To West Coconut Grove’s Continued Health

May 6, 2013 – Community Health of South Florida cut the ribbon on its spanking new Coconut Grove Health Center.

It was quite the celebration at 3831 Grand Avenue in West Grove as a tent — offering food and drink — was set up on the patio outside the state-of-the-art facility. The CGHC will offer comprehensive medical care on a sliding scale based on income and need.

It wasn’t all that long ago that the Helen B. Bentley Family Health Center had to close after 40 years of operation, serving some of Coconut Grove’s neediest folks. With so many thousands left in the lurch, the federal government awarded CHI a grant to open the Grand Avenue facility, as well as one on Sunset Drive in South Miami in June. Accordiing to Brodes Hartley, Jr., CHI President, “In these tough economic times we see a lot of people who simply do not have the money to seek medical attention and that shouldn’t be the case. There are times that some people can’t even pay the $25 co-pay and se still provide them with top quality care.”

Here’s to your health, Coconut Grove!

Panorama looking east along Grand Avenue towards Douglas, with the Coconut Grove Health Center on the left

A panorama of the festivities.



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  1. Good to see that you covered this as it is a great service for the people of West Grove.

    I wonder where the daily voice of the Grove was. Perhaps he couldn't be paid enough to attend.

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