The Fox “News” Spin Cycle ► Episode Six
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It’s getting harder and harder to keep up with the Fox “News” Spin Cycle. As the GOP flounders with trying to define legitimate vs illegitimate rape; trying to pretend there’s a difference between what Todd Akin said and what the Romney-Ryan team believe; and covering for all of Mendacious Mitt’s lies and Etch-A-Sketch moments, Fox “News” is forced to spin faster and wilder than ever. Mendacious Mitt and Paul “Ayn” Ryan need Fox “News” to WHITEwash their words and record because the truth would force people to go running to the Democratic Party.

So join me as I unpack the latest episode of the Fox “News” Spin Cycle.

What’s repulsive is how Fox “News” brings KKKarl Rove on all the time and neglects to mention that he’s
spending UNTOLD millions on influencing the same election he’s repulsed by. It’s also repulsive that
Mendacious Mitt Romney played the “he’s not one of us” card, but you’ll never hear that on Fox “News” either.

If all you have is a Hemmer, every problem looks like a Nial, or something like that.
Because Ferguson made up some shit about the POTUS, he’s a Fox “News” favourite now.

Fox “News” hates electric cars. I’m not sure why, but there it is.

This MoFo again? Why doesn’t Fox “News” ever tell us that he’s behind “American Crossroads”???

I sure hope he does the banana thing all over again.

This has been debunked several times, yet Fox “News” keeps pushing this phony bologna.

Shorter “Monumantal”: It’s all God’s doing and we’re blessed that he even takes time to give us His consideration.

Of course that’s not true either.

Fox “News” isn’t called God’s Favourite Network for nothing. Bible game show host & Kirk Cameron all on the same day?

The strange case is that he’s the VP and you’re not.

Nothing but deflection.

Of course to hear Loofah Lad tell it, Romney’s running a honest
campaign with no low blows. That would be false, of course.

This MoFo again. He didn’t tell the truth during the last administration, and he’s certainly not telling the truth now.

Yet Gibbs was absolutely spot on: He said that Trump is a Right Wing Birther. Dispute that!!!

Because he’s losing!!!

Not if Fox “News” can help it.

Yes! it hadn’t been started yet.

Fox “News” promotes KKKarl Rove and he has a 2 bulging bank accounts in his 2 SuperPACs.

Quick! How can we blame this on the President?

Bully Boy Bolling is never Fair & Balanced. Ever!!!
QUICK! How can we blame this on the President?

But President Obama is the one spilling secrets.

You know a campaign is in trouble when it starts recycling Sarah Palin catch phrases from 4 years ago.

Did you know that every time someone uses the phrase “You didn’t build that” Fox “News” gets royalties for creating the lie?
He’s going to sky-dive in from the rafters and surprise everybody. What? He won’t? OH! Never mind!!!

More royalties for Fox “News” for “Doing a Brietbart” with a deceptively edited tape. You didn’t say that. Not really.
How could he be so crass?!?! Everyone knows that Romney was born with a silver foot in his mouth.

A deceptive headline.

A deceptive headline with a picture that makes the POTUS look like he’s smelling Romney’s farts.

Q: How many softball interviews are they going to give this guy? A: As many as it takes.

When the half-Governor is right, wake me up. When Greta stops kissing her ass, wake me up. I feel like Rip Van Winkle.

The EPA is not Obama’s EPA. If you really wanna know the truth, it’s Nixon’s.

Bully Boy Bolling, who uses a teleprompter, gets a kick out of a POTUS teleprompter picture.
Hey Eric! You know that Romney uses a teleprompter too, doncha?

The daily cheesecake from Fox and Friends First.

God’s channel has a beef to pick with Atheists. I have a beef to pick with Wretched Gretched. Are we even?

Another anti-Obama book? QUICK! Let’s promote it.

Is Fox “News” already making the case that Mendacious Mitt’s loss will be due to evil librul media?

Let’s promote this softball interview again.

I guess not, because he stayed in the race, Laura.

Fox “News” is doing everything in its power to keep this grudge match going.

I don’t care what Fox “News” says: It’s still Bush’s fault.

Monica Crowley is not Fair & Balanced. She’s also not very smart. GOP needs to win for the country? Oh, puh-leeze.

Oh, I hope so. That will be fun. Pass the popcorn.

If the snout fits . . . .

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