The Fox “News” Spin Cycle ► Episode Two
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Who knew that when I posted Episode One of the The Fox “News” Spin Cycle, there would be enough material for a new episode
just 32 hours later? And, I’m not even searching for these gems. I just
collect them as they hit my facebook feed. 

that’s an indication of how hard the Fox “News” Spin Cycle is working,
having ratcheted itself into overdrive in order to WHITEwash the Romney-Ryan ticket. 

Silliest Thing In The World™ is the new faux outrage on the Right: Vice
President Joe Biden mentioned CHAINS and the Faux Outrage Machine
assumes he was talking about slavery. Now apologies are being demanded
and people on my facebook feed want to argue the point with me. 

IRONY ALERT: Bully Boy Bolling wondering about “journalistic integrity”vs “media bias

While it’s not true, of course, it’s still better than letting the auto industry go bankrupt

The context? VP Biden said that Romney wants to UNCHAIN Wall Street.
But any mention of chains automatically refers to slavery, right?
Bully Boy Bolling certainly knows “media bias” since it’s all he does.
Hey, Eric? Fox “News” is the mainstream media.

I think Bully Boy Bolling is obsessing. Thin skin much?

This is my favourite: Bully Boy Bolling mistook Mediaite’s accurate reporting
on what The Five said as support for what The Five said. That’s just sad.

Already laying the groundwork to say the debate moderators are in the tank for President Obama.

Maddow gave as good as she got, when Lowry actually
let her talk, but he just kept yelling “Can you answer?”

OMG!!! He praised bipartisanship!!!

Romney guy blows his gasket and Fox Nation thinks that’s “crushing” the anchor.

Oddly enough nothings is said about “Romney Man” blowing the talking points.

Oh! Stop!! My!!! Sides!!!!

Backhanded criticism: Mittens Romney does use a
telepromter, as does ever “news” personality on Fox.
Backhanded criticism: Romney was boring before he met Ryan.

Hoo boy!!!

The Obama Camp knows that Romney couldn’t draw that crowd by himself. More backhanded criticism.

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  1. Personally, I embrace the VP metaphor as a reference to slavery. Many times I've heard hourly employees referred to as "wage slaves". The corporate cretins have coined the term, I think it should be hung around their neck and choked to death with it. Damn! I'm just so glad to see someone call the fascist bastards for what the are at their core, I can hardly contain myself….

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