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Something happened overnight. I don’t know what it was, but I’m delighted.

When I woke up early this morning Not Now Silly already had 230 hits since 8PM last night. Normally there is only some 30-50 hits overnight, with an average of 350-400 hits for an entire day. That’s why this morning’s number was such a surprise.

Nearly half of those hits (97) were for what I consider to be a very important post. “Did Roger Ailes Dupe James Rosen, Or Did Rosen Dupe ‘Merka?” actually breaks new news about Watergate, some 40 years after the fact. In this post I accuse Fox “News” Chief Washington Correspondent James Rosen of using his revisionist John Mitchell biography “The Strong Man” to cover up Richard Nixon’s treason. This treason is one of the lesser-known crimes of Tricky Dicky’s, which actually took place before he became president. While I only posted it in March, it’s become so popular with my readers that it already appears on my All Time Top Ten list at Number 6, leapfrogging my previous post that made fun of James Rosen — Aunty Em Ericann’s Bun Fight With James Rosen of Fox “News” — during the night.

The 2nd most popular post of the last 24 hours — but with only 1/3rd the number of hits as the Rosen post — is Another Magical Tee Vee Moment ► Barbara Walters ► Katherine Hepburn ► Trees, a small bit of silliness I posted exactly 1 year ago today. However, I promoted that archival post yesterday, so it garnering recent hits is not much of a surprise.

In 3rd place for the last 24 hours (as well 3rd for the entire week already) is my recent review of Howard Kaylan’s book SHELL SHOCKED; My Life With The Turtles, Flo & Eddie, and Frank Zappa, etc. … Howard liked the review enough to have promoted it several times on facebook and Twitter. Thanks, Howie! [He wouldn’t have an ulterior motive, would he?]

Rounding out Today’s Top Ten:

Musical Interlude ► Easy Star’s Lonely Hearts Dub Band
Day In History ► May 31, 1921 ► When Whites Went Crazy In Tulsa
Day In History ► Josephine Baker Born
Musical Appreciation ► Brian Jones [My All Time #1 blog post]
The Detroit Riots ► Unpacking My Detroit ► Part Five
The Sunrise to Canton Road Trip For Research
Fox “News” Spin Cycle ► Episode 34

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