my Congregation by my childhood friend, Pastor Ken Wilson, of the Blue Ocean Faith Church in Ann Arbor.

I started reading the book as I always do, from the title page on, including the copyright page. Lo & behold: A Letter to my Congregation is published by Read The Spirit Books; an imprint of David Crumm Media, LLC; of Canton, Michigan.

It all comes full circle. Maybe Pastor Kenny can help me how to find forgiveness for Mark Koldys. However, I’m more inclined to think I’ll be able to forgive when the full-length Johnny Dollar Wars is finally on the shelves of bookstores all across ‘Merka.

April Showers Bring Headaches ► Unpacking The Writer

Delray Beach Drum Circle – April 15, 2016

Here we go again! As long-time readers know, my Unpacking The Writer series is where I peel back the curtain to reveal the inner-workings of the mind of a one-man newsroom operation. 

The Wizard of Oz analogy is always appropriate since I once wrote under the nom de plume of Aunty Em and christened my haters The Flying Monkey Squad. But enough about those crazy MoFos.

I usually begin these Unpacking The Writer on the 15th of the month and spend a few days slapping down the points I want to make for the month. Then I use part of another day to kick it into shape, finally publishing the sucker under this rubric when it feels right. It hasn’t felt right because I’ve barely had time to work on this.

I started putting this together in my head at Wednesday’s Delray Beach Drum Circle. I’m still going to drum circles whenever possible. Over the last year I’ve developed some Drum Pals, and we either meet up or share rides to the event. I am generally the designated driver; not because anyone is drinking alcohol, but because I just love to drive. I am fascinated by my interest in Drum Circles. Why is this so important to me? I’ve never been a joiner, but find myself abandoning my inner curmudgeon to get together with other people so I can bang wooden sticks together.

People rocking out to the Delray Beach Drum Circle

I know there’s a story of several thousand words in Drum Circles, but it’s yet to find me and I have not found it, either. Like I used to tell my children when they couldn’t fall asleep, “You can’t go looking for the Sandman. He has to come find you.” Same with stories I really want to write.

Campaign Carl helping me cement our great friendship. We’re now like THIS!

The last week has been somewhat hectic. I went to the Marco Rubio campaign kick-off and managed to get 2 separate and totally different stories out of it. Three Stooges In The GOP Clown Car is my take for the Not Now Silly Newsroom, while Outside The Curcus Tent At The Marco Rubio Campaign Kick-Off was an EXCLUSIVE for PoliticusUSA.

However, the best part of last Monday was exchanging information with my new best friend, Campaign Carl Cameron, Chief Political Correspondent for the Fox “News” Channel. We had a few laughs over the fact that his bosses hate me, but he had to do a live pop for Cavuto (or was it The Five?) before we got around to discussing anything important, like “Is Hannity as crazy as he seems?” or “Does Loofah Lad Big Foot everyone in the Fox corridors, the way he does guests on his show?” However, there’s always the next time. Call me, Carl. You have my business card.

Politically, NNS started this past moth with Cruzing Back To The ’50s ► Presidential Politics Post, which tipped my hand as to how I plan to follow the GOP field of candidates. I’m not going to take any of them seriously until the field has been narrowed to the top 3 or 4, and then I’m going to start making fun of them.

This month also included A Passover/Easter Pastoral Letter, the latest in that series. While I have a great need to be exploring these issues, I’m not so sure Pastor Kenny shares my need. What has me puzzled is why Pastor Kenny doesn’t sense my need and minister to me. No matter, because I am still making discoveries on my own, mining an area I call “The Trunk Lost In Transit.”

The month ended with another campaign event (and my first real headache of the season, but I’ll get to that eventually). Compared to someone running for POTUS, the Miami District 2 campaign is small ball. However, aside from the fact that the District 2 Commissioner is considered the most powerful in Miami, local politics is really where the rubber meets the road. Think globally. Act locally.

Lorry Woods in conversation with a voter in West Grove

Restauranteur Lorry Woods has been on what she calls a listening tour of her potential constituents in Miami’s District 2. Because she held a Meet & Greet in the part of the district 2 that interests me the most, I drove down to West Grove and posted my day as Coconut Grove Is Not Out Of The Woods Yet. It was nice to run into so many people I knew at the BBQ and meet several new people.

That’s where the headache comes in. I was fine when I left Coconut Grove, but partway home I started to get one of my debilitating migraines. By the time I got home, I could barely see straight and had to crawl into bed to try and nap.

I go through this every Spring. It’s a symptom left over from when I had a vestibular disorder almost 2 decades ago. While the constant dizziness and vomiting eventually dissapated, 3 symptoms never went away: 1). When I am in a room with an awful din of background noise, I can’t hear the person right next to me; 2). I have occasional attacks of tinnitus. These are not as difficult to handle as some people experience because it only ever lasts from a few seconds to a minute, tops, and then it fades away to nothing. Although, it’s incredibly painful; like high-pitched feedback. Instructively I cover my ear it hurts so much; 3). And, massive headaches when the air pressure is changing rapidly from RAIN to FAIR. That tends to describe Spring and, to a lesser extent, Fall.

Sure enough, as I was driving home, the clouds rolled in and I could see lightening in the distance. When I finally got home and upacked the car, I checked the barometer in the kitchen. The needle had swung all the way over to LIE DOWN NOW!

The biggest news this month is that I have FINALLY reformatted the hard drive in my PC tower, after threatening to do it for so long. It kept the Not Now Silly Newsroom off the air for 2 weeks, but it was worth it. I’m now running WinDoze 8.1 and everything is a whole lot faster than it was previously. At the same time, to help facilitate the downtime without a RC tower, I bought a laptop, which is also running WinDoze 8.1.

The laptop and renovated tower will, hopefully — because that’s the plan — make the Not Now Silly Newsroom more productive. With so many stories in the hopper, I should be busy for quite some time. F’rinstance, there’s a whole new Trojan Horse Parking Lot story I want to write, not to mention a more recent story on a brand new way the City of Miami is trying to keep public information from the taxpayers. However, there’s still some more research and a few interviews I want to conduct before that sucker’s ready.

