The Fox “News” Spin Cycle ► Episode Fifteen
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Thank goodness the political conventions are over. Due to its desire to either WHITEwash on behalf of Mendacious Mitt and Lyin’ Ryan or to trash President Obama, The Fox “News” Spin Cycle has been working furiously. Keeping up with the Fox “News” Tsunami of Bullshit™ has almost been a full time job. Hopefully, now that President Obama has given his acceptance speech of the Democratic nomination things will slow to a more normal Fox “News” River of Bullshit™.

Meanwhile, today as yesterday, this edition of The Fox “News” Spin Cycle is dedicated to Eric Bolling, known around these parts as Bully Boy Bolling. Yesterday he claimed he was taking notes on his whiteboard and promised he would fact-check President Clinton’s speech. His fact checking on The Five consisted of him saying, in essence, “This was a lie, that was a lie, this was a lie and that was a lie” without EVER telling his low-information audience what the truth might have been. Because Bolling knows that the fact-checkers have already checked Clinton’s facts and couldn’t find anything wrong. Consequently, Bully Boy Bolling couldn’t REALLY fact-check Clinton’s speech, but he could leave his low-information viewers with the impression that President Clinton lied, even if that wasn’t true.

And that’s why we call him Bully Boy Bolling.

Second day in a row there was no cheesecake shot from Ainsley
Earworm, so I am recycling a non-cheesecake shot from yesterday.

Here’s Bully Boy Bollling’s BIG LIE. He never fact-checked anything, he just said
it was a pack of lies. He wasn’t “crazy busy,” just crazy. #shamelessbullyboybolling

Everybody except Bully Boy Bolling, and the rest of Fox “News” thought he hit it out of the park.

Who cares?

Mendacious Mitt takes time out from his busy debate preparations to sit down for a softball
interview from KKKampaign KKKarl KKKameron, who allowed him to lie shamelessly.

Two Conservatives and one ineffectual so-called Liberal. And that’s what FAIR & BALANCED looks like on Fox “News.”

“QUICK! How can we blame this on President . . . We can’t? Never mind.”

You will never see an Independent who has decided to vote for President
Obama on Fox “News” because it would spoil the propaganda.

He needs to give a speech. No big secret.

It’s not a hard sell. Very few Hispanics are supporting Mendacious Mitt.

“QUICK! How can we blame this on President Clinton? We can’t? Never mind.”

Remember when Bill “Loofah Lad” O’Reilly talked about all the chaos at the RNC? Me neither.

Todd Starnes used this amusing piece to take pot shots at tofu and arugula. HAW HAW HAW That’s a good one, Todd.

Yes, a funny new video that has been thouroughly debunked because the so-called President Obama voter
was unmasked as a Florida GOP operative. These jokers can’t even lie good enough to not get caught.

The wall of “Fair and Balanced”???
OH! STOP!! MY!!! SIDES!!!!

Here’s the interview touted above. However, Fox “News” will never show someone who has decided
to vote for President Obama after listening to Mendacious Mitt and Lyin’ Ryan get caught in their lies.

Just a little something to distract the low-information viewer from
the Fox “News” anti-Obama/pro Mendacious Mitt propaganda.

This clip turned a figure of speech into a threat to kill Mendacious Mitt.

Dickhead Morris. Toesucker Morris. Hooker-hiring Morris. Nuff said.

Define success.

As I’ve said before, the only time you’ll see Fox “News” mention Jon Stewart is when he’s attacking President Obama.
However, he attacks Fox “News” far more often than he has commercial breaks, almost. That’s the real comedy.

Distraction from Obama-bashing. QUICK! Look over there!

KKKArl Rove promoting one of his full-of-crap Wall Street Journal columns. The WSJ
has the same owner as Fox “News,” which is why neither have commented on Rove’s
conflict of interest in spending more than $100,000,000.00 to defeat President Obama.

I’ll save you the trouble: Sean Hannity makes a cameo in the second part of
the Ayn Rand movie “Atlas Shrugged.” Paul “Ayn” Ryan was unavailable.

Fox “News” spent more than 24 hours trying to make it sound as if the DNC moved the party indoors
because there were too many empty seats. But, guess what? The weather turned to shit just like had been
predicted and Fox “News” was forced to send this pile of crap into the memory hole.

More distraction from the Fox “News” propaganda machine. QUICK! Look over there!

Just more of KKKarl Rove’s misinformation campaign, while he never mentions his conflict of
interest in spending more than $100,000,000.00 from his two SuperPACs to defeat President Obama.

While he’s 100% right, Fox “News” wants to make him sound like an extremist.

All Dems boo the inclusion of Bill “Falafel King” O’Reilly into any civil discourse.

Is Geraldo Rivera still on Fox “News”???

Translation: We’ll be lying to our low-information viewers and trashing President Obama full-time.

Here’s Fox “News” doubling down on President Obama hate. What are the chances they won’t
talk about Chuck’s prediction of 1,000 years of darkness if President Obama is reelected?
One hundred percent, but I looked into the future. Also, please keep in mind that Fox “News” is
constantly saying celebrity endorsements are useless when they are endorsements for the Democratic Party.

