Today’s Fox Snark ► Gretchen Carlson ► Updated with New Snark!!!

Following Fox “News” personalities on Twitter and facebook can be a never-ending source of amusement. Especially Gretchen Carlson.


Names have been called. I absolutely deny being an anal grammarian. I have made my own share of errors and typos over the years and, no doubt, you’ll find some here. We all make typos. Here’s what makes gretchen carlson’s messages stand out: the guests names are always in lower case, while more gets capitalized than absolutely necessary. Add to that all the other errors and following gretchen carlson is like following a Magical Metaphor™ for the Current State of Journalism in ‘Merka™.

Since the above, I also caught:

It’s not that she doesn’t know where the Caps Lock Key is. However, it’s only for corporations: NY Times, JP Morgan, Solyndra and Congress. Most ironically she can also capitalize Capitol Hill. Just not people.

Is gretchen carlson is trying to be the e.e.cummings of journalism???

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