Meanwhile, I recently had a whole new idea to explore that has nothing to do with writing, politics, or Drum Circles. However, I can’t tip my hand yet. Maybe by the next Unpacking The Writer, I’ll have all the disparate threads on that tied up and can make an announcement on this new venture.

Until then, we take you back to our original Not Now Sill programming, already in progress.

UPDATED!!! ► The Johnny Dollar Wars ► Chapter and Verse



INTRODUCTION: Welcome, truth-seekers!!!You are here because you want the truth about Johnny Dollar aka Mark Koldys. Every word here is
100% true. Just ask him. He’s lying if he denies it. Here are the proofs.
DEDICATION: The Johnny Dollar Wars is dedicated to all victims of bullying, cyber or real, past, present, and future.
LONG STORY SHORT: This project documenting the hate and malevolence of former-Wayne County, Michigan Prosecutor Mark Koldys (aka Johnny Dollar)
began in April, 2012. It was started only after he posted details of my sex life on his CABLE NEWS TRUTH blog (later redacted). I wrote for NewsHounds at the time — motto: “We watch Fox so you don’t have to” — under the nom de plume of Aunty Em Ericann. Because Johnny Dollar is a Fox “News” defender (let that sink in for a sec), he thought the very best way to defend Fox “News” against FAIR CRITICISM was to publish details of my alternative lifestyle.Had it ended there, this would be a short story. However, since 4/2012 I have collected enough new material for an entire book. Publishers: Contact me. I’m turning this into a situation comedy or a Gothic horror movie. It works both ways.
SPOILER ALERT: We’ve come full circle: From Mark Koldys posting details of my sex life, to The Flying Monkey Squad crying VICTIM because I have refused to wither away from their 3-years of nonstop cyber-bullying. It’s the CABLE NEWS TRUTH vast circle of life.

The Johnny Dollar Wars

The newest circle jerk between Johnny Dollar and
Grayhammy (aka Mark Koldys and Ashley Graham).Note how the Dysfunctional Duo pretends there is no
reason whatsoever to attack Johnny Dollar, despite
his outing my alternative lifestyle on his CABLE NEWS
TRUTH blog, like butter don’t melt in their mouths.

Chapter One

This is a very good place for truth-seekers to start. While this was the last chapter written (so far), it describes the multi-year arc of The Johnny Dollar Wars, which began long before I came along.

Chapter Two

When it was learned that Fox “News” paid opposition agents to attack those who criticized it in the blogosphere, it became an open question whether Mark Koldys was a paid troll, or whether he was just freelancing when he outed my sex life.

The closest Johnny Dollar has come to admitting that he posted
details of my sex life on his CABLE NEWS TRUTH sewer.
He deleted it when it offended the delicate sensibilities of
one of his sycophants, not because he thought it was wrong.

Chapter Three

After pondering whether Fox “News” paid him, it was hardly a leap to consider whether Fox “News” supports Johnny Dollar’s tactics of outing a person’s sex life in order to defend Fox “News” over a political difference of opinion. Whether it was done for pay, or because it seemed like a good idea, hardly matters. It is despicable and Mark Koldys now wants to pretend it never happened. Yet, it did.

Join in on the fun! The Johnny Dollar Depreciation Society is your place for the daily antics of The Flying Monkey Squad.


I’ve also learned that it’s a mistake to use humour or sarcasm with
The Flying Monkey Squad. It either goes over their heads, or they
purposely twist it as if it’s true. After I sacrastically thanked J$ for
redacting the details of my sex life after the bell had already been
rung, Mark Koldys threatened to post the details of my alternative
lifestyle all over again if I don’t sit down, shut up, and fall into
line like every previous victim of The Flying Monkey Squad.Remember: Butter wouldn’t melt in his mouth, but threats?

Chapter Four

Anyone who would reveal a person’s sex life to try to destroy the messenger is a very DANGEROUS PERSON. No longer about defending Fox “News” on a shitty blog, when Mark Koldys published details of my alternative lifestyle, he began the politics of personal destruction that sparked this crazy feud. For my part: I have merely continued to document the truth about these crazy, obsessive, malevolent Mofos — as it happened — in order to reveal them to the world as the dangerous scumbags they are. I consider it a public service. YMMV

Not surprisingly, Ashley Graham picked up J$’s refrain that if
I didn’t sit down and shut up they’d re-expose my sex life. More
proof that these crazy MoFos revealed details of my sex life
and then threatened to do it all over again, despite their many
subsequent public denials.IRONY ALERT: Before he wrote the screed that exposed my
sex life, Ashley Graham scrubbed every trace of his own identity
from the interwebs. I wonder why he’d do something like that?

Chapter Five

No discussion of Koldys’ Kiddie Klan would be complete without a look at his henchmen: Grayhammy and The Flying Monkey Squad. [Geddit? AUNTY EM!!! AUNTY EM!!!] There used to be an entire hornet’s nest of Johnny Dollar sycophants, who attacked any and all perceived enemies of Fox “News” and/or Mark Koldys. Sadly, for the reunion meetings, most have dropped out, one by one, until only the most perniciously malignant — or crazily obsessed — remains. Ashley Graham has anointed himself Johnny Dollar’s defender, using the exact same exact tactics as Mark Koldys uses to defend the Fox “News” Channel: lies, smears, and innuendo.

My sex life was a CABLE NEWS TRUTH?

IRONY ALERT: Of course, there would be no reason to defend Johnny Dollar had Mark Koldys not conspired with Ashley Graham to reveal my sex life on
his CABLE NEWS TRUTH blog. Grayhammy wrote, and Mark Koldys published, the post that attempted to destroy me over a difference of political opinion. Nowadays Grayhammy and Johnny Dollar pretend to be my victims. This after publicly attacking me for my victimization. Hypocrite much? Especially after just last week — more than 2 years after he first did so — Ashley
Graham used 12-year old references to my sex life in an attempt to smear me again. To defend Johnny
Dollar again. See? It’s the CABLE NEWS TRUTH vast circle of life.

This is what passes for clever political debate by
The Flying Monkey Squad. That’s why they had to
expose my sex life. They have no valid arguments.

