The Fox “News” Spin Cycle ► Episode Eighteen
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Time to delve back into Bizarro World, aka Fox “News” for another look at what’s wrong with this world. This was the week where Mendacious Mitt Romney stumbled badly. He was just coming off his idiotic comments about Libya, when he mixed up the timeline and then blamed President Obama for siding with the terrorists. People were still complaining about that when a secretly recorded tape was released, in which Mittens wrote off 47% of the country as shiftless, lazy moochers who he had already written off. Consequently, the Fox “News” Spin Cycle went into overdrive, WHITEwashing the record for Mitty, hoping none of its brain dead viewers would turn on any other channels and learn the truth. Which is why this series exists.

BTW: I am still trying to find a single tweet, or facebook update, from Fox “News” that is positive to President Obama or, at the very least, neutral. I think I might be wasting my time. What do you think?

Mendacious Mitt wants to go to war against all kids of nations in
the Middle East, but Fox “News” will never tell you about that.

An article that blames the protestors, but makes no mention of Lyin’ Ryan’s lying lies.

WAIT!!! WHAT??? How did this get in here? Reading the article, however,
makes one think Mendacious Mitt is still ahead where it counts.

There was no mention of the ugly hate speech that comes from the Voter Value Summit and
how ashamed the GOP should be at even being associated with such an organization.

The problem of poverty? Too many poor people! This is just one way that
Fox “News” tried to cover for Mendacious Mitt’s 47% comments.

I’d rather roll Clayton Morris. Who’s with me on this?

Bully Boy Bolling is, for once, not blaming ALL Muslims, just radical ones. That won’t last long.

Personally I believe it’s because no one would sleep with such an opinionated idiot, but that’s just me.
No mention that this is one of the SuperPACs controlled by KKKarl
Rove, spending upwards of $300,000,000.00 to game this election.

And Mendacious Mitt was doing the exact same thing at the exact same time. It’s as if these people
have never heard of “timed tweets,” which are set up hours, or days, in advance.

When Fox “News” hosts a Democratic candidate they never promote it like this.
Hot Air is the appropriately named web site started by sneer-machine Michelle Malkin.

What’s going on in the Middle East is far more complicated than one bite of a speech from 5 years ago would indicate

Loofah Lad only likes the Middle East because that’s where the best falafels come from.

There’s always more to these stories than Fox “News” is prepared to tell. However,
it fits in with their “War Against Christians” story line they love to sell.

Oy vey!!!

I’d rather see a post on how Fox “News” made hate fashionable.

Every once in a while Fox “News” gives us a distraction.

Once again Falafel King is taking a complex sitch-eee-ay-shun and trying to simplify it for his simpleton
audience. The attacks on the embassies in the Middle East have more to do with radical Muslims versus
moderate Muslims, but that doesn’t fit the Fox “News” story line, so you’ll never hear it there.

Sudan expresses its sovereignty; Fox “News” gets pissed off.

A totally bullshit report from the totally bullshit News Busters.

One quote, taken out of context, is elevated to a national story.

Normally Fox “News” would would not be quoting the Libyan president. However, this feeds right into its story line.

Not to forget there was a teachers strike in Chicago and the teachers MUST be denigrated because they’re in a union.

However, the Wall Street Journal, and Fox “News” (both owned by Rupert Murdoch) will never tell you that
KKKarl Rove has two SuperPACs, spending as much as $300,000,000.00 to influence the 2012 elections.

“QUICK! How can we blame this on President Obama?”

Bully Boy Bolling doesn’t seem to think Progressives are patriotic, which is awfully unpatriotic of him.

This will be helpful.

Where’s the morning cheesecake pic?

I guess Wretched Gretched has more info than anyone. She’ll answer the question herself.

Bully Boy Bolling wants President Obama to go all Bully Boy on the world. That’ll be helpful.

This was just days before Rick Santorum threw in the towel and became a lobbyist
for Big Banks. However, early in the week he was all for starting a war with Iran.

