The Fox “News” Spin Cycle ► Episode Fourteen
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Here’s what was learned in this edition of the Fox “News” Spin Cycle: Bully Boy Bolling proved, once again, beyond a shadow of a doubt, that he is not “Fair and Balanced,” in case you were wondering. He also proved he has too much time on his hands and could use some new meds. During the nominating speech by President Clinton, Bolling was practically apoplectic, sending out message after message after message. Whenever you see Bully Boy Bolling on Fox “News,” remember that he lives on the same home planet as the rest of the Fox “News” personalities and pretending to be “Fair and Balanced” is just what they all do best. 

Let’s delve into the latest nonsense from Bizarro World.

The day starts as it always does with your cheesecake shot of the morning. However, an
out-of-focus shot without legs ain’t gonna make it Ainsley. You can try again tomorrow morning.

Of course Lyin’ Ryan is as disinterested a party as KKKarl Rove.

That’s two days in a row that Bully Boy Bolling didn’t treat his sycophants
with his morning exercise routine. He must be watching his blood pressure.

Frank Luntz likes to pretend that no one knows he wears a bad rug. However, the toupee reflects the
tee vee lights differently than his real hair. Never trust a man wearing a laboratory test animal on his head.

Fox “News” SciTech still hasn’t learned that it’s supposed to trash the POTUS day in and day out.

Fox “News” SciTech could take a page out of the KKKarl Rove playbook: Don’t admit
you have a conflict of interest and then trash the POTUS until you run out the clock.

Would it be cruel of me to hope he crashes?

Which one is in drag?

Another softball interview, where Lyin’ Ryan gets to trash the Democratic Party until the clock runs out.

More POTUS trashing.

“QUICK! How can we blame this on Presisdent Obama?”

Despite being a Democratic Governor, Delaware’s Jack Markell barely made any headway in this interview because all
the questions were framed from an anti-Obama position. He was trying to climb out of a hole before he even started.

The only time Fox “News” cares about what celebrities say is when they trash President Obama.
Then they are embraced and invited on the air. Otherwise Fox “News” is very dismissive of
celebrity endorsements. For example: Tomorrow Chuck Norris will be on Fox and Friends.

Of course they asked him who he is supporting. Guess what???


Another one of those interviews with a Democrat where all the questions are framed from an anti-Obama stance.
A little bit of silliness, with some POTUS-bashing thrown in for good luck.
Another one of those interviews where all the questions are framed from an anti-Obama position. What a surprise.

Fox “News” made a lot of hay out of this. Sadly the DNC changed its position, making them look weak . . . again.

Because it went so well, Brain Brian Kilmeade was promoting this
softball anti-Obama interview long after Fox and Friends went off the air.
Gee, what a surprise.

What is more likely in the future — Will Laura Ingraham continue her snarky
style of Progressive bashing or be relegated to the dustbin of history?
Yet every time Fox “News” mentioned this story, it cited its own totally invented rumour that there
were too many empty seats, despite the fact that more than 15,000 had been put on waiting lists.

If there is any fairness in the world, both of them will have long careers,
long after Laura Ingraham has been relegated to the dustbin of history.

This panel is a guaranteed non-stop Obama bash-a-thon. That’s why they are on Fox “News.”

The only time Fox “News” mentions Jon Stewart is when he is critical of Democrats.

Hoo boy! Tom Brokaw should know better than to let Scammity Hannity frame the questions.

Fox Nation is where you will find the ugliest, most racist statements against President Obama and his entire family.
Don’t believe me? Take a look at the comments on this thread. Normally they close and delete all the comments
when it gets this ugly. However, there’s an election on and Fox “News” has taken sides. Let the creeps have their fun.
There’s enough room in there for 3 inner Springsteens.

No one is being crucified. Just another way to for the Christian Broadcasting
Fox “News” Channel to stir up the low-information viewers.

No more Todd Starnes, please.

It was another Laura Ingraham Snark-A-Thon.

A total misrepresentation of what the First Lady said. She said that Government
is the only thing we all share, whether we are Democratic or Republican.

Trying to make the bogus point that there would have been empty seats at the BofA
stadium, despite the fact that more than 15,000 people had been put on a waiting list already.
Not among Fox “News” anchors.

More of the patented snark we’ve come to expect from Snarky Snark Snark.

As far as I’m concerned Laura Ingraham is not leaving fast enough.
However, she will eventually wind up in the dustbin of history.

If I’ve said it once, I’ve said it a million times: Don’t exaggerate!!!
Fox “News” never reacts like this when Ann Coulter says something incendiary.

The glass will be all full . . . say it with me . . . when Laura Ingraham is finally tossed in the dustbin of history.

With no natural disaster, Shep Smith is forced into advancing the Fox “News” Obama bash-a-thon.

Hoo boy!

This just in: Democrats took too much heat from Fox “News” and it was threatening to get in the way of their DNC message.

Purdy pictures!

Guilted by Fox “News,” the Defending Jesus Network.
Mendacious Mitt took time out from his all-important debate preparations for a
softball interview for Fox “News” where he could enter another fact-free zone.

I bet the Fox “News” room had a collective orgasm when they read this.
This is what Rove wants you to think, but him spending over $100,000,000.00 to influence the election won’t
change the demographics: Young people don’t trust Mendacious Mitt and Lyoin’ Ryan for good reasons.

Thoughts on the speeches to come? Really?

No comment Fox “News”?

No comment Fox “News”?
Just before President Clinton hit the stage at the DNC I think Bully Boy Bolling was going
for a dirty joke, but he allowed his anger to get the best of him and it makes no sense.
This is when President Clinton hit the stage and Bully Boy Bolling sends out a war cry. Isn’t that telling?

Choom gang is a reference to President Obama’s drug use, for the uninitiated.

No comment Fox “News”? That’s okay, because Bully Boy Bolling did all your talking for you.

This was no secret by the time Bully Boy Bolling attempted to sucker people into this bet.

Yet, President Clinton still supports President Obama as the best candidate
over Mendacious Mitt. Why do you think that is, Bully Boy Bolling?

While I don’t know the truth of the numbers, I do know 2 things: Bully Boy Bolling never tells the truth, unless
its convenient and Mendacious Mitt would have let Detroit go down the tubes, taking all those jobs with it.

Bully Boy Bolling is cherry-picking the job numbers and then throwing in a gratuitous cigar joke to be scatological.

This will be fun.

Uh oh! Bully Boy Bolling’s starting to type in ALL CAPS! He must be pissed!!!

More cherry-picking of convenient stats. Remember, Bully Boy Bolling:
George W. Bush built that debt. It was a surplus when “BC” left office.

Is that why you haven’t been exercising, Bully Boy Bolling? At lease he is admitting that President
Clinton’s speech made him angry, proving once again that Eric Bolling is not FAIR & BALANCED.
That was one of the strangest speech analyses I’ve ever read. Especially
since everyone else though President Clinton it it out of the park.

That’s all for today. With one last day for the DNC, I’ll be able to go back to making The Fox “News” Spin Cycle an occasional feature of snark.



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