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One of the things I learned from my decade working in a tee vee newsroom is something that EVERYONE should understand: It’s not just about what a news station broadcasts; often what’s more telling is what a station neglects to broadcast. Fox “News” NEVER appears to broadcast anything positive about President Obama. However, if some whack-job that no one has ever heard of says something negative, Fox “News” will turn it into a national news story.

It’s the same with these updates I have been obsessively collecting. I make this solemn promise to my faithful readers: If Fox “News” ever sends out a message that’s POSITIVE to President Obama, I will give it a blog post all on it’s own. However, don’t hold your breath.

Meanwhile, let’s take another trip to Bizarro World.

Oh! My!! Sides!!! This followed Chuck “1,000 years of darkness” appearing all over the Fox “News” Schedule.

Would Dubs the Dog ever ride on top of Dick “Toe Sucker” Morris’ car? Just asking.

After Dubs the Dog appears on Fox and Friends, another plug for Dick “Hire A Hooker” Morris’ book.

Another book promo. What is this, the Oprah Book Club?

Two reasons Fox “News” is promoting this 60 Minutes interview: 1). To get viewers to forget they outed
this Navy Seal’s real name and where he lived; 2). He said negative things against President Obama.

Oh, look: President Obama made a slip-of-the0tongue. Lket’s trash him.

Playing President Obama against his former Chief of Staff. It’s a win/win for Fox “News.”

Making it seem that John Schneider was only on Fox & Friends to promote a movie,
but he was also there to bash President Obama. Don’t forget the Fox “News” credo:
Who cares what celebrities have to say? Unless, of course, they are part of the Right Wing.

Hoo boy!!!

Hoo boy!!!
This book has worse to say about the Republican leadership in the House, but you’d never
know that by watching Fox “News.” And “devastates”???  Oh, please. Just another one
of those action verbs Fox “News” likes to throw around when the evidence is very different.

However, the GOP is going on vacation until after the election. Really!!!

You just can’t make this up: To Bully Boy Bolling EVERYTHING is President Obama’s fault.

“QUICK! How can we use the weekly Loofah Lad quiz to bash the administration?”

Who cares what Snoop Lion said in Toronto? Fox “News” cares because it’s another way to play the Race Card.

Another crappy article that Fox “News” wants to elevate into a national news story because it trashes President Obama.

Why is Fox “News” skipping the fact that KKKarl Rove is spending more than $100,000,000.00 to defeat President Obama?

Who cares what that Fat Fuck says? Oh, Fox “News” cares because it trashes President Obama.

Bully Boy Bolling decides what’s importantv and what’s not.

Once again there was a missed opportunity to reveal KKKarl Rove’s MASSIVE $100,000,000.00 conflict of interest.

While on the surface this might look like a positive message about President Obama, one click will disprove that notion.

If Bill “Falafel King” O’Reilly thinks trashing President Obama will
win the election for Mendacious Mitt, he is making a major mistake.

Why is Fox “News” not tgelling us about KKKarl Rove’s massive
$100,000,000.00 conflict of interest? Because it’s not in their interests.
“QUICK! How can we blame this on President Obama?”

The only reason Juan Williams felt the need to post this poll is because he was trashed without mercy for speaking the truth.

Bully Boy Bolling never misses an opportunity to politicize something.

I have decided not to use, or make fun of, any of the other solemn messages from Fox “News” personalities. However, Bully Boy Bolling is in  class by himself.

Making fun of Liberals, one ambush interview at a time.

It’s not just books that Fox and Friends are promoting. Are they getting money for these advertisements?

Here’s another one. Hoo boy!!!

More POTUS bashing.

More POTUS bashing.

More POTUS bashing.

More POTUS bashing, even though Juan Williams attempts to provide SOME balance.

More POTUS bashing.

The first sentence is either a typo or someone is hoping people are not reading closely. Meanwhile, more POTUS bashing.

“QUICK! How can we bash unionism?”

This isn’t from Fox “News” but it a correct assessment of what Fox “News”
was doing on the SOLEMN 11th Anniversary of the 9/11 attack.

Because, of course, it wasn’t enough that he appeared on Fox and Friends, Fox and Friends Weekend
twice, and The Huckleberry Hound Show. Now it’s time for him to bring his “1,000 years of darkness if
President Obama is reelected” bullshit to the laughingly labelled “No Spin Zone” where it’s all SPIN.

Once again there will be nothing said about KKKarl Rove’s MASSIVE $100,000,000.00 conflict of interest.