Chapter Six

I can be kind of slow on the uptake sometimes. It didn’t occur to me that what I had been undergoing at the hands of The Flying Monkey Squad was a non-stop, relentless campaign of cyber-bullying until I read the sad story of Rebecca Sedwick, who killed herself after concentrated cyber-bullying by “a coterie of 15 middle school” classmates. It was the references to “coterie” and “middle school” that made the light bulb go off. DING! DING! DING! While Ashley Graham’s written attacks are so Jr. High School, it’s in his refrigerator art where he really shows his true emotional age. However, better this than another Columbine. Am I right?



More proof nothing gets by Ashley Graham’s crazily, obsessive
cyber-sleuthing. He discovered Aunty Em’s secret identity and
my sex life. This picture appeared in the Miami Herald when
the paper mentioned my campaign to Save the E.W.F. Stirrup
. That’s when my beard started undergoing Twitter attacks,
which was then echoed by Fox “News” Chief Washington
Correspondent James Rosen, as opposed to a denial, after
I proved a passage in his book on John Mitchell was a lie.


Of course this will continue. That’s because The Flying Monkey Squad is far too stupid to just let it drop. They have already hinted they know my birth name, which leads them to my friends and my family on social media. Nothing that happens anywhere on the innertubes gets past the cyber-sleuth Ashley Graham. Just last week, after I wrote about how Pop’s declining health was beginning to weigh on me, Grayhammy started a new barrage of attacks. Like any schoolyard bully, he attacks when he senses weakness.

Meanwhile there are several more chapters — and dozens of crazy tweets — which illustrate The Johnny Dollar Wars. However, just like I’ve run out of steam finishing this post, I couldn’t even bother to give some of them names:

Johnny Dollar ► Hypocrite ► UPDATED!Is Johnny Dollar The World’s Biggest Hypocrite?The Mark Koldys-Johnny Dollar Comment of the DayThe Mark Koldys-Johnny Dollar Comment of the Day ► One Year AnniversaryThe Mark Koldys-Johnny Dollar Comment of the DayThe Mark Koldys-Johnny Dollar Comment of the Day ► The gretchen carlson EditionThe Mark Koldys-Johnny Dollar Comment of the DayMark Koldys-Johnny Dollar Comment of the DayMark Koldys-Johnny Dollar Comment of the DayMark Koldys-Johnny Dollar Comment of the DayThe Mark Koldys-Johnny Dollar Comment of the Day • And, many more . . .

When will it end? Stay tuned CABLE NEWS TRUTHERS. But first, a word from our sponsor:


Unpacking The Writer ► Unpacking The Readers

If you’re relatively new to Not Now Silly, and/or my Unpacking The Writer series, let me hip you to one salient fact right now, so you don’t feel foolish from here on out: 

Long-time visitors are already clicking on every advert they can find on this page and the next. “Why?” you might ask. Go ahead. I’ll wait.

Where my readers are from and the browsers they use? Wait! China?

Ready? Because this is the series in which I ask — either subtly or blatantly (and this month I’m going with blatant) — for you to help me pay for some of the costs of this blog by clicking on an advert, or 10. Believe me when I say the pennies I get from your clicks don’t quite cover the storage costs for all the images I use. So, if you’re reading, this you should be clicking that. It’s only fair.

Meanwhile, as I was prepping this blog post I took a glance at the latest Not Now Silly statistics. The Blogger platform doesn’t give me a whole lot of info about my readers, which is why I go over the little I do get like a Vodou bokor divining over freshly-killed chicken entrails. One stat that I find eminently fascinating is what search terms caused visitors to take the off ramp to my rest stop on the information highway. I check it regularly looking for surprises. Here’s today’s chart of search terms:

Because this screen grab was taken early in the day, that’s the only search term that brought a reader to my doorstep so far. The search terms are always truncated to around 40 characters, so there are times I’m forced to infer what these people were looking for. While I’ve written about Bob Marley, I doubt this inquisitive person was looking for anything that I could supply. The same can be said for Researcher #6 on the weekly list [below] who got here twice — or there are two guys (gals?) out there searching for exactly the same stuff:

While I believe in giving my readers what they want, I simply can’t fulfill every request

Googalizer results for “free video sex gay
negro black blog.” Who knew there were
that many people looking for Black gay porn?

I’m baffled that that string of words would bring someone here, as opposed to other web sites, far more on topic, on much busier thoroughfares on the information highway. These people must be really drilling down deep into the search results because when I plugged “free video sex gay negro black blog” into the Googalizer, Not Now Silly didn’t pop up until Page 9. You’d think they would have been satiated at the end of page one, doncha? And, just imagine their disappointment when they arrive here. [It occurs to me that using the search term in this paragraph is sure to bring more puzzled visitors, which are my favourite kind. And, I’ve probably just ensured that Not Now Silly ranks higher than Page 9 from here on in on THAT search term.] 

People who are searching Not Now Silly for something very specific are represented in the chart’s #1 position above. The truncated string ‘“coconut grove playhouse” (site:blogspo”‘ indicates that someone was searching this particular site for a very specific specific term, 5 different times. I sure hope it wasn’t a libel lawyer.

Drilling down into the monthly results brings a few surprises:

The monthly stats is where [allegedly] corrupt Miami Commissioner Marc D. Sarnoff appears. That means someone has found there way here using that search term in the last month, but not within the last week. I hope it wasn’t a libel lawyer. That used to be a much more frequent search term, but I guess Sarnoff’s office got tired of checking. TO BE FAIR: I’ve not really written much about him lately. I wonder whether this mention will warrant a visit.

Meanwhile, the same Coconut Grove Playhouse search from the weekly chart is also on the monthly, which means it’s more than a week old, but less than a month. At the #1 position on that chart is my post on Josephine Baker, of which I am far more proud than all those times I poked the [allegedly] corrupt Miami Commissioner Marc D. Sarnoff with a stick.

However, the chart I always find the most interesting is the All Time results, tabulated since I launched Not Now Silly on April 19, 2012:

What I find most amazing about this last chart is that 258 people arrived at Not Now Silly by searching for one variation or another of Three Stooges. Who knew they were so popular? What I like about this list is that it’s fairly eclectic list of topics because Not Now Silly is a fairly eclectic blog.

