The Mark Koldys-Johnny Dollar Comment of the Day

It’s been one year since Mark Koldys, aka Johnny Dollar, exposed my alternative lifestyle at his sewer, and clearly he just can’t quit me. However, in typical high school bully-style, he’s accusing me of doing the very thing he’s actually doing himself.

[First off I’d like to thank my various friends, who alert me to all Mark Koldys’ latest nonsense, wherever and whenever it appears. Because I don’t have the time, energy, or inclination to keep up with his obsession, it’s nice to have people who care enough to look out for me.]

Is this the human model for Grumpy Cat?
Who would send me J$’s family pictures?

Here’s the latest controversy: Johnny Dollar, aka Mark Koldys, dropped this turd in the comment section of his own web site, even tho’ he claims his web site is all about CABLE NEWS TRUTH.

Our friend Aunty Headly apparently has some unusual cravings.

However, Mark Koldys must be freelancing again because there’s nothing about CABLE NEWS TRUTH in that facebook photo album he chose to share. In point of fact: Mark Koldys, or his #1 stalker and sycophant Ashley Graham, had to have been crawling all over my facebook pages (again) to discover what’s in my facebook photo albums.

After Mark Koldys shared the link with his Flying Monkey Squad, and after I was alerted to it, I mentioned it in passing on social media because it struck me funny. The stalker Mark Koldys immediately seized upon this offhand remark as some kind of sick win:

Bam! Less than 24 hours. Aunty has already acknowledged reading the above comment. We now know that Headly obsessively reads thru the comments on this website. Hey Aunty, thank you for reading J$P.

Wait!!! What??? It took my friend almost 24 hours to alert me of this? You’re fired!!!

However, it’s highly amusing that Mark Koldys and Ashley Graham dig into my every tweet, facebook status update, and photo album, but if I make note of their sick obsession in passing I am “obsessed, fixated, and possibly in need of professional help.

This is called “projection.”

And, on cue, the Flying Monkey Squad takes to Twitter to do their Frick and Frack comedy routine for 45 minutes:

No, I suggested it was stalking and cyber-bullying to post it as a comment on your CABLE NEWS TRUTH web site, Who’s obsessed again, Mark Koldys? Some days the Flying Monkey Squad spends hours passing tweets back and forth about me, but pretend I’m the one with the obsession in the very tweets they are obsessing about me. That’s one crazy meta-obsession.

However, credit where credit’s due: Heartfelt thanks to Mark Koldys (aka JohnnyDollar01 in the Twitterverse) and Ashley Graham for being my most faithful readers. Want to see crazy in action? Here’s a live Ashley Graham timeline. He’s clearly one crazy MoFo, but not as crazy as Mark Koldys, his enabler.


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Calling himself “A liberally progressive, sarcastically cynical, iconoclastic polymath,” Headly Westerfield has been a professional writer all his adult life.

9 thoughts on “The Mark Koldys-Johnny Dollar Comment of the Day

    1. They believe they have a good Frick and Frack act going. Don't spoil their illusions, Count.

      They think they're painting me as an enemy of the state.

      With all my love,
      J$'s crazy obsession,
      Aunty Em Ericann

  1. Ashley Graham is the obsessed moron who went first after "Patrick…," John T., Count Istvan, Jonathan, and yours truly.

    Ashley Graham's great vendetta started because I dragged out his horse boy Jeff Merrill for his trolling at Think Progress and Mediaite.

    3 years ago.

    Then he went after you. And Mark Koldys' dedicated cable-truth-news moderating allows this crap because it comes from his sycophants.

    Your Great Average American Patriot.

    1. Here's how crazy they are. In the beginning Aunty Em was accused of being The Count. Then Jonathan, then Patrick and even Jeffey. I was mysteriously called all these things when I arrived on the scene and, for the longest time, didn't know why. I didn't partake in any of that ugliness in the comment threads. I just wrote my articles for NewsHounds and tried to keep my head down.

      However, that's when the investigation into who I was began. It has yet to end. Yesterday, The Flying Monkey Squad was pouring over writings of mine from 10-15 years ago and publishing them as a new way to smear me.

      Of course, in the end, Aunty Em turned out to be none of those people that Mark Koldys and Ashley Graham accused her of being, as The Flying Monkey Squad actually proved when they exposed my nom de plume and alternative lifestyle.

      However, it just proves how wrong they've been over and over again. And, it also proves what kind of obsessive high school bullies they are, where they relentlessly attack the same targets year, after year, after year, but only in a forum where they control the playing field.

      With all my love,
      Johnny Dollar's Secret Lover (SHH!),
      Aunty Uncle Headly

    2. Yes.

      I remember you didn't want to partake on the bun fight.

      But this is how Ashley Graham tried to score points.

      He started taking hostages, figuratively, to avenge Jeff Merrill and Mark Koldys.

      Graham also dragged 3 other people I absolutely know nothing about them, because he found me out. In his phucking dreams.

      So, I don't know what kept him going and then taking Aunty Em hostage.

      I knew I was dealing with some functional phuckin retard when he went after those other people.

      Ashley Graham, and Mark Koldys lending support, need some serious mental help. They have been wrong for years. They are still wrong.

      And they don't get it.

      Your Great Average American Patriot.

  2. Well as a person who has dealt with Ashley I can tell you this, he is pure scum, his is a floater, he is what you flush down a toilet. He claims his wife is a psychologist, which might make sense she he needs 24 hours help. He has posted pics of my family, called my home and delved into my personal life as well. Which sadly was not my person life but my father who has passed away. Karma will get the boy/girl someday. As for Koldys his site has 4 sheep and if not for the certifiable Chimeri he would have maybe 4 posts a month. He post Fox News daily ratings as a badge of honor but seems to always worry about 3rd place MSNBC. He lets people like Blackfungus make racists post and is fine with it. But when I question it he bans me. His site is not about cable news its about us which we should all be honestly happy with.

    1. You don't say, Unknown?

      The Flying Monkey Squad seems to think I crossed some kind of ethical line by posting pictures of Mark Koldys posing with his family. He should be more worried about who shared those pics with me.

      But, they actually harassed your father by phone? Please, tell me more.

      Meanwhile, everyone who contacts me says a variation of the same thing: "Are those people certifiable?" Some of them are among Johnny Dollar's so-called followers. The Flying Monkey Squad is coming off as unhinged. Yesterday they dug up writing of mine that's 10-15 years old as a new way to smear me.

      Meanwhile, Grumpy Cat is hungry. I better post something on my facebook wall for him to dissect.

      With all my love,
      Johnny Dollar's man-crush,
      Aunty Headly

  3. When Ashley and Jeffy delved into my person lives they were using my deceased fathers personal information to attack me on reddit. They used names and addresses from my fathers personal record when for awhile when my parents we separated my father lived in a mobile home with a friend. The knew the address. I mean when they attacked me my father had been dead at least 3 years. Also when I questioned about Ashley using a picture of my kids as his avatar Koldys let him do it.


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