The Fox “News” Spin Cycle ► Episode Seven
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The Fox “News” Spin Cycle continues to WHITEwash for Mendacious Mitt and Lyin’ Ryan. It really is a trip into Bizarro World where up is down, in is out, and War is Peace. We have always been at war with Oceana. Today’s episode of the Fox “News” Spin Cycleis full of lies, deflections, and just straight-out hilarity. Let’s get right to it before the jokes go stale.

However, on Fox “News” you won’t hear that both candidates have said they won’t attend AND the
only one it says is negatively campaigning is President Obama. Mendacious Mitt’s hands are clean.

Oh noes!!! Can’t have that. Someone dissed St. Ronald of Borax.

I wonder what side Rudy “Noun, Verb, 9/11” falls down on. You’re right, I’m being silly.

Bully Boy Bolling’s bragging again. McDonald’s sells a lot of burgers too. That doesn’t make it the best.
It only proves (once again) that the Fox “News” audience will swallow anything. Clearly they love to hear people yelling
at each other, as opposed to being informed. I reviewed the very first broadcast of “The Five.” Nothing has changed since.

If the snout fits . . . . 
There are those who think Ann Coulter is a swine for her (alleged) two-time voter fraud. Wonder where
she’s registered to vote in this election? If you see her voting, she’s probably in the wrong place again.

Bully Boy Bolling is apologizing because someone pointed out to him that he forgot to greet his fans (fanatics?)
Yet, Bully Boy Bolling never apologizes for his egregious statements against the President and Progressives.
The punchline came this week when Bully Boy Bolling whined no one from the White House would appear on his shows.

KKKarl Rove not only appears on Fox “News” as a SuperPundit, allowed to hide his SuperPACs, spending untold
money to influence this election cycle, he also writes for the Wall Street Journal on all the same topics.
A whole raft of newspaper editorials have taken the WSJ to task for using Rovian logic without pointing
out his clear conflict of interest. The same applies to Fox “News” even more so because of its much larger audience.

Fox “News” is now touting a new poll that says people think the media is left wing and in the tank for
President Obama. This is proof that the Fox “News” lies have taken hold in the minds of the general
public. Five corporations own 95% of the media in ‘Merka and corporations are not left-leaning.

Today’s cheesecake shot, but I don’t understand why that guy on the left isn’t showing more leg.

Fox “News” is trying to make this a First Amendment issue, which blew up in their face later in the day. [See below.]

Is she hopeful the answer will be “No”?

Alysin has a lot to learn about cheesecake photography. At least show as much leg as you do on the air, Aly.

More concern for the RNC than for the islands of Haiti, Jamaica, Cuba, Key West, etc.

Kilmeade loves to send out pics of him hobnobbing with celebrities.

Fox “News” has been trying to make people forget all about George W. Bush since January 2009.

The media is also ‘blacking out’ most of the convention, but Laura wants to make this about Ann Romney to stir up ire.
BTW: Fox “News” is the media too. Considering the size of its audience, it’s the mainstream media.

Q: What’s missing in this “The Five” promo? A: Fairness and balance, as always, silly!

Q: Why don’t we know who has contributed to Mendacious Mitt’s campaign?
A: Because his bundlers are kept secret, just like his tax returns.

Remember when Fox “News” was so offended that children were being used
by Progressives? I do. But when the Teapublicans do it, it’s so cute.

Hurricane season comes every year at the same time. Political conventions come every 4 years. Between
conventions they seem to forget about the Hurricane Season, which comes every year at the same time.

Why doesn’t Fox “News” ever tell its audience about KKKarl Rove’s clear conflicts of interest?

This is funny, in a hypocritical way. Fox has been whining for months
about leaks from the White House concerning the Bin Laden raid . . .

. . . Yet Fox “News” spills the real name of the author of a book about the Bin Laden raid and, once that
becomes a media shit storm, tries to paint it as a First Amendment issue with Navy Seals being muzzled.

More hobnobbing with celebrities. Oh, Brian, you lead such an interesting life!

Chris Wallace moves into the field of hagiography. Will there be any tough questions? Romney has already told
reporters he would not answer questions about abortion and/or rape, despite those topics being a part of the RNC platform.

Yet Todd Akin’s position on abortion is exactly the same as Mendacious Mitt’s and Lyin’ Ryan’s.
They’re just smart enough not to repeat the bat-shit crazy stuff about raped women not getting pregnant.

Usually I won’t link to their Wingnuttery. However, this Ablow job, by supposed psychiatrist Keith Ablow, gets
everything about this story bass-ackwards. To Ablow, Akin’s comments “mean that he believes that when
men force themselves on women sexually, and the women are impregnated, that those women consciously
or unconsciously wanted to be fertilized by the men they are identifying as their rapists.  In other words, even
though these women may have said “no,” or may have fought against their assailants, at some level the fact
that they became pregnant meant they and their rapists were creative partners.

WTF?!?!? You need to read the whole thing to see what a fucking nut job Keith Ablow really is.

And, of course, Fox “News” can’t have anything hurt the Republican Party, which they are in the tank for.

See above for Bully Boy Bolling hypocrisy.

Will Fox “News” create a similar graphic to promote the Democratic National Convention? Time will tell.

Wait! What?

Paul “Ayn” Ryan, aka Lyin’ Ryan, voted in favour of this bill. He was for it before he was against it.

This won’t end well for Mendacious Mitt. One of his advisors launched this lawsuit. Way to court the Hispanic vote, Mittens.

You’ll never see Fox “News” promote an opinion piece that’s pro-Obama or negative-Romney.

I’d rather have Judge Napolitano leave me alone. Different strokes and all.

There you have it. Another action-packed episode of the Fox “News” Spin Cycle. Stay tuned for our next episode, where Fox “News” will create new lies in order to WHITEwash Mendacious Mitt and Lyin’ Ryan.


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