Just a few more agenda items before I sign off on this exciting episode of Unpacking The Writer:

I totally underestimated how long it would take to kick Chapter Two of my book, Farce Au Pain,
into shape for publication. I am narrowing in on it and really hope to
publish it for you on March 1st. You may wish to reacquaint yourself by
heading on over to the front door of Farce Au Pain. If you haven’t read it yet, boy are you in for a treat.

been a slight bit of news on Trolleygate, which I hope to write about
within the next week. I’ve been reading some legal documents and I need
to interview a few people to make sure I’ve interpreted them correctly. I
also want to see if I can get official comment from: 1). The City of
Miami; 2). The City of Coral Gables; 3). Miami-Dade County; 4). Astor
Development; 5). Anyone else who will take my calls. This could be a
busy week on the phone.

I continue to research the E.W.F. Stirrup House. While I have discovered some interesting information, I’m still closing in on the real history I’ve been seeking. In the meantime, in an effort to get more people interested in saving the E.W.F. Stirrup House from Demolition by Neglect, I’ve fired up a facebookery called, appropriately enough, Save the E.W.F. Stirrup House. If you’re a facebooker, please join the group. It’s jam-packed with info about the Stirrup House, Coconut Grove, and other instances of Demolition by Neglect.

I read all your correspondence.

A big hat tip to JN & DO for your suggestions concerning Headlines Du Jour. You’ll note I incorporated both your ideas, but just not both at the same time, if that makes sense. Oh, and AG: Your idea would have taken the focus away from the Headlines Du Jour, so . . . Never mind. However, there may be another way to use that idea at Not Now Silly, so stay tuned.

I had hoped that this month I would be announcing my contributions to a local franchise of a respected country-wide web operation. However, I’m awaiting a response to my first contribution ordered up by the editor.

Back in the day, when I used to write regularly for magazines, the final draft was sent to my editor by First Class Mail. If I didn’t hear back for several weeks, it was understandable. However, in this cyber-universe in which we now live, I can shoot a 1,000,000 word article to the other side of the world faster than I can type that old saw about the swift brown fox. It’s just possible I’m being impatient. Either that or I’m just nostalgic for the old days when editors were collaborators in shaping the final product. I need to curb my enthusiasm, in case things don’t work out.

I have learned that they squeal the loudest when you make fun
of Loofah Lad, but The Falafel King would know all about that.

Additionally, lastly — and most gratefully — things have been relatively quiet on the cyber-bully front lately. The Flying Monkey Squad has not been as obsessively stalkerish this past month as usual. However, that doesn’t mean they’ve forgotten about me totally. They’ve only mentioned me enough to remind me to schedule some more timed tweets about them, not enough to warrant writing another full post about them. I’ll let all my previous posts about those psychotic miscreants stand for the time being. For the day to day hilarity, you could check The Johnny Dollar Depreciation Society over at facebook.

A clue for the clueless: If you ever did forget about me, I promise to stop writing about you. I would have thought you would have figured that out by now. And, I know whose reputation is being hurt by this continued feud and it’s not mine. Your move, Chicolinis.

Dear readers: If you’ve read this far without clicking on an advert by now, you’re a poopyhead.

Looking Back ► Unpacking The Writer At The New Year

From time to time I peel back the curtains — AUNTY EM!!! AUNTY EM!!! — and reveal what goes on behind the scenes here at Not Now Silly. The first day of the new year seems an appropriate time to sum up the previous one, doncha think?

Since starting this blog I have published 420 posts, 207 of them in 2013. When I started this blog I swore I’d post something every day. Little did I know how hard that would be. This past year I took a few weeks off here and there to recharge my batteries, research some bigger articles, and go on a road trip for research.

A year ago I was still doing regular Fox “News” snark with my 3 weekly series, Fox “News” Spin Cycle, Judge Not, and Chow Mein and Bolling. However, I got bored of those. Not to mention that compiling and formatting them was very time consuming. Which is the biggest reason I dropped ’em. I found meatier things to research and write about.

Such as Trolleygate. My first post on that topic came on January 27, 2013, with An Introduction to Trolleygate. I first learned of this story through a secret source, my Coconut Grove Deep Throat, who has tipped me to several stories now. However, I would never have won their trust had it not been for all my previous writing on Coconut Grove, and more specifically West Grove. When I learned of Trolleygate I called it racism, straight up:

As much as Coconut Grove is used to being ignored by Miami City Hall — which ironically is in Coconut Grove — Black Coconut Grove is used to being ignored by everybody. […]

Meanwhile, Black Coconut Grove gets stuck with all the negatives of a diesel bus garage from a neighbouring city. Furthermore, while it gets the increased traffic and pollution, the residents will not even get what is normally a benefit of a bus garage: a bus stop. Having a bus stop might allow Black Grove to get on the bus and ride to Merrick Park, or Miracle Mile, or any of those other swank places, including any multimillion dollar project by developers named Astor. It reminds me of how Robert Moses, who built the Long Island Expressway, purposely built all the underpasses too low to allow for buses. That’s so the ‘great unwashed’ couldn’t go to his beaches at Fire Island and Jones Beach.

Skip ahead to November: None other than the U.S. Department of Transportation confirmed what I had been saying all along. According to the US DOT, the lack of public notice and input contravenes the Civil Rights Act of 1964. It has ordered Coral Gables, the city of Miami and Miami-Dade County to come up with a plan for retroactive consultation with the affected communities. I don’t know how that’s going to work, but those three entities are going to submit a plan.

Meanwhile, just to wrap Trolleygate up in a nice bow: Coral Gables is currently suing Astor Development to get out of the deal it struck that resulted in Trolleygate in the first place. The residents of West Grove, who lost their first round in court, are planning to appeal. With the US DOT now involved it’s become one of the most confusing series of intertwined lawsuits that you can imagine.

Miami taxpayers owe it all to [allegedly] corrupt Miami Commissioner Mark D. Sarnoff. Sarnoff seems to have skated away from all responsibility [so far] for sticking the city, county, and Coral Gables with this White Elephant that will never be a “government operated vehicle maintenance facility.” There’s still the Smoking Gun email that was discovered and people continue to investigate who was responsible for telling Astor Development to remove the word maintenance from its 2nd application to build this garage. Speculation says it leads directly to Sarnoff.

