The Mark Koldys-Johnny Dollar Comment of the Day
Grumpy Cat, aka Johnny
Dollar, aka Mark Koldys

The Flying Money Squad strikes again!!!  How low is it to FALSELY report someone to facebook for an abuse violation, when they are the one’s guilty of abuse in the first place?

Can you say HYPOCRISY? I knew you could.

Lest you forget, The Flying Monkey Squad is the group of sycophants who worship at the altar of Johnny Dollar, aka Mark Koldys, and kiss his ass. That’s why he has such a big ass.

All one really need know about Mark Koldys is that he is a Fox “News” Truther. That alone makes him a laughingstock to thinking people everywhere. Mark Koldys claims his web site is about CABLE NEWS TRUTH, but if he were being “cable truthful” he’d be attacking Fox “News” for its lies, not supporting it as a paragon of professional journalism.

However, this post is only about Mark Koldys tangentially. Koldys is the enabler of The Flying Monkey Squad. He not only eggs them on, but he provides a safe place for them to attack without being attacked in return. It has been this way for at least 8 years as The Flying Monkey Squad has falsely attacked people from NewsHounds, because they expose Fox “News” lies. In fact, that’s how I came onto their radar. And, because I have always refused to back down from their false criticisms, they decided that they had to destroy me. I told that story in the very first post on this blog: Johnny Dollar Has Proven Himself To Be A Very Dangerous Person.

More than a year later: Mark Koldys is proving that his Flying Monkey Squad is as dangerous as ever. They are not interested in honest political debate and require an unlevel playing field before they will attack. Safety in numbers and all that. Cowardly bullies and all that.


Last night I noticed that Ashley Graham, aka Grayhammy, showed up on the Johnny Dollar Depreciation Society facebook page and started shitting all over it again. It’s not the first time, but it will be the last time. My normal MO is to delete his messages as soon as they appear. However, last night I chose to let them stand for a while to see how abusive he would get. He didn’t disappoint, each comment was more offensive and abusive than the last.

Then another gent showed up. This (unnamed) gent has always told me that Ashley could be reasoned with if one treated him properly, so he tried. And tried. And tried. He tried many times last night to have a decent conversation with Ashley Graham, but eventually gave it up as a lost cause when he saw how his own words were being twisted to use against him. Privately he told me he was done trying to reason with people who were so unreasonable and he left.Later he posted this in a public forum:

All I was attempting to do was have reasonable conversation with Ashley. I was trying to set a respectful tone with him on how our cable news is covered today. I offered him the opportunity to talk with me privately where neither one of us would have home field advantage, back up or felt the need to impress others. Obviously he was only interested in being confrontational and it soon became apparent that it was a waste of time.

Eventually even I got bored of the game and deleted all of Grayhammy’s abusive comments.

Then I began deleting Grayhammy’s comments as soon as they arrived on the J$DS, at the rate of several per minute. They were arriving almost as fast as I could delete them. Finally after deleting DOZENS of crazy comments from GrayHammy, the head of The Flying Monkey Squad, I just chose to just ban his ass instead. There’s only so much abuse one can take.

In the interests of transparency I posted a message that I had finally tired of his shit and banned him from The Johnny Dollar Depreciation Society and attached the following screen capture:

What makes me laugh about this picture is that I plugged Mark Koldys’ college picture (the one on the upper left) into Google search and the Googlizer returned a whole bunch of lookalikes. Note the lookalike in the middle of the bottom row. Why Google thinks Johnny Dollar can be compared to infamous Nazi Josef Mengele is something you’ll have to ask Google. I don’t know. I do know why I would compare Mark Koldys and The Flying Monkey Squad to Nazis, however.

I thought banning Ashley Graham from the J$DS would FINALLY be the end of it. It was not to be.

I woke up this morning to discover that I was reported for ABUSE based on the screen capture above. Now, how sick and hypocritical is that? After well more than a year of almost non-stop abuse from The Flying Monkey Squad I finally ban Ashley Graham from my page, and I am falsely reported to facebook for abuse. What a crock.

Here’s my response to facebook this morning after discovering I have been given a 12 hour TIME OUT due to this FALSE report of abuse:

First, what you need to know is that this is all due to a difference of political opinion.

I once wrote for NewsHounds, a web site which exposes Fox “News” lies. These people are Fox “News” defenders. However, they won’t defend Fox “News” honestly and are using Facebook to do its dirty work for them by FALSELY reporting things as abuse, or as copyright violations, which is also something they have done in the past.

I was FALSELY reported for abuse last night ONLY after I finally blocked Ashley Graham from posting on one of my pages. He had been posting abuse towards me and Jim Thorpe for several hours on end at that point. I just I kept deleting his nonsense, one comment after another. After deleting dozens of offensive and abusive messages, I finally chose to BAN Ashley Graham instead. That’s the exact moment when I was reported for abuse.

Ironic, no? After I had endured hours of abuse and decided I didn’t have to take it any more, I was reported for abuse merely because I banned him from my page.

This is not the first time that Ashley Graham has been abusive to me and my friends. This is not the first time I have been falsely accused of abuse, or copyright violations where none exist, by those who are abusing me.

Facebook is being used to do their dirty work for them.

What bothers me is that Facebook does not look into the merits of a complaint. Facebook just reacts to the complaint. These people know that Facebook will react without investigating the merits of a complaint. In fact, it’s what they hope will happen when they FALSELY report abuse.

Let me repeat: Facebook is being used to do their dirty work for them. They cannot debate their political opinions in an honest manner, so they use your rules to FALSELY accuse people of abuse and copyright violations where none exist.

How does it feel to be used in this way?