More of the Fox “News” disinformation propaganda campaign against President Obama.

More KKKarl Rove spreading his own disinformation on Fox “News,” while never admitting
that his 2 SuperPACs spending more than $100,000,000.00 to defeat President Obama.

That’s not really how I interpreted the report, but Fox “News” needs to spread the bullshit frior to the jobs report.

“QUICK! How can we blame this on President . . . What? Sarah
Palin did what? She put a target on Gabby Giffords? Never mind.”

Now Kimberly Guilfoyle adds to the hilarity. Fair and Balanced? Only in Bizarro World.

I’m not sure what to make of this. Are they making fun of Eva Longoria, her working at
Wendy’s when she was young, or Mendacious Mitt’s tax breaks for millionaires?

And then we FINALLY get to Bully Boy Bolling’s big contribution of the night. Oddly enough, he went into radio silence after I published The Fox “News” Spin Cycle ► Episode Fourteen, where I made relentless fun of him from the previous night. However, he just can’t leave it alone and has to keep picking at that scab that is his brain. How can he even PRETEND to be Fair and Balanced after sending out crap like this?

I’m assuming Bully Boy Bolling talking about Vice President Joe Biden,
but who knows? He has so many Democrats that he hates viscerally.

I’d rather listen to Gafftastic Vice President Joe Biden than Bully Boy Bolling baying at the moon.

That’s exactly how I feel when I am watching The Five, except Bully Boy Bolling is both Goofy and Dumbo.

Bully Boy Bolling has a real hate-on for the UAW and the auto industry apparently. #tryfair&balanced

That debate will be fun. Lyin’ Ryan will try to get away with his bullshit
and Vice President Joe Biden will eviscerate him. Pass the popcorn.

Really, Bully Boy Bolling? Do we have to bring up how George W. Bush, after he had already declared war against
bin Laden, outsourced the job and allowed him to get away in Tora Bora? Or, how about when a reporter asked Bush about
bin Laden and he replied that he’s truly not concerned about bin Laden? You want to blame Clinton, you feckless hack???

The unedited screen cap at left is just to demonstrate how many messages Bully Boy Bolling was sending out in a short span of time. I have a very busy feed and there were no other messages to come between these three.

All independent economists have stated that for Mendacious Mitt to make his targets of keeping the Bush tax
cuts on the top 1% he will have to raise the taxes on the Middle Class. Who needs truth serum, Bully Boy?

STOP THE PRESSES!!! Capitalism is dead!!!
You are such a feckless bullshit artist, Bully Boy.

It’s not a falsehood, you lying MoFo.

More lies from Bully Boy Bolling, but if he says it’s a lie enough times his low-information sycophants might believe
it. Hell, if he says it enough HE might even believe it. Let’s throw this up on the Wall of Fair and Balance, shall we?

Lookie: Bully Boy Bolling made a funny.

It’s a Bully Boy Bolling Two-Fer: Another attack against VP Biden,
with an attack against Labour thrown in for good measure.

Even this kind of smear is beneath you, Bully Boy Bolling. I hope you’re proud of yourself, you feckless hack.

The Zombie Nation are those low-information viewers who watch Fox “News” and think it’s really Fair and Balanced.

It’s really laughable when Bully Boy Bolling, who proves in these messages he’s not
Fair & Balanced, points to someone else for bias about a comment made years ago.

Bully Boy Bolling is still stewing over LAST NIGHT’S speech by President Clinton.

The unedited screen cap at left is just to demonstrate how many messages
Bully Boy Bolling was sending out in a short span of time. I have a
very busy feed and there were no other messages to come between these five.

Bully Boy Bolling will pull anything out of the time warp to smear President Obama.

Surely you’re not talking about Lyin’ Ryan, are you Bully Boy? The man
seems incapable of telling the truth, as does Mendacious Mitt, for that matter.

See? No attack against President Obama is too low for Bully Boy to go.

When Bush was president Bully Boy Bolling always maintained that the president can do little to control the price of gas.

More attacks against Unionism and General Motors.

Wind and solar are not failed ideas, Bully Boy, but the breeze and the sun are not owned by corporate Fat Cats.

That’s so clever, Bully Boy.

Really? You are simply an idiot, Bully Boy. A feckless hack. A person
who wouldn’t know Fair & Balanced if it bit you on your nose.

FINALLY! Now the adults can talk amongst themselves.

OOPS! I spoke too soon. He’s back!!!

Considering Tom Brokaw was admitted to hospital yesterday for accidentally taking a sleeping pill, this
might be one of the most classless attacks Bully Boy Bolling has ever made. It turns out that Tom Brokaw
is fine
, but making fun of him to score political points is just more proof of Bolling getting into the gutter.

No! No more parting shots, you cheap shot artist.!!! Go to bed already!!!

Leave it to Fox “News” to give KKKarl Rove time to trash President Obama’s speech right after
he gives it. What they will never do is tell you about Rove’s conflict of interest or his two
SuperPACs that are spending more than $100,000,000.00 to defeat President Obama.

Surely writing the Fox “News” Spin Cycle will get easier from here on it. I hope.



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