Bring on the depositions!!!

Another brag: As 2014 closed, Not Now Silly had its best month ever. The blog had 13,719 clicks in December, which is an average of 442.5 a day. That beats my previous record of 12,067 from August, 2013. I don’t know where all those people come from, but I wish they’d leave some comments. As you can see on the graph above, the monthly numbers go up and down, but I’m happy with the steady progression of onwards and upwards.

This is also the year I broke the lid off a Watergate story hidden in plain sight all these years. It began with my post Aunty Em Ericann’s Bun Fight With James Rosen of Fox “News” and continued with a review of Rosen’s book in Did Roger Ailes Dupe James Rosen, Or Did Rosen Dupe ‘Merka? To be BOTH “fair and balanced,” I also told the other side of the story with James Rosen Responds To Me, Sort Of and with the follow-up Serial Liar James Rosen Responds To Me Again. Long story short: I have rejected his explanations until he produces some evidence. My theory is on the table. He has yet to disprove it.

Another media bun fight I kept alive was versus the Coconut Grove Grapevine. I’m finally willing to admit that some of my feelings is sheer jealousy. Tom Falco gets advertising dollars for producing his reviews, event listings, and promotional bumph. While I have some Google averts here — AND CLICKING ON THEM WILL BE A GOOD THING! GO AHEAD — they produce pennies per post and my storage fees for the pics are higher than that. However, the other part of my frustration with the Grapevine is that it has a very large readership. Falco could be writing and/or researching and/or publishing news of importance to the people of Coconut Grove instead.

Mark Koldys during happier times

Sadly, I’m still fighting The Johnny Dollar Wars, a feud I never started and only kept alive by The Flying Monkey Squad.

Believe me, I would have ended it with Johnny Dollar Has Proven Himself To Be A Very Dangerous Person, posted 20 months ago. However, for reasons that only a psychiatrist and powerful psychotropic drugs would be able to determine, Mark Koldys and Ashley Graham (@JohnnyDollar01 and @Grayhammy on Twitter) have continued to cyber-bully me long after it made any real sense.

Dr Keith Ablow, whose motto is NORMAL OR NUTS, would have a field day with these wackos because they are still carry on this crazy
cyber conflict more than 3 years after they began it.

They latched onto me merely because I was a writer at NewsHounds — the motto of which is WE WATCH FOX SO YOU DON’T HAVE TO — and I refused to slink away like all the others they’ve cyber-bullied over the years.

Johnny Dollar’s site has a motto, too: CABLE NEWS TRUTH. I’m strill trying to get someone to explain what part of my alternative lifestyle came under that bullshit rubric.

I have a motto as well: READ THE TRUTH ABOUT JOHNNY DOLLAR. My last three J$ posts are, I believe, the ones that best sum up these crazy MoFos. If you’re going to read them, read them in this order: The Smoking Gun ► UPDATED! followed by Does Fox “News” Support Johnny Dollar? with Anatomy of a Cyber-Feud bringing up the rear.

To make a long story somewhat shorter: Nearly every day Mark Koldys and Ashley Graham spend hours on Twitter smearing me with lies and half-truths or having cute little circle jerks all about me.  The time they devote to it is legendary. Meanwhile, once a month I dash off a post about their mendacity that makes me laugh and, hopefully, entertains my readers. It seems to be working.

A moment in time: The All Time Top Ten with J$ at #8
with a bullet, and another J$ post bubbling under at 307 hits.

I’m building my reputation off Johnny Dollar’s back, one click at a
time, and it feels great. The first Mark Koldys post has recently
entered my All Time Top Ten and is moving up fast. [Check the current
All Time Top Tell in the column on the right.] The next highest is
bubbling under at 307 clicks. I’m content to continue writing about
Johnny Dollar, especially if it keeps getting those kinds of numbers.
The more people who read about Johnny Dollar the better, as far as I am

You might have thought that some logic would have penetrated. You’d think they would have figured out by now whose brand is being tarnished by this silly Cyber War they started. Not Now Silly, as a brand new Rest Stop on the Information Highway™, had nowhere to go but up. J$’s reputation had nowhere to go but down. You really would think they’d stop already.

Last but not least: When I launched the serialization of my book Farce au Pain, I never anticipated how much work it would be to format the chapters in a way that pleased the eye and my exacting standards, especially within the limitations of the Blogger platform.

I thought I’d manage to post a chapter every month, but now it’s looking like every 45-60 days for me to get it all right. Here’s the way I figure it, to look at the glass as half full: If you are willing to wait that long for the next exciting episode after the cliffhanger, then I’m doing my job as a writer. If not, then I’m not sure it would have mattered had I posed the whole thing at once. But, we’ll never know, will we?

So . . . as we end this exciting episode of Unpacking The Writer, we have a brand new year to look forward to. Here’s to all the political muckraking, fights, and feuds to come in 2014!!!

Johnny Dollar ► Hypocrite ► UPDATED!

Mark Koldys: Hypocrite

If you look up “hypocrite” in the dictionary, the name Mark Koldys (aka Johnny Dollar) and his picture pops up.

Just to remind you: The former-Michigan prosecutor thought that invading my privacy — and exposing my alternative lifestyle on his blog — was a good thing to do. Yet, he has now complained to YouTube over a short movie I posted:

Dear Headly Westerfield,

This is to notify you that we have received a privacy complaint from an individual regarding your content:

We would like to give you an opportunity to review the content in question and remove any personal information that may be used to uniquely identify or contact the complainant.

Isn’t that special? You’d think that the narcissist in him would be happy that I created a little movie starring him and his whole fam damily. You’d think he’d want to share it with his family and friends. But, nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!.

Mark Koldys goes running to Mommy [YouTube] to have it removed.
Rather than waste my time getting into a pissing match with YouTube, I’ll allow them to remove the video when 48 hours have passed. 
But the point has been made: Johnny Dollar can dish it out, but he can’t take it. And that, dear readers, makes Johnny Dollar the Hypocrite of the Year.

UPDATE: I learned this morning that YouTube has a new enhancement that allows one to blur faces in a video. Therefore, rather than allow YouTube to remove my Johnny Dollar movie — which took me about 10 minutes to toss together; work I didn’t want to see go to waste — I have blurred the faces so that no one is identifiable. To be honest, not having to look at his ugly mug is an improvement.

