The Fox “News” Spin Cycle ► Episode Five
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It was a busy day for the The Fox “News” Spin Cycle because it was the day AFTER Todd Akins (Republican Idiot) said that women who have been “legitimately raped” won’t get pregnant because they have internal lasers that shoot down the offending sperm, or something like that. 

I didn’t quite understand it all, but he was quoting learned doctors, not to mention the fact that Akin’s on the House of Representatives Science Committee, so he must know what he’s talking about. Consequently, Fox “News” was spinning FURIOUSLY in order to get their brain dead viewers not to think about lady parts and internal lasers. It was just another adventure in Bizarro World, so let’s take a look, shall we?

Since Fox “News” can’t have that thought hanging out there, they have to denigrate this Democratic Senator.

Remember in the last presidential election how VP Biden called Giuliani “a noun and a verb and 9/11”? This is payback.

That’s the debate I’m waiting for.
I suspect the POTUS will trounce Mendacious Mitt, who will have to lie his way through it.

Of course Gibbs is 100% right. Trump is clearly Right Wing and has even promoted
Birtherism to Wretched Gretched on one of his previous Monday morning phone-ins.

Now Brian Kilmeade is messaging for Wretched Gretched? Of course
their agenda is political. They’re connected to both the GOP and Birtherism.

Fox and Friends First send out a lot of cheesecake pics. Here’s one.

Fox and Friends First ask a lot of stupid questions. Here’s one.

This is what passes for Fox “News” viewer porn. More cheesecake.

You just knew this was going to get a lot of play on Fox “News,” and it was front and center all day.

Not only promoting Fox and Friends, but Kilmeade and Friends, the Brian Kilmeade lie-a-thon on radio.

WAIT!!! WHAT??? This has nothing to do with politics. How did that get in there?

You’d like to think so, wouldn’t you Loofah Lad?

TWEET!!! Dog whistle!!! TWEET!!!

Will they ever have Eric Boehlert on to defend himself? Oh, wait! What the hell was I thinking?

America needs to remember whatever Fox “News” and Karl Rove tells it to remember, as they just make shit up.

See how Fox “News” wants to change the narrative, since the last one didn’t work so well?

A two-fer: Rudy “Noun Verb 911” Giuliani gets to attack VP Biden *AND* allege media bias in case that doesn’t work

An unsourced series of allegations and quotes. Perfect for Fox “News,” which needs no facts.

What Fox “News will never tell you: Karl Rove’s American Crossroads his other
SuperPAC has more money to spend on this election than almost any other single entity.
If money really can buy the White House, Rove could get his old job back.

Chains? Jobs? Tell us again how you didn’t really sexually harass those women, Herman.

Therefore, Fox “News” has to go on the attack all over again and promote the SEALS’ specious speculation.

Because it wasn’t his ad and the Right Wing totally distorted the message, just
like it did with “You didn’t build that” and “We tried our way and it worked.”

This was before Fox “News” came out in favour of Akin dropping out of the race.

KKKarl Rove is hoping and praying that money will buy an election. In fact, he’s counting on it.
What he won’t tell you in his appearances on Fox “News” is how much he’s spending to influence the election.

More about campaign money. Anything to try and damage the Obama brand.

Is Sarah still a Fox “News” personality? Todd Palin is in this show (on another network) that she’s promoting.

There it is, folks. Episode Five done come and gone. I already have enough saved up for Episodes Six and Seven. I may have to start on them right away.


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