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While this isn’t a scientific survey (because I am not at my computer all day), once the Fox “News” Spin Cycle stopped WHITEwashing on behalf of Mendacious Mitt and Lyin’ Ryan during the Republican Convention, the messages dropped off drastically. Before the convention it took days to garner enough for one of these episodes and, even then, I’d only have 40 or so. During the convention the Fox “News” Spin Cycle was spinning on a continuous cycle, with nearly 100 messages a day, from which I culled the best 70 or so. Suddenly, after the RNC, the drop off was so precipitous that it has taken several days to get enough for another full episode. Granted, this may have been due to the holiday weekend. Time will tell whether once the Democratic National Convention starts the numbers will climb to the same numbers of before. What will also be telling is how many of the Fox “News” Spin Cycle updates will be positive or negative for the Democratic party.

Oh, who the hell am I kidding? They’ll fall into the same 3 categories as always: Pro-Romney, Anti-POTUS, or total distractions. But, before we get there, we have to deconstruct the ones that came in during the interregnum between the two conventions. Here are the last four days. Hold tight.

Friday morning, the morning after the RNC, and look who gets a softball interview
from a softball. And, look who is still using capital letters in the wrong places.

I thought Clint stole the show, as did the rest of the world.

And everyone loved it, right?

“QUICK! How can we blame this on President Obama.”

Leaving Tampa and the butterball had to do some celebrity glad-handing. It would be better
if he spent his time admitting his egregious conflicts of interest, but that will never happen.

Eastwood, of course. No one was talking about anything else.

Marco Rubio had a tight grip on that Florida GOP credit card too, but he was made to pay the money back.

“QUICK!!! How can we blame this on President Obama.”

He gave a speech? I was still thinking about Clint Eastwood.

Back to the cheesecake for which Ainsley Earworm is best known.

Look who is trying real hard to stay relevant after
Fox”News” dis-invited her to the RNC last week.

“There’s an anti-POTUS painting? QUICK! How fast can Fox “News” promote it?”

Fox “News” liked that someone liked Mendacious Mitt’s speech? What a surprise.

By the weekend Fox “News” personalities were moving into Charlotte to crap all over the DNC.

“QUICK! How can we blame this on President Obama?”

Janice Dean needs Ainsley Earworm to teach her a thing or two about cheesecake photography.

Of course Friday’s The Five was a non-stop Love In for Mendacious Mitt, when they weren’t trashing the POTUS, of course.

In other words: Loofah Lad will give them all the time the need to get their message out.

An entire special from Hannity trashing the President of the United States. How is that different from his regular show?

Normally they are trashing the NY Times as being in the tank for
Obama, but World News Daily (and Fox “News”) knows a hot story..

The Washington Times has never been objective. I wonder if it’ll become more, or less, objective now that owner,
Cult Leader, and self-proclaimed Messiah, Sun Myung Moon, has gone to sit at the OTHER hand of God.

Sean Hannity has played the race card against the President for the last four years or, more
correctly, he has guests who play the race card so he can pretend to keep his hands clean.

Bully Boy Bolling thinks people are impressed by his exercise
regimen because he tells his brain dead followers about it almost daily.

A moment of levity on the set of Fox and Friends Weekend, in between segments bashing President Obama.

Bully Boy Bolling once again proves there’s no Fair in Balanced, or something like that.

No, but it’s not too late for Fox “News” to cite all KKKArl Rove’s conflicts of interest in
handicapping the race. Who the hell am I kidding? There’s no way they’ll ever do that.
It’s not like that was never done before, right?
Once again Bully Boy Bolling proves he’s neither FIR nor BALANCED.
Until Fox “News” and The Daily Caller can lie to them about what
they claim President Obama really means. Then they’ll disagree.
“QUICK! How can we blame this on President Obama. OH! Wait! We already have.”
I wonder if Bully Boy Bolling ever tells God the same lies he tells the Fox “News” audience.
This is where the magic happens and by magic I mean where they just pull facts out of thin air.

So hurry so you don’t miss the lies.