Here is the NEW & IMPROVED Johnny Dollar Movie for your viewing enjoyment:

The Smoking Gun ► The Mark Koldys-Johnny Dollar Comment of the Day ► UPDATED!

If I didn’t read J$P how would I ever know they were lying about me again?

I’d been prepping a Not Now Silly post, based on the silly Flying Monkey Squad exchange to the left. My plans changed due to a posting at Media Matters, but I’ll get to that shortly.

More than anything else, this small exchange demonstrates the Flying Monkey Squad’s never-ending obsession with me. Mark Koldys, aka Johnny Dollar, and Ashley Graham, aka Grayhammy, have been obsessed with me ever since I started writing for NewsHounds. I’ve not written for NewsHounds for a year and a half, but their obsession continues. That may be because I still write negatively about Fox “News” for Not Now Silly and continue to make fun of the personalities on the so-called news channel.

Chicken entrails, anyone? Bitstrips is a fun little facebook
time-waster, which The Flying Monkey Squad has used
to attack me with childish graphics like this.

Like a Voodoo High Priest going over chicken entrails to divine a message, the Flying Monkey Squad pours over my every innertube utterance, whether it’s on Twitter or facebook. That sharp-eyed Voodoo Priest Johnny Dollar noticed that the URL in one of my tweets came from a link on his piece of shit blog. He was only able to do that because of some extra characters added to the URL.

Oh, my! Now, that’s what I call an unhealthy obsession. Mark Koldys follows every link I send out and then, because that’s not crazy enough, he looks at the browser’s address bar.

Chicken entrails, anyone?

Now, I have never denied my obsession with the Johnny Dollar Hate Machine, nor do I deny checking into his sewer from time to time. How else would I know when those assholes are lying about me again?

However, I come by my obsession honestly. As you may recall, it began when those cyber-bullies felt the need to expose my alternative lifestyle as part of their CABLE NEWS TRUTH. In an effort to destroy the messenger, because they didn’t like my message, they went to the most personal areas of my life and then published it; all in the name of CABLE NEWS TRUTH, doncha know? What my sex life had to do with CABLE NEWS TRUTH is only something that a psychopath like Johnny Dollar can explain.

They still don’t like my message and they still attack me vociferously. However, their attacks are like water off a duck’s back because they are so sophomoric. I am amused more than anything else that they think this childish photoshopped bullshit says something about me. It doesn’t, but it says volumes about Mark Koldys, Ashley Graham and The Flying Monkey Squad.

CLICK HERE to read all my posts on that walking piece of excrement Johnny Dollar

Another childish graphic attack
Another childish graphic attack

IRONY ALERT: The last time I wrote a Mark Koldys-Johnny Dollar Comment of the Day, Little Markie Koldys groused on Twitter that it contained no actual Johnny Dollar content. However, to be fair, it was full of Grayhammy (Ashley Graham) content and that’s the same damn thing. Especially since those crazy MoFos have linked me to people I have had nothing whatsoever to do with. They have used these invented connections to smear me as homophobic because an asshole on Twitter, that attacks them both, has made many homophobic slurs. Even thought I have said many times on Twitter that I have nothing to do with this jerk, they continue to attack me for his comments.

However, I don’t have to invent a link between Johnny Dollar and Grayhammy because Ashley Graham’s lips are permanently linked to Mark Koldys’ big fat behind. Their Twitterific circle jerks demonstrate how they walk in lockstep with each other and support each other.

I could play the same semantic game that Mark Koldys plays and deliberately twist words to mean whatever I want them to mean. F’rinstance: I could say in all honesty, that it’s called the Johnny Dollar Comment of the Day because I am making comment about Johnny Dollar. However, I have more integrity than to play word games the way the former-Michigan prosecutor (I know, right?) Mark Koldys plays word games.

At any rate, these thoughts were swirling around in my head this past weekend as I worked on just the right phrasing to describe the above when BOOM! Media Matters confirmed what had been long suspected, but never proven. Under the headline Fox News Reportedly Used Fake Commenter Accounts To Rebut Critical Blog Posts Ben Demiero writes:

NPR media reporter David Folkenflik writes in his forthcoming book Murdoch’s World that Fox News’ public relations staffers used an elaborate series of dummy accounts to fill the comments sections of critical blog posts with pro-Fox arguments.

In a chapter focusing on how Fox utilized its notoriously ruthless public relations department in the mid-to-late 00’s, Folkenflik reports that Fox’s PR staffers would “post pro-Fox rants” in the comments sections of “negative and even neutral” blog posts written about the network. According to Folkenflik, the staffers used various tactics to cover their tracks, including setting up wireless broadband connections that “could not be traced back” to the network.

A former staffer told Folkenflik that they had personally used “one hundred” fake accounts to plant Fox-friendly commentary:

On the blogs, the fight was particularly fierce. Fox PR staffers were expected to counter not just negative and even neutral blog postings but the anti-Fox comments beneath them. One former staffer recalled using twenty different aliases to post pro-Fox rants. Another had one hundred. Several employees had to acquire a cell phone thumb drive to provide a wireless broadband connection that could not be traced back to a Fox News or News Corp account. Another used an AOL dial-up connection, even in the age of widespread broadband access, on the rationale it would be harder to pinpoint its origins. Old laptops were distributed for these cyber operations. Even blogs with minor followings were reviewed to ensure no claim went unchecked.  [Murdoch’s World, pg. 67]

In the book’s endnotes, Folkenflik explains that “four former Fox News employees told me of these practices.” It’s unclear whether these tactics are ongoing.

If my experience is any indication, I can assure Folkenflik that these tactics are ongoing.

Ashley Graham lies again

Oh, did I just bury the lede? No matter. Those of us who toiled at NewsHounds have asked time and time again how much Fox “News” paid Johnny Dollar to be its rabid attack dog. He has always declined to answer.