If there’s any fairness in the world it would be to have Laura Ingraham’s mouth sewn shut, but that ain’t happening either.

Another “action verb” that Fox Nation loves to throw around that bears NO RELATIONSHIP to what actually happened.

This was an interview that blamed President Obama for everything, including the surge in gun sales.

If anyone knows pond scum, it’s Bully Boy Bolling.

More of Donald Trump bloviating on things he knows nothing about. However, because he blames President
Obama for everything that has gone wrong in the world, he’s on Fox “News” show Fox and Friends every Monday.

However, if one watches the video it was Soledad O’Brien who vaporized Peter
King, who was reduced to shouting, “I don’t care what the fact checkers say.”

Sad Sarah, ‘Merka’s favourite victim, has found a new way to attack Joe McGinniss,
who moved in next door to her to write a book about the Wasilla Hillbillies.

However, no word on the several imitations of Mendacious Mitt.

I believe ANYBODY that contradics Fox “News” and Bully Boy Bolling.

“QUICK! How can we blame this on President Obama?”

“That’s how we can blame it on President Obama!”

“Because she wouldn’t put out. I had blue balls and everything,” Crowder confesses to no one.

“QUICK! How can we blame this on President Obama? Oh! We just did!”

“QUICK! How can we blame this on President Obama?”

Finding stupid protestors saying stupid things has become a cottage industry for Fox “News.”

“QUICK! How can we blame this on President Obama?”

Or is Fox “News” attacking President Obama for things he has no control over and the rest of the media
refuses to play along? Here’s what is ironic: Because Fox “News” has the highest viewership of all the cable
news channels, Fox “News” IS the mainstream media. However, it suits its story line to play the underdog.

QUICK! Look over there!

Congress could also go to the moon, but it won’t.

“QUICK! How can we blame this on President Obama?”

I have yet to see Fox “News” promoting an advert from President Obama. But, here’s a free commercial for Mendacious Mitt.

Loofah Lad thinks that ‘Merkins are too stupid to understand that President Obama
is destroying the country. However, the Falafel King will set them all straight.

Because everyone knows that Liz Cheney is Fair and Balanced.

Another action verb. However, see how Fox “News” frames it? It’s Mendacious Mitt
going after the dependent voters, not Mittens writing off 47% of the country.

It’s not cheesecake without the legs.

No, really, cheesecake requires legs, at the very least.

There ya go!!!

That’s why the viewers tune in. Certainly you don’t think it’s for the trenchant political analysis?

Because we all know how Fair and Balanced he is.

I think it’s a bad idea for Loofah Lad because he’s not nearly as smart as Jon Stewart.

Laura Ingraham is one of those Conservatives who have been trashing
Mendacious Mitt’s stumbling on the campaign trail. Pass the popcorn.
Just another way to attack the ACLU, which Fox “News” hates. However, did you
know that Sean “Scammity” Hannity once used the ACLU to win a lawsuit?

Until this late night presser, Fox “News” hadn’t even acknowledged that there had been a secret tape
in which Mittens trashed 47% of the ‘Merkin populace. And, even after this late night presser, in which
Mendacious Mitt sought to control the damage from his honest remarks that he never thought would
see the light of day, Fox “News” didn’t play the secret tape. That’s one way to cover up for Mendacious Mitt.

“QUICK! How can we blame this on President Obama?”

This comes from The Daily Caller’s Conspiracy machine and is a total misreading of events. However, Media
Matters for America has long been a thorn in the side of Fox “News” because it presents the truth of Fox “News” lies.

If Fox “News” has its way, you’ll answer yes. That’s why its reporting is slanted in that direction.

Because we all know how Fair and Balanced Donald Rumsfeld is. Nothing was said about terror
attacks when Dubya was POTUS because that doesn’t advance the Fox “News” story line.

Laura Ingraham clearly is.

Because we all know how Fair and Balanced Dick “Toe Sucker” Morris is.