There was a whole day of using Israel to bash President Obama, before
the murders of the ‘Merkin Ambassador in Libya changed the narrative.

Sorry to keep repeating myself: KKKarl Rove will discuss a lot of shit,
but will never admit his massive $100,000,000.00 conflict of interest.

Using Israel to bash President Obama.

He didn’t. President Obama was quoting someone else’s words, but
Fox “News” will take any opportunity to play the Race Card.

Even though the governors of many states asked for this, Republicans are going to make
sure it doesn’t happen and Fox “News” is going to use it to bash President Obama.

Say it along with me: Fox “News” will never mention KKKarl Rove’s HUGE $100,000,000.00 conflict of interest.

However, one click and you’d see how Fox “News” did everything in its
power to minimize the hate expressed against this pizza shop owner.
Did you wonder where Mendacious Mitt picked up his lie? Fox “News” said it first and Mittens just repeated it.

“QUICK! How can we blame this on Obamacare?”
Now that there’s been a confirmed death, Fox “News” has moderated its
message. Too bad Mendacious Mitt didn’t follow this example as well.

Too bad Kraut the Hammer didn’t moderate his message either.

This Hollywood Reporter story is all bullshit. It quotes the filmmaker, who
is upset that the White House has fact-checked this piece of shit movie.

More President Obama trashing.

What happens when two Right Wing wingnuts meet a Right Wing wingnut? They take souvenir pictures.

Fox and Friends First has been skipping the morning cheesecake
photo, but they haven’t completely forgot their fans that have a leg fetish.

“Quick! How can we blame this on President Obama?”

“That’s how we can blame it on President Obama!!!” Bully Boy Bolling never disappoints.

Another book promotion. I sure hope Wretched Gretched is getting paid for this.

“QUICK! How can we blame this on President Obama? Oh, right! We already have.”

“QUICK! How can we attack Unionism?”

The last person I would ever take election advice from is Sarah Palin.

The Daily Caller has become Obama Conspiracy Central. Here’s another pile of crap.

The next person I would never take advice from is Senator
John McCain, who foisted Sarah Palin on ‘Merka in the first place.

TRANSLATION: “We here at Fox “News” can’t get enough of Chuck Norris.

Now Bill “Loofah Lad” repeats Palin’s nonsense.

Just another way to bash President Obama.

Lyin’ Ryan is using this tragedy for political purposes.

Using the tragedy of 9/11 for political purposes.

Using this tragedy for political purposes.

Using this tragedy for political purposes, but then Bully Boy Bolling doesn’t know to do anything different.

Using this tragedy for political purposes.

“QUICK! How can we blame this on President Obama?”

“QUICK! How can we get Rep. Allen West to blame this on President Obama?”

Bill the “Falafel King” just can’t quit Sandra Fluke. I think he really loves her.

“QUICK! How can we get someone else to blame this on President Obama?”

“QUICK! How can we blame this on President Obama?”

Of course KKKarl Rove, aka Turd Blossom (that was George W Bush’s nickname for him. Really!),
will trash the POTUS, but will NEVER explain his $100,000,000.00 conflict of interest.

“QUICK! How can we blame this on President Obama? We can’t? Then we will blame it on the Nanny State. Close enough!”

No one airbrushes history like KKKarl Rove, who has still not admitted his $100,000,000.00 conflict of interest.

Using this tragedy to bash President Obama.

Using this tragedy to play politics AND bash President Obama.

How did your God like your Makris confession. Loofah Lad?


I’m sure when KKKarl Rove is done spinning this the only voters
President Obama will have left are welfare cheats and … oh wait!!!

“QUICK! How can we blame this on President Obama?”

I’d still rather have President Carter to a President Romney.
Yet, Fox “News” has NEVER pointed out all of the Mendacious Mitt gaffes from just this week.

Oh, lookie: Fox “News” finally found one poll that agrees with its viewpoint.

That sounds Fair and Balanced, doesn’t it?

“QUICK! How fast can we get Kraut the Hammer to blame this on President Obama?”

“QUICK! How can we blame this on President Obama?”

“QUICK! How fast can we find a newspaper to blame this on President Obama?”

This was an interview that Fox “News” wishes would go down the memory hole because Chris Walace disagreed
with the Foxy Friends on Fox and Friends and how they were framing the issue to bash President Obama.

Wake me up when Fox “News” decides to send out something positive to President Obama.


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