The Mark Koldys-Johnny Dollar Comment of the Day
Johnny Dollar, aka Mark Koldys,
when even his mother loved him.

Aunty Em’s spies are everywhere. Paid informants told me Greyhammy was tweeting about me again. Curiosity got the best of me. Hilarity ensues.

A reminder: Greyhammy is the miserable miscreant who pinched out the excremental turd that prompted me to write “Johnny Dollar Has Proven Himself To Be A Very Dangerous Person,” the post that launched this blog. Greyhammy had the bowel movement, but it took a real walking piece of shit named Johnny Dollar — aka Mark Koldys — to determine it was worth publishing online.

Mark Koldy as he was entering his Liberace
phase. The sparkly suit is still to come.

Johnny Dollar‘s rubric is CABLE NEWS TRUTH, but Greyhammy’s post had nothing to do with truth, or cable news for that matter. It was a nakedly blatant attempt to kill the messenger because Johnny Dollar has never liked the NewsHound message. Since I was NewsHounds’ most prolific writer, Johnny Dollar made the executive decision that in order to defend Fox “News” he had to destroy me. Nothing else explains why he would reveal my nom de plume (which was not a secret in the first place as hundreds of people knew it) along with outing my sex life. Happens every day in the Marketplace of Ideas, right?

So, when I heard Grayhammy and Johnny Dollar were at it again I have to admit to being curious, the same way one rubbernecks at a traffic accident. Greyhammy’s blocked me on Twitter like the fucking little coward he is, but that doesn’t stop him from tweeting about me. Nor does it stop me from seeing his pile of manure, so I really wonder what’s the point. No matter. This is what Greyhammy’s live Twitter feed looks like:

It took a while to figure out how I managed to come up in conversation (even if they didn’t use my name). It appears to have begun at 4:05PM February 9th with a tweet by Greyhammy:

However, I never called Paul Krugman a partisan hack. Therefore, Greyhammy is lying again. Or, and this is far more likely, he’s mixed me up with someone else AGAIN!!! Remember when the denizens of Johnny Dollar‘s sewer thought I was Jonathan? Remember when they thought I was Patrick? Remember when they thought I was Ferris? I can’t even remember all the various people they have accused me of being.

Johnny Dollar and his brain-dead sycophants come up with a Conspiracy Theory first and then work backwards to compile all the evidence they need to convince themselves of something that is simply not true. Yet, despite there being no truth to Greyhammy’s tweet, that was enough for him and Johnny Dollar to kick it around for over an hour and a half, concluding with:

Only a moron would believe Greyhammy. Step right up Mark Koldys. I challenge Mark Koldys, or his bum-licker Greyhammy, to prove I said Paul Krugman was a partisan hack. If either of them can prove this I will donate $5 million dollars to the non-profit Donald Trump Toupee Fund For Men.

Otherwise, they have just proven themselves to be fucking liars again. Here’s an oldie but goody from the Johnny Dollar archives:

Even a quack like Dr. Ablow would recognize this projection on the part of Mark Koldys, who has only one tactic to attack NewsHound writers. Don’t take my word for it. The evidence is all over his web site, for those with a strong enough stomach. I’m sure Dr. Ablow would concur with my lay diagnosis: Johnny Dollar is clearly a psychopath.

If you’re on facebook, don’t forget to join The Johnny Dollar Depreciation Society. It’s Dollarishious. And, to my Confidential Informant, the cheque is in the mail. Keep those cards and letters coming in.

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