Because we know how Fair and Balanced Netanyahu is on the topic of Iran.

Short answer: NO!

A book called “Our Sarah”??? HAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Is she still considered a Fox “News” personality?

Bully Boy Bolling walked back these remarks, but it was too late because
Reich Wing cranks have alreay been spreading them around the innertubes.
More promotion for the campaign of Mendacious Mitt and Lyin’ Ryan.
What you’ll never hear on Fox “News” is how the GOP built that debt.

That’s NOT really what the emails show. The emails show Media Matters asking the DOJ to
confirm or deny certain untruths from Fox “News.” And, whaddaya know, they were all untruths.
“QUICK! How can we blame this on President Obama?”

“QUICK! How can we blame this on President Obama?”

“QUICK! How can we blame this on First Lady Obama?”

Another video of stupid Jesse Watters finding stupid people saying stupid things.
“QUICK! How can we blame this on President Obama?”

After Scammity’s done, his viewers will think this is the smartest thing Mendacious Mitt has ever said.

But Fox “News” will never tell its viewers that Eric Holder was absolved of responsibility in the
gun-walking scandal, contrary to the story line it’s been pushing for months and months.

Because we all know how Fair and Balanced pretend-Democrat Doug Schoen is.

Drudge Report deceptively edits President Obama’s remarks and Fox “News” runs with it, hoping to get everybody
to forget about Mendacious Mitt’s 47% remarks. BTW: Deceptively editing a tape is now call “Doing a Breitbart.”

Then Fox “News” brings on Mendacious Mitt for a softball interview in which he gets to comment on the “Breitbarted” video.

As always, it’s more about what The Falafel King edited out of the interview than what he left in.

If anyone knows how to create wealth, it’s Mendacious Mitt: Step One: Hide money off shore. Step Two: Claim
everything as Capital Gains taxes. Step Three: Excoriated those 47% of fools who pay more in taxes than he does.

While, at the same time, New Jersey is about to get its credit rating downgraded. But that’s an
inconvenient piece of information, so Fox “News” won’t tell its brain dead audience about that.

There’s just a hint of leg showing, which is a teaser for all of those who are hoping for their cheesecake shot of the morning.

And for those who are hoping to lay down with their cheesecake shot of the morning . . .

Because we all know how Fair and Balanced Dick “Toe Sucker” Morris is. Why it was only
a few weeks ago that he said President Obama is holding Secretary of State Hilary Clinton
hostage and will murder her if President Bill Clinton doesn’t toe the line in his DNC speech.

Because we all know how Fair and Balanced Mark Steyn is.

Here’s the question I want to see Dr. Keith answer: “I watch Fox “News” every hour
of every day and believe everything I hear on Fox “News.” Am I normal or nuts?”

Because we all know how Fair and Balanced Donald Trump is.

Of course to hear Loofah Lad tell it, Mendacious Mitt is all about truth and the folks need to pay heed.

Fox “News” outsourcing its trashing of the ACLU to a father who is pissed, because we all know how Fair and Balanced he is.

Because we all know how Fair and Balanced Pat Buchanan is.

Now Judge Nap is taking the “Breitbarted” video and making up shit about it.

Who is this writing who calls Cal Thomas a “friend and colleague”? Because we all know how Fair and Balanced Cal Thomas is.
Believing the lies on Fox “News.” Normal or nuts?

Fox “News” is hoping you will be after it plays the “Breitbarted” video enough
times to get its audience to forget all about Mendacious Mitt’s 47% remarks.

Nobody should be surprised Fox “News” is playing a “Breitbarted” video to attack President Obama.

Even when KKKarl Rove is promoting a Crossroads campaign video, he won’t tell you how this is one
of his own SuperPACs, which are spending upwards of $300,000,000.00 to influence the 2012 elections.

“QUICK! How can we blame this on President Obama?”

This how Fox “News” tries to make it sound as if it is the only station
which will tell the ‘Merkin people the truth, when all it does is lie.

