The Sunrise to Canton Road Trip For Research

Dear Readers: I am taking a road trip
north for some very deep research into one of my ongoing writing projects in a few weeks. I’ll be leaving Florida on June 11th and visiting folks along the way.

I’m calling this The Sunrise to Canton Road Trip For Research because the bulk of my research (although not all of it) will be in Canton, Michigan. I will also be dragging along my not-so-trusty laptop because — and I’m excited by this — I am in final negotiations to blog my trip for a popular Detroit area web site. Details to be announced. I also plan to blog some separate adventures here at Not Now Silly.

Canton, Michigan Fun Fact:
It has an Ikea.

A FUNTASTIC OFFER: While on this drive I will stop and visit you, provided you don’t live too far off the beaten track.
Message me privately if you’d like the full Aunty Em
experience. I already have 4 people who have signed up. There is still room for 1 or two more, depending on your location.

BUT WAIT!!! THAT’S NOT ALL!!! ANOTHER FUNTASTIC OFFER: Once I am in Michigan I will also be setting up a get-together for all my Detroit-area peeps at a local coffee shop. [Who am I kidding? It’ll be at a Starbucks.] Details to be announced. If you’d like to be kept informed, just let me know.

The return trip will begin on or about June 17th.

I have started testing out all my electronic equipment, making sure all these devices will talk to each other. So far, it’s not going well. I’m glad I started early.


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