Today In History – April 28 – Muhammad Ali
DATELINE 1967 – Muhammad Ali refuses induction into the U.S. Army as a Conscientious Objector. The former-Cassius Clay, Ali converted to Islam in 1964.  When Uncle Sam called him up he’s quoted to have said, “I ain’t got no quarrel with those Vietcong” and to prove it he refused to serve. He was stripped of his title, convicted of draft evasion, and sentenced to five years in prison.  Ali stayed out of jail on appeal and eventually the Supreme Court overturned his conviction and he went on to win more fights by hitting people he had a quarrel with.

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1 thought on “Today In History – April 28 – Muhammad Ali

  1. Oh he's hiding the fact that he was take to task by members of his own little cult for printing that piece of trash?
    But that's not what I came here to say. I came to say Ali is a true hero. I can remember my parents tutting over his actions and my Mom wondering if he was a Commie (she still talks about "Commies"). I was only 13 but old enough to appreciate the man standing up for what he believed in. Here's to you, Muhammad Ali.

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