Update to the Update to “The Parking Garage Is The Thing”

I finally received a reply from Miami-Dade country, answering my questions of Thursday last.

I said in my previous post I would post these answers should they differ from those I got through my source. While the answers are quite similar, there are some slight differences. Here is the unedited reply to my email:

1). How many parking spaces are currently anticipated in the Playhouse redevelopment?

The current proposal would accommodate 449 spaces.

2). How many residential units in the Playhouse redevelopment?

The current proposal includes 31 units.

3). Of these residential units, how many are for Playhouse staff (however that’s loosely defined) and how many are for sale?

Units are contemplated to be rentals, possibly affordable housing units, but final determination will be subject to development, operating and management agreements which are not in place yet. Please note that the plans presented to the Historic and Environmental Preservation Board are for the master plan for the site and include preliminary concepts for the disposition of the existing building and the planned development.  The conceptual plan will continue to be refined as the drawings are further developed and quantities/sizes are likely to change.

4). How large is restaurant in the Playhouse redevelopment? Number of seating?

The proposed retail and/or food and beverage areas are comprised of approximately 10,000 square feet (in 3 levels) in the front building and approximately 5,000 square feet of new space adjacent to the garage.

5). How many retail outlets? Will the entire frontage (the Main & Charles sections) be retail?

The space is planned for retail and/or food and beverage (see answer to #4) but no agreements are in place at this time. It is possible that these spaces may have one or more operators.

While these figures are similar to those I received on Monday, there are some differences and some added information. However, it’s anticipated that there will be many changes to all of this as time marches on.

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