These are just some of the comments left on the Andrea Mitchell thread. Right on cue
the Fox “News” brain dead viewers say the most hateful things against her.

Because we all know how Fair and Balanced Eric Cantor is.

Yet nothing on how Eric Holder was exonerated by the same Justice Department report.

Yet nothing on KKKarl Rove’s MASSIVE conflict of interest in spending nearly $300,000,000.00 to influence the 2012 elections.

Yet, still nothing on how this report exonerated Eric Holder.

I don’t know whether it was a mistake to start following Judge Nap because he’s not just a
Conservative fool, he’s a Libertarian fool who thinks he’s the only smart one in the room.

That’s why he and John Stossel were made for each other.

Sort of???

Mark :Levin referred to as “The Great One” by Sean Scammity? My head’s gong to explode.

He’s not only gaming the election, he’s gaming the numbers. And, Fox “News” still won’t
tell you how he’s spending up to $300,000,000.00 to influence the 2012 election.

By “Taliban Lawyer” what they really mean is a lawyer who defended someone accused of a
crime, just like the Constitution allows for a fair trial. However, Fox “News” will trash him anyway.

But wait!!! Wasn’t that in 2007 under Dubya’s administration? Why not mention that?

“QUICK! How can we blame this on President Obama?”

Because we all know how Fair and Balanced Rep. Allen West is.

Released from Gitmo in 2007 under the Dubya administration. “QUICK! How can we blame this on President Obama?”

KKKarl Rove won’t admit two things: 1). That his SuperPACs are spening as much as $300,000,000.00
to influence the 2012 elections; 2). He’s already started to scale back advertising for Mendaciosu Mitt
because he knows he’s going to lose. He is now concentrating the bucks on Senate and House races.

It turns out that President Obama wasn’t meeting with a pirate at all, which makes this the Fox “News” Lie of the Week™.

Fox “News” wants its brain dead viewers to forget how the GOP
has been waging a War on Women. so it’s called FREEDOM instead.

How many of them met with pirates, Wretched Gretched?

Oh, fer fuck’s sake!!!

Did Jewel meet with a pirate?

No he didn’t. He backtracked and said he was representing 100% of the population.

No kidding, Wretched Gretched? Why didn’t you ever tell your brain dead viewers that, after pumping the story all morning long?

“Brain dead” describes the typical Fox “News” viewer. More projection, Scammity?

Why is that, Loofah Lad? It’s not like David Letterman is a pirate, or anything.

This was the #2 Fox “News” Lie of the Week™. A poorly sourced story
from the NYPost about a ridiculous idea that no one has ever considered.
Fox “News” has long had a “mad on” for Oliver Stone, so this is his just desserts.

Where’s the admission that KKKarl Rove is spending up to $300,000,000.00 to game the 2012 elections?

You mean that Gitmo detainee that Dubya released in 2007?

Because we all know how Fair and Balanced Rudy “a noun, a verb and 9/11” Giuliani is.

But he hasn’t stuck to his guns, which makes this the #3 Fox News Lie of the Week™.

Because we all know how Fair and Balanced Todd Starnes and Michelle Malkin are. What Fox “News” won’t
show is the Mendacious Mitt campaign flag where the starts have been replaced by the “R” Romney logo.

I think they meant he was having a hot flash.

Hoo boy! What a total misreading of another President Obama quote.
Because we all know how Fair and Balanced these Three Stooges are.

Because we all know how Fair and Balanced Newt Gingrich is.

Oh, that’s so clever. Lookie: Bully Boy Bolling tried to make a funny again. How about that
Mendacious Mitt campaign flag that replaces the stars with Rs? [Hey, that rhymes!]

And, that’s how the week ended, with more Fox “News” lies than you can shake a stick at, which is what I do every week with the Fox “News” Spin Cycle. Get ready for next week’s stick, because Fox “News” is getting more and more desperate in WHITEwashing everything negative about Mendacious Mitt and lying about President Obama.



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