I wonder if Laura Ingraham will be glad-handing with Democrats this week. Nah! Who the hell am I kidding?

Like Bill “Falafel King” has never had a meltdown on air. He’s referring to Melissa Harris-Perry, who didn’t “melt down”
and didn’t tell her guests to shut up or cut their mic, like Loofah Lad has. She merely displayed some righteous anger.

Gee, like that’s never happened in an election season before. However, Axelrod doesn’t
have to make shit up in order to attack the RNC and to point out Mendacious Mitt’s failures.

“Quick! How can we blame this on President Obama?”

“Quick! How can we blame this on President Obama.”

There’s still far more enthusiasm for President Obama among the
general electorate than there was for Mendacious Mitt at his own RNC.
Mendacious Mitt has been playing the Race Card. He keeps pulling
the Ace of Spades from the bottom of the deck. See what I did there?

Got to rest up those legs for her morning cheesecake shot.
Don’t those legs look well-rested?

There’s got to be a NASCAR and low-information voter joke, but I’m too lazy to look for it.

The Labour Day Obama Bash-A-Thon starts NOW!

Here all week. Try the veal.

This is what passes for Fair and Balanced on the propaganda network: KKKarl Rove, who never reveals his
conflict of interest, and Joe Trippi, who never reveals he is a Democrat because he agrees with Rove most of
the time. Then there’s the moderator, who frames the entire debate with a pro-Republican or anti-Obama slant.

Mendacious Mitt must be feeling the heat because he refers to two oblique lines from a speech PRIOR
to his big RNC moment in an attempt to blunt criticism coming from both the Right and the troops.

No morning run for Bully Boy Bolling?

And at no time did he reveal his conflicts of interest. Why do I keep mentioning this?
Because it’s important and is proof positive that Fox “News” is not Fair & Balanced.

This made me spit up my morning coffee. The owner of Pita Pit came on to claim that he really did
“build that” and then explained how he bought into the company when he was just a lowly franchisee.
I was hoping Butterball KKKarl would go ass over tea kettle and land on
fake Democrat Joe Trippi. That doesn’t make me a bad person, does it?


“QUICK! How can we blame this on President Obama?”

More Fair & Balanced from Bully Boy Bolling.

This is the latest Reich Wing freak-out. Despite Burton being 100% right, and the fact
that he apologized after it was demanded, Fox and Friends has already done AT LEAST two
segments on it already on Tuesday morning and it’s only 8:20 as I write this.

Because the GOP wants to pretend that the Bush Presidency never existed. How dare President Obama point to it!

“QUICK! How can we blame this on President Obama. Wait! What? During the Bush administration we claimed
the POTUS has little effect on gas prices? It won’t matter. Our audience is not smart enough to remember.”

If Laura Ingraham were an honest commentator she’d . . . never mind. We know she’s not an honest commentator.

Where it will be all Pro-Mendacious Mitt or anti-Obama and, as usual, they won’t let Bob Beckel get a word in edgewise.

Kimberly Guikfoyle showing off some of her RNC pictures, days late.

More glad-handing at the RNC. Get a load of those gams!

Two Fox “News” babes and not a leg in sight? What’s up with that?

Still no legs? Yeesh! They need a refresher course in cheesecake from Ainsley Earworm.

To start with, there will be far fewer lies . . . .
. . . . until Lyin’ Ryan shows up. Then the lies will flow like water under the George W. Bush bridge.

“QUICK! How can we blame this on President Obama. We can’t? Why not? They’re both Black.”

Oh that Ingraham. She’s such a kidder.

“QUICK! How can we blame this on President Obama? We’ll just let Politico do it.”

Sounds like KKKarl Rove is still not ready to admit he’s spending over
$100,000,000.00 through his two SuperPACs to game the election for the GOP.

Since it’s already Tuesday morning the tally for the Fox “News” updates begins now. However, they are already FAR off their previous mark set last week during the RNC. Hoo boy! Stay tuned for Chapter Thirteen of the Fox “News” Spin Cycle.



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