However, Fox “News” certainly got its Johnny Dollar’s worth when he exposed my alternative lifestyle in an effort to destroy me because he didn’t like my message; just as he and his Flying Monkey Squad continue to attack me to this very day. I think it’s safe to assume that Ashley Graham is also on the Fox “News” payroll, whether he is paid directly, or whether Mark Koldys shares some of his booty with the scumbag who dug into my background and wrote the personal attack against me. It’s curious that Grayhammy denies he ever did that. Unless, of course, he’s just playing one of those semantic word games. You see, he didn’t actually post my “personal info; Mark Koldys did. Ashley Graham merely did the detective work and then wrote all about it. See how these MoFos play with language?

I’m learning some new software, so relax and enjoy my latest movie.

And, a big Aunty Em Thank You goes out to Ashley Graham and Mark Koldys, who are easily my most faithful readers. They’ve already attacked me once today and I haven’t even published this yet.

Thanks for all your support, boys. You make it so much fun.

UPDATE: A note about the video. Because he’s a hypocrite, the little weasel Mark Koldys complained to the YouTubery about me invading his privacy by using images freely found on the innertubes, I have edited the video in order that it complies with Johnny Dollar’s warped sense of propriety.

Please keep in mind that Mark Koldys had no problem invading my privacy when he published details of my alternative lifestyle in order to smear me. However, he went running to YouTube with a privacy complaint within minutes of me posting the original video.

Unpacking The Writer ► The Bearded Edition

Every month, or so, I do another one of these blog posts about the inner-workings of being a writer, but all my regular readers know the unvarnished truth: It’s merely a clever way to induce you to click on one of the adverts on this page. I’ll wait…

Done? Good, because there’s so much to talk about this month.

CIRCLE THE DATE: First and foremost, there are only about 70 more shopping days before National Beard Month is once again upon us. As The Flying Monkey Squad turns its lonely eyes upon National Beard Month, the question on everyone’s lips is, of course:

How will Fox “News” Chief Washington Correspondent James Rosen be celebrating National Beard Month?

FACEBOOKERY: One of the (many) reasons I joined in on the facebookery in the first place (when I was still writing under the performance artist nom de plume of Aunty Em Ericann) was to see whether writing as a different character would free up my writing style. After a decade in the Citytv newsroom, I felt my writing had gotten staid and pedestrian. Assuming the identity of a character was incredibly liberating. Now that I am back to writing as Headly Westerfield again, I feel a
freedom with words I never had before, which is now reflected in every word I write. Even this one.

COMING SOON: Which is why I can announce that Not Now Silly will be serializing excerpts of my book in the next couple of weeks. Some of my most faithful readers have been curious about all the documents I have been collecting. That’s so I can more accurately describe the protagonists/antagonists of the book and, more importantly, the times in which they lived. There’s been recent, rapid progress and I’m excited to be able to unleash it on the world. You’ll be surprised at where the research took me because I was surprised. So, please stay tuned for that. I’ll be posting it just as soon as I am able to format the parts of the book that are ready for publication. The graphics have been ordered and I’m awaiting delivery of that, too.

AN AUGUST MONTH: The month of August has been exciting at Not Now Silly for another reason as well. I got two of my highest hit counts ever on days this month — one almost twice my previous all-time high. That makes this month on track to set a new record as well. It didn’t hurt that Reddit picked up one of my Trolleygate stories, as did Curbed Miami. However, to my eternal delight, Curbed also linked to one of my stories about the historic, 120-year old E.W.F. Stirrup House, currently undergoing Demolition by Neglect. Saving this house and restoring Mr. Stirrup’s legacy has become an obsession. People are starting to take notice of the E.W.F. Stirrup House and that can only be a good thing. I have made an exciting new connection recently, which I also hope to report upon soon.

Meanwhile my Top Ten Posts for the same period looks like this:

FIRST PAST THE POST: These are all essays I’m extremely proud of. I’m pleased they are getting this kind of devoted readership on Not Now Silly and being shared on the innertubes. If you like what you’ve read, feel free to use the SHARE buttons at the bottom of every post. I always appreciate the added readership.

CH-CH-CHANGES: I will be making a slight change to Not Now Silly over the next couple of days, one that (hopefully) you might not even notice. One complaint I’ve received (more than once) is that the colour scheme makes the links hard to find. I’ll be tinkering with colours to make links more obvious. However, that’s the only negative feedback I received from the format change in April, which pleases me. I like the current minimalist look, so I’m not going to tinker with it too much.

JUST DO IT: If you’ve gotten this far without clicking on an advert, shame on you. That’s the only money I get for all these words that you obviously enjoyed so much that you’ve made it this far down the page. Clicking on an advert costs you nothing, but it puts a few cents in my pocket . . . and I do mean few.

So, click on an advert. Do it for the children. Do it before you’re too busy celebrating National Beard Month.

James Rosen Responds To Me, Sort Of

James Rosen: brown hair, brown eyes, brown nose

The Resident Fox “News” Historical Revisionist™ has taken time out of his busy-making-up-shit-life to attack me.*

You may remember James Rosen, from such exciting Not Now Silly episodes as Aunty Em Ericann’s Bun Fight With James Rosen of Fox “News”, or the post Did Roger Ailes Dupe James Rosen, Or Did Rosen Dupe ‘Merka? not to mention the more recent James Rosen: Blundering Biographer or Enemy of the State? 

Rosen, in case you don’t know, is the Chief Washington Correspondent for the so-called news network. He wrote a laughable book on John Mitchell and Watergate called The Strong Man, in which it seems he exonerates Mitchell for just about everything he was ever accused of, including those things he went to jail for.

Ironically, I heard from James Rosen today. I say “ironically” because — in a wonderful bit of synchronicity — today is the 39th anniversary of the resignation of President Richard Nixon, which I’ve documented in my post Watergate ► The End of the End, a bookend to my earlier post Watergate ► The Beginning of the End.

And, what did Rosen have to say in defense of his magnum opus?

How’s about that?!?!?! It’s a non-denial denial, almost like it came directly from the Nixon White House. Note he doesn’t deny my theory, that Roger Ailes, his current boss and Nixon intimate, is the secret source for the disinformation on Page 61 of The Strong Man. Also note that he attacks my beard, a favourite target of Johnny Dollar’s Flying Monkey Squad. Why does it feel like they put him up to it?

Yes, it’s the rich, thin-skinned, circle of life.

All my previous posts on Watergate can be found here.

