The Fox “News” Spin Cycle ► Episode Sixteen
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With the start of a new week, it’s time to wrap up last week’s Fox “News” Spin Cycle. With the conventions over, and the lull of the weekend arrived, Fox “News” didn’t find it all that necessary to WHITEwash on behalf of Mendacious Mitt and Lyin’ Ryan. This is evidenced by the fact in the past 3 days I’ve collected less than half of the updates from Fox “News” than I did in a single day during the conventions. Yet, that doesn’t mean the Fox “News” Spin Cycle was idle. On the contrary. It just means the bullshit is more finely compacted. So, let’s put on our anti-gravity boots and take another trip to Bizarro World, where one cannot be assured of anything being FAIR & BALANCED.

I’m sure you’ll tell us, Wretched Gretched. And, I’m sure it won’t be a positive report.

Former Democratic Senator Evan Bayh is one of those squishy Dems Fox “News”
loves, who can be counted on to barely defend Democrats. Furthermore, all questions
are framed as anti-POTUS, so he’s climbing out of a hole before he even starts.

Those Foxy Friends on Fox and Friends were almost gleeful in the hopes the jobs numbers would be
bad. Fox “News”: Betting against the ‘Merkin people since President Obama was sworn into office.

KKKarl Rove and Fox “News” left a few things out during his appearance, like the fact that he has two
SuperPACs spending more than $100,000,000.00 to defeat President Obama. Will Fox “News” ever tell us
about his conflict of interest? Why should they? This deception and Lie of Omission is working out great for them.

Fox “News” SciTech just doesn’t seem to understand how to play the bash-POTUS game.

The job numbers were more favourable than Bully Boy Bolling had hoped, so the
Bureau of Labor Statistics must be smeared as a “partisan” and #Criminal” outfit. When
the job numbers favour Bully Boy’s preconception, he’ll tout the numbers happily.

Fox “News” has more than enough baggage for a 747. That’s why a web site like
NewsHounds exists. Their motto: “We watch Fox so you don’t have to.”

Of course he did, because that’s what’s expected of him. He also trashed President Clinton’s speech, which
everyone else thought was a home run. Charlie the Kraut Hammer called it “a giant swing and a miss.”

Another day at Fox “News” and another softball interview for Mendacious Mitt.

Forget that Fox “News” outed this author and revealed his real name and the city he lives in.
Also forget that the Pentagon is alleging the author broke the law in writing this book.
Just focus on the negative things found concerning President Obama.

Do the math Fox “News” because President Obama’s poll numbers are up despite the continued bashing you’re giving him.

A week ago Chuck Norris predicted “1,000 years of darkness” if President Obama is reelected. That
made him a natural guest for those Foxy Friends on Fox and Friends, who normally decry Hollywood
celebrities who come out for President Obama. But because Chuck Norris said something hateful
about the President of the United States,he needs to be booked ASAP, and as often as possible.

The Carmel Pine Cone? Are you kidding me? Bring back the empty chair.

Yet he’s got all that empty space between his ears in which to pack his clothes.

What would he say? I am on pins and needles waiting to see if he supports Mendacious Mitt.

Fox “News” has never liked fact checkers. That’s why a web site like
NewsHounds exists. Their motto: “We watch Fox so you don’t have to.”

Because Former Democratic Senator gave the Foxy Friends on Fox and Friends
exactly the kind of interview they had hoped, they promoted it later in the day.

I know I sounds like a broken record, but when will Fox “News” tell its low-information
viewers that KKKarl Rove has a MASSIVE conflict of interest in that he’s spending more
than $100,000,000 by his 2 SuperPACs to defeat President Obama?

This is not from Fox “News” but does concern it. Fox “News” reacted
with typical snark, by saying it hoped R.E.M. enjoyed the publicity.

There is no low to which Fox “News” won’t go to trash the Democratic Party. It will
never pass along anything positive said about the Democratic Party, however.

C’mon. Don’t make me laugh. No one’s afraid of Mendacious Mitt, except the
fact-checkers who are forced to work overtime every time he opens his mouth.

I can be forgiven for thinking the headline referred to Gerald being diminished but still formidable. Right?

Now there’s a disinterested party. Word Salad Sarah never disappoints.

Mendacious Mitt is trying out a new variation of the “You didn’t build that” lie that Fox “News” created with deceptively
edited remarks and that the GOP ran with. Mendacious Mitt is grasping at straws if he thinks he’ll sway any students.

That answers that question: Geraldo Rivera DOES still have a Fox “News” show.

However, Geraldo won’t stray too far from company store. Here he gives KKKarl
Rove a chance to lie to his low-information radio audience without telling them that Rove
is spending more than $100,000,000.00 in an attempt to defeat President Obama.

Fox “News” makes it look like Chuck Norris was on Fox and Friends to promote his movie, but he was really
there to expand on his remarks that reelecting President Obama will plunge ‘Merka into “1,000 years of darkness.”

Friday was another day that Ainsley Earworm has not started the day
by sending out a cheesecake pic of the day. Here’s a midday substitute.

I thought it was one perfect softball after another lobbed straight down the
middle. Even so, Mendacious Mitt was unable to hit anything out of the park.

Is Fox “News” saying this is a bad thing, or a good thing? The link to CNS News is all the info one needs
to determine that. Brent “Bozo” Bozell, founder of the Media Research Center, which is far to the right
of Fox “News,” also founded CNS News, the motto of which is “The Right news. Right now.” Hoo boy!

In every other place in the reality-based community, Rush Limbaugh is a pariah. In Bizarro
World, aka Fox “News,” anything Limpburger pulls out of his ass is worth passing along,
provided it trashes Liberals, the rest of the media or the POTUS. Here’s a rare three-fer.

Everyone say it along with me: When will Fox “News” reveal KKKarl Rove’s egregious conflict of interest and
mention he’s spending more than $100,000,000.00 from two SuperPACs in order to defeat President Obama?

Note Bully Boy Bolling’s FAIR & BALANCED reference to
Capitalism vs Socialism. Only a feckless hack would try that trick.

Another morning when Bully Boy Bolling didn’t regale his sycophants with his exercise regimen. What’s up with that?

Charlie the Kraut Hammer is now just making shit up. There are no specifics in the GOP ticket, as
evidenced on the Sunday talk shows when both Mendacious Mitt and Lyin’ Ryan refused to give any details.

“QUICK! The job numbers are up. How can we blame President Obama?
Oh, Breitbart has a 5 month old statistic? Let’s run with it.”

Too! Many!! Jokes!!!

After Chuck Norris made his hateful prediction that reelecting President Obama would plunge ‘Merka into “1,000
years of darkness,” he was a guest on Fox and Friends on Friday, then a guest on Fox and Friends Weekend on
Saturday, and then a guest on The Huckleberry Hound show on Saturday. That’s what’s called “tripling down on hate.”
People to deadbeat Congressman Joe Walsh: Pay your child support!!!
And yet, Mendacious Mitt’s campaign operatives could only come up with one lie after another. That’s not fact-checking.
Oh great! Bully Boy Bolling is a sports fan too.

There’s the exercise regimen. Six miles of running and football. What a guy! He’s a guy’s guy. He’s Bully Boy Bolling.
I’m developing a theory about Bully Boy Bolling . . .

. . . that he starts drinking late in the day and . . .

. . . by evening he’s tanked up enough to start sending out his Bully Boy Bolling Bullshit™ to the world.

And that’s how the weekend ended, the same as how the previous two days of the Fox “News” Spin Cycle ended: Bully Boy Bolling drooling all over the internet.



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