I don’t know if facebook will lift my TIME OUT, or not. However, I thought I should go ON RECORD — once again — to show facebook how people are using its rules in a mendacious manner. TO BE FAIR: Mendacity is the only way The Flying Monkey Squad can win.

It’s not the first time these MoFos have FALSELY reported me to facebook. Check out the screen capture to the right.

It’s the height of hypocrisy to report that as a copyright violation because Mark Koldys has long used Ellen’s picture on his mendacious web site. He claimed it was FAIR GAME because he found the picture on the internet. Well, I found his family pictures on the internet, which should make them FAIR GAME as well, right? Of course not!!! There are different rules for Johnny Dollar and The Flying Monkey Squad.

In point of fact: Mark Koldys should care more about who decided to share his family pictures with me, as opposed to claiming copyright violations. That’s the fight I’d love to witness.

Another hypocritical thing to this entire contretemps is that Mark Koldys and Ashley Graham seem to think I broke some unwritten rule in the Politics of Personal Destruction™ by posting his family pictures. I didn’t realize there were any rules when one is playing the Politics of Personal Destruction™.

When Mark Koldys and Ashley Graham exposed my nom de plume and my sex life (a story told in Johnny Dollar Has Proven Himself To Be A Very Dangerous Person), I just naturally assumed all rules about decency went out the window. Exposing my nom de plume and sex life had NOTHING to do with CABLE NEWS TRUTH or our differences of political opinion. It was done merely in an attempt to destroy the messenger because they hated my message.

However, they seem to think that posting pictures from the Koldys Family Album is somehow beyond the pale? What sickness plagues these assholes that would even think this way? They honestly believe their shit don’t stink.

It must be noted I never attacked these MoFos until my post called Johnny Dollar Has Proven Himself To Be A Very Dangerous Person. Because I thought that Mark Koldys’ behaviour went WELL beyond the pale (as did several of his own sycophants, it must be noted) I chose to FINALLY fight back on my blog. Here’s all I do: I show them up for the mendacious hypocrites they are, using just their own words and actions, like I have done in this post.

While I need not lie about them to make them look foolish, they can only lie about me in response.

Every time I accuse these assholes of obsessive behaviour they come back to claim I am the one who is obsessed. I have never denied that. However, you’d be obsessed too after you found your sex life being splashed all over the innertubes and found yourself the subject of relentless and false attacks lasting several years. I want people to note: I only respond to those MoFos. I have never initiated an attack upon them. Furthermore I have ignored many attacks and only occasionally do I respond to their nonsense.

When will Mark Koldys come to realize that every time The Flying Monkey Squad tries to throw mud at me, he’s the only one who gets dirtied?

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8 thoughts on “The Mark Koldys-Johnny Dollar Comment of the Day

  1. I recently had to remove all my pics from Facebook because one of the IPs we know are tied to J$ was trying to get into my account, and the report was especially adamant about them wanting the photo that was my profile pic at the time. Apparently, what they got from the two I won't name wasn't enough, and Morty wasn't smart enough to grab more when he was on my account *with permission.* Was he a J$ alum, or just a troll? Did we ever solve that?

    Anyways, I'd call them sick fucks, but they're too stupid to be sick fucks.

    1. You must be a Dollarite. You know how I can tell? You just made up a fact not in evidence to ask your question. I never said that Johnny Dollar reported me to facebook. Read it again.

      However, who else would/could have reported me for abuse using a Mark Koldys/Josef Mengele comparison? Is somebody reporting abuse in his name? facebook only responds to a complaint, so someone must have complained.

      S'funny it happened after I finally tired of Grayhammy's constant attacks and blocked him from my page after DOZENS of abuses messages in just a few hours.

      Now go running back to the J$ sewer, where you can lie to your heart's content. Mark Koldys is a connoisseur of fine lies. After all, he supports Fox "News."

    2. Hey Ashley it's me Patrick, the one you obsess about. The one you think that is always posting at other sites..Why don't you debate me right here about Obama and how great he is…I will be waiting.

  2. Wow… just wow… where to start?

    As Marky himself jerks off with the daily demo figures, El Billdo's show and KKKlownnity ARE NOT NEWS. They are POLITICAL OPINION. Wingnut POLITICS.

    I am not kidding. I don't know WTF is wrong with Marky and his brood.

    Marky was defending the sht flinging Baboon Glenn Beck. Marky had it "in good authority" that the baboon was signing up more and more advertisers, sponsors for his show.

    A few years back, Marky devoted his obsession to Keith Olbermann. He created an "Olbermann manhood meter" and he measured every night. He kept measuring every night, after night, after night, until Keith was fired.

    But Keith's firing had nothing to do with Marky's bleating. None at all.

    That is the kind of sick fuck Mark Koldys is. Nothing is wrong in the Fox gNOpig universe. Nothing. Maybe Sean Hannity, which Marky has disdained here and there but not too openly.

    On a extremely rare occasion, I had the chance to corner the POS and asked him why, in the face of all evidence demonstrating Fox's lies, he keeps defending the Fox gNOpig Propaganda operation.

    "We don't discuss politics on my web site"

    Um… OK… how about personal destruction?

    It is my party and I will cry if I want to…
    It is my party and I will cry if I want to…
    It is my party and I will cry if I want to…

    Yours truly,

    Average American Patriot.

    1. AAP!!! LTNS!

      So nice of you to drop in and you're more than welcome to pop in any time and chime in.

      I forgot all about Marky's previous obsession: Keith Olbermann.

      I guess I should be honoured that they pay so much attention to my every innertube utterance. The Flying Monkey Squad is among my most faithful readers.

      Thanks for reading Not Now Silly, Mark Koldys, Ashley Graham and all te rest of The Flying Monkey Squad.

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