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Unretouched pic of Bully Boy Bolling, aka Eric
Bolling, taken directly from my tee vee screen

It’s been a while since I’ve written about Bully Boy Bolling, the pugnacious Fox “News” fireplug with the big mouth. It’s not that there hasn’t been anything to write about because Eric Bolling, as he is known to the brain-dead viewers of Fox “News,” says something ridiculous almost every single day.

However, writing about Bully Boy Bolling’s stupidity is like shooting fish in a barrel. There’s little sport in it, which is why I have stayed away. However, this week Bully Boy dug so deep for stupidity that I would be remiss if I let it go without comment and without a mea culpa of my own.

It began when Bully Boy asked the crack Fox “News Research team — its viewers — to help ferret out examples of liberal bias in children’s text books.

OOOPS! Eric Bolling forgot to ask permission to show them on the air. No matter because by Wednesday he had enough examples, from viewers who had given permission I suppose, to go on the air and BLOW THE LID OFF THIS SCANDAL!!!

Even though viewers sent in hundreds of examples, the best, and only, examples Bully Boy Bolling could come up with were these two: An Algebra problem that seemed like Socialism (or Marxism, or Communism, or something he never quite says) and a textbook that he CLAIMS, but never identifies, has the SHOCKING and totally undeniable fact that there were no weapons of mass destruction found in Iraq.

And . . . That’s it! Out of hundreds of examples sent in. A pretty thin soup of Liberal bias, if you ask me, especially when compared to the crazy bullshit they put in Texas textbooks to accommodation Right Wing Crazies.

Naturally Media Matters for America jumped on this with the headline Fox’s Eric Bolling Cries “Liberal Bias” At Historical Fact That Bush Administration Found No WMDs In Iraq.

HuffPo, in the guise of Rebecca Shapiro also took Bolling to task for the same segment, but concentrated on the problem with the Algebra problem.

Co-host Kimberly Guilfoyle said that she goes through all of her six-year-old’s homework papers, adding that she was now on “high alert after this inappropriateness!”

“So it starts in third grade [with] ‘Distribute The Wealth,’ and guess what happens? Through their whole educational experience they continually get indoctrinated through college,” a concerned Bolling said, holding up the math sheet once again.

Co-host Dana Perino said that the assignment was probably written by an “Occupy Wall Street grad student.”

That probably would have been the end of it. However, the notoriously thin-skinned Bully Boy Bolling can never seem to leave it alone when he’s been criticized in any media. And, as he has done previously (and more than once), he doubles down on his stupidity, defending his spurious facts with more spurious facts. The next day he sent out the following:

The Bully Boy Bolling post t6hat broke my meter

That’s when I lost it. Normally my meter hovers right in the middle, that sweet spot right between SARCASTIC CYNICISM and the opposite pole of TOTALLY PISSED OFF. Bully Boy Bolling’s Bullshit™ sent the needle all the way over to TOTALLY PISSED OFF, where it stuck and had to be replaced, but not before I sent out the following:

I apologize unreservedly to my followers for losing my sense of humour. I also promise to let you know if Bully Boy Bolling accepts my challenge and proffers proof for his lies.

BTW: Media Matters alerted me to the fact that this isn’t the first time Bully Boy
Bolling tried to sell this bullshit story. On St. Valentines Day of last year
Media Matters noted Fox’s Bolling Repeats Discredited Myth That 9/11 Attacks Had “Footsteps” That Could Be Traced “Right Back To Saddam”.

Dear readers: If you can find other examples of Bully Boy Bolling Bullshit™, don’t hesitate to pass it along to me.

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