* TO BE FAIR: I attacked James Rosen and his joke of a book first.

The Flying Monkey Squad Strikes Again & Again

Mark Koldys is the phat phucking psychopath on the far right

I call them the Flying Monkey Squad, but they actually have actual names: Mark Koldys, aka Johnny Dollar, and Ashley Graham, aka Grayhammy. 

[Sadly] I have been writing about these supreme creeps since the very first post on this blog called, appropriately enough, Johnny Dollar Has Proven Himself To Be A Very Dangerous Person. Since that was published just over a year ago, Mark Koldys and Ashley Graham have proven — time and time again — they just can’t to quit me. It’s an addiction with these two MoFos. I am their crack and they just can’t stop hitting on the pipe.

I go about my merry life — such as it is — ignoring The Flying Monkey Squad as best I can. However, from time to time friends message me, “Hey have you seen the latest from the Koldys Kiddie Korner?” Sometimes I take a look, but I certainly don’t reply to every provocation because it’s a daily thing with these nut bars. Not a single day goes by that they don’t reference me on Twitter. There have been many days they spend HOURS in a Twitter circle jerk all about me. Please, as Glenn Beck would say, don’t take my word for it. Feel free to check the Twitter feeds for both Johnny Dollar  and Grayhammy. I suppose I should be flattered at the daily attention, but it’s really creepy, stalking behaviour.

Sickness is as sickness does.

TRIVIA: Mark Koldys [seated], the undisputed Wicked Witch leader of
The Flying Monkey Squad, was the original human model for Grumpy Cat

BTW: I find their Twitter bios to be HIGH-LARRY-US!!! Johnny Dollar proudly proclaims himself, “Blogger on all things cable news and your source for the truth about the Fox News Channel.” Yet, all intelligent people know the truth about the Fox “News” Channel: Most! Mendacious!! Network!!! Ever!!!!

What does it say about Mark Koldys that he has made it his life’s work to defend the indefensible? That he does so with misdirection, red herrings, and deliberate twisting of words taken out of context only means he’s learned well from the Roger Ailes School of Broadcasting.

Ashley Graham’s Twitter bio is even funnier, if that’s possible. Grayhammy claims to be “More of an expert on Canadian Broadcasting than someone else I know!” which is a direct reference to me. Why he’d turn over his biography to me, and leave it that way for a year, is really a subject fit for a trained psychiatrist. “Some people say” Ashley Graham’s wife is a psychologist. If that’s true: Can you take a look into your husband’s crazy behaviour? Ashley Graham has now demonstrated a repeated pattern that can only be put down as part of an Obsessive/Compulsive Disorder. I’m not the only one. His worship of and service to Mark Koldys has people all over the internet accusing him of invading their privacy. What’s up with that?

As I was saying . . . I let the Flying Monkey Squad idiocy build up until I have enough material for a Not Now Silly blog post, exposing their supreme ignorance and their crazy cyber-stalking behaviour. Then I’ll write up something about those assholes and post it here. Which is why I already have a series of posts about Johnny Dollar and his Flying Monkey Squad. Read ’em all; trade ’em with your friends.

Which explains why I ignored their provocation of July 10, 2013, in which Johnny Dollar accused me of stealing his credit card information to commit theft. I know!!! I didn’t believe it either, but here it is as a screen capture from the Mark Koldys shit-hole of a web site:

Actual screen capture from an actual shit-hole of a web site

Note the interesting language: “someone poked and prodded into my background.” Gee, Koldys, projection much??? That’s all The Flying Monkey Squad has done with me: poke and prod into my background. Exposing my sex life on the internet was the result of all their poking and prodding. Johnny Dollar Has Proven Himself To Be A Very Dangerous Person was my reply. And, the crazy Merry-Go-Round continues.

I ignored this July 10th provocation for two reasons:

1). It’s not a good idea to respond to the crazies too often, lest they begin to get the mistaken impression that they are important. Since I had already written about these assholes on June 21st, I wanted some more time to pass before I returned to the subject of the Walking Turds Who Stalk Me On The Internet™. Not Now Silly is not about them and their obsessions. It’s all about me and my obsessions.

2). I was actually hoping Koldys would come out and definitively accuse me of stealing his credit card info so I could sue his fat, sorry ass. However, he’s too much of a coward to actually come out and say it, so he hints about it in a roundabout, douchebaggy way. Two of my friends recognized that he was talking about me and alerted me to the post. Therefore, it’s not terribly well disguised, whether it’s actionable or not.

So, while I was studiously ignoring being called a credit card scam artist, I was alerted to this yesterday by one of my favourite fans. [You know who you are.] Here is another example of The Flying Monkey Squad’s finely-tuned sense of humour:

TO BE FAIR: Ashley Graham was merely responding out of anger on behalf of Johnny Dollar, his Wicked Witch of the West. You can imagine how that conversation may have gone. Watch:

TO BE FAIR: In my recent post Where Did July Go? ► Unpacking The Writer I tweaked their nose. I showed a screen capture of a Google image search of “Flying Monkey Squad” and said it was the best new thing on the internet.

Ashley proved me right by attacking me the very next day, which also proves what I have been saying all along: The Flying Monkey Squad are my most faithful readers. It took Grayhammy almost no time at all to: 

  1. Read my blog post; 
  2. Realize that a Google image search for “Flying Monkey Squad” brings up pictures of Johnny Dollar; 
  3. Do a Google image search for Headly Westerfield; 
  4. Grab the first pic he finds, from a Spanish language web site
  5. Trick up his sophomoric little graphic; 
  6. Tweet it out; 
  7. So that he and Johnny Dollar can have a little jerk-off about it.

Yuck, yuck, yuck, yuck. Then, after Johnny Dollar and Grayhammy have their daily circle jerk, they can sit back sated. Their Twitter-post-orgasmic bliss will tide them over until the next time they feel the need to cyber-stalk and cyber-attack me. Sickness is as sickness does.

However, d’ya want funny?  A Google image search of “Headly Westerfield” brings up almost as many images of Mark Koldys as it does of me. I’m making Johnny Dollar famous no matter what term you search.

It’s time to grow the fuck up, Koldys. Defending Fox “News” will only take human garbage so far.