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Headlines Du Jour ► Tuesday, December 3, 2013

While you have been sleeping the Not Now Silly news team was slipping and sliding the cyber-streets to bring back nothing but the best Headlines Du Jour. So, put on your bathrobe and slippers, pour yourself a cup of coffee, and settle in with the news you can use.


Affluent, white residents of south Baton Rouge
propose seceding from city’s poor, black northern areas

Three white college students file racial discrimination
complaint against professor over lesson on structural racism
One of the students allegedly asked professor Shannon Gibney, “Why do we have to talk about this?”


Students arrested on Main Street in court

Coach Defends Students Arrested at Bus Stop

Texas cops handcuff and take 13-year-old white girl from black guardians

Teen visiting Houston for dance classes taken into CPS custody


Kansas City firefighter shot dead at his wedding reception by off-duty police officer


The Rise Of Obamacare McCarthyism


Philly church bans member over LGBT activism:
‘You are not in covenant with us’


Fast-food workers plan strikes in 100 US cities this week

Low prices at Wal-Mart don’t have to mean low wages


Poll: Faithful Catholics are an endangered species
“Zero percent of British Catholics now look to religious leaders for guidance as they make decisions”


Slave artifacts found at Georgia highway project site


RNC Tries to Cover Tracks Over Tweet Saying Racism has Ended


Comedians Tell Pete Holmes About the Time
They Got Stoned and Went to a Fox News Taping

‘Fox And Friends’ Warns Of YMCA Swim Class For Muslim Girls

That HuffPo article provides the perfect opportunity to demonstrate how Johnny Dollar twists both the truth and the language to defend Fox “News”

Note Mark Koldy’s (aka Johnny Dollar) obvious deflection of Fox
“News” Islamophobia to a meaningless criticism of whether
@heatherfoxnews “lamented” and if she’s actually a F&F First host.

Maybe J$ is really a seal because it’s one red herring after another.

Who is Johnny Dollar? Here’s all you need to know:


 Johnny Dollar Has Proven Himself To Be A Very Dangerous Person


 Does Fox “News” Support Johnny Dollar?


GOP infighting rages: McConnell blasts
Tea Party group for “utter nonsense”

The Senate minority leader says it’s time for
Republicans to “stand up” to Tea Party intimidation


The AIDS Granny In Exile
In the ’90s, a gynecologist named Gao Yaojie exposed the horrifying cause of an AIDS epidemic in rural China — and the ensuing cover-up — and became an enemy of the state. Now 85, she lives in New York without her family, without her friends, and without regrets.


‘Bizarre behavior’ could be risk to Christie White House run


Doug Ford upset Kathleen Wynne is meeting with Norm Kelly
Premier Kathleen Wynne to bypass Mayor Rob Ford and meet Tuesday with his deputy, Norm Kelly, infuriating the mayor’s brother

Bill Blair has some explaining to do
It’s starting to look like the entire police investigation into the mayor may have been designed to embarrass him out of office

Toronto Mayor Rob Ford’s fibs about his record: Editorial
Toronto Mayor Rob Ford keeps misleading voters about his record.
He hasn’t transformed the city and doesn’t run it like a business.


The 5 most influential buildings in Toronto
Christopher Hume: From office towers to a university,
these structures put the city on the architectural map

Unpacking My Toronto ► Iconic Buildings I Have Worked In


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Farce Au Pain ► The Soft Launch


Tune in to Not Now Silly — Your Rest Stop on the Information Highway — on December 1st for the first thrill-packed chapter of Farce au Pain, the book I have been working on for quite some time. Enough is written (and edited) to begin serialization. 

serialize Farce au Pain? Because I like to compare myself to Charles
Dickens whenever possible. Dickens serialized his books and this struck me
as a good idea. Your mileage may vary.

So, be sure to check Not Now Silly — the Home of the Steam-Powered Word-0-Matic — on December 1st. Get in on the ground floor of what is promising to be an exciting blog adventure, especially if you are old enough to have lived through the times and events depicted.

To be continued . . .

Farce au Pain © 2013, Headly Westerfield

The Mark Koldys-Johnny Dollar Cyber-Bully Comments of the Day

Rebecca Sedwick, cyber-bullied to death

I’ve been thinking a lot about cyber-bullying lately, which should not be a surprise as I have been on the end of a cyber-bulling campaign that’s lasted for well more than a year.

However, cyber-bullying has also been on my mind because I have been reading about this horrible example of cyber-bullying in the New York Times, which led 12-year Rebecca Sedwick to commit suicide by jumping to her death.

In jumping, Rebecca became one of the youngest members of a growing list of children and teenagers apparently driven to suicide, at least in part, after being maligned, threatened and taunted online, mostly through a new collection of texting and photo-sharing cellphone applications. Her suicide raises new questions about the proliferation and popularity of these applications and Web sites among children and the ability of parents to keep up with their children’s online relationships.

For more than a year, Rebecca, pretty and smart, was cyberbullied by a coterie of 15 middle-school children who urged her to kill herself, her mother said. The Polk County sheriff’s office is investigating the role of cyberbullying in the suicide and considering filing charges against the middle-school students who apparently barraged Rebecca with hostile text messages. Florida passed a law this year making it easier to bring felony charges in online bullying cases.

“A coterie of 15 middle-school children.” Let that sink in for a moment.

Bullies were often bullied as children. Was little Mark
Koldys a victim in his childhood? That would explain a lot.
Hell, that sweater alone would be worth slapping him over.

Just like analog playground bullies, cyber-bullies don’t work alone. Bullies can’t work alone because bullies are, essentially, cowards, pure and simple. Bullies most often become bullies because they were bullied as children. When it becomes their turn to be the bully, they need the mob mentality to give them the courage needed to attack.

Which brings us full circle to my coterie of cyber-bullies: The Flying Monkey Squad.

The Flying Monkey Squad — and that would be primarily Mark Koldys, aka Johnny Dollar, and Ashley Graham, aka Grayhammy — needs the mob mentality to support their cruelty. And, make no mistake: Cruelty is the exact reason The Flying Monkey Squad exists. The mob mentality allows them to cackle and laugh at their latest, cruel attacks on whomever they decide is the Enemy of the Day.

Sadly, I am almost always Enemy of the Day. Nary a day goes by they don’t Tweet about me. Don’t believe me? Take a look at their Twitter feeds [Johnny Dollar & Grayhammy.] Looking at their feeds will demonstrate better than anything I could type how they act like a coterie of obsessed cyber-bullying 12-year old school girls.

Like 12-year old cyber-bullies, they pick and probe for a topic that will get a reaction. One day it’s teasing me that I can’t afford the Harry Nilsson Box Set because I mentioned casually on facebook that it was not in my budget. Duly noted by the Flying Monkey Squad, who used it as an attack.

Then later, when they didn’t get the reaction they were hoping for, they thought dissing Harry Nilsson might piss me off and bring me out. So, that’s why one day they spent hours calling Nilsson every name they could think of.

More silliness: You know how 12-year old girls will also make fun of people’s looks? That must be why The Flying Monkey Squad returns to the topic of my beard over and over again, because that’s how 12-year old girls attack. The Flying Monkey Squad even got James Rosen to make fun of my beard, which must make him 12-years old as well. You’d think that my laughing at all their beard bullshit — even to the point of creating a photo album on facebook, called My Beard Over The Years, filled with epic beards — would make them realize that I already know I have a beard and that their japes don’t bother me.

But, no. They even made fun of my beard again the other day — just like 12-year old girls would do. It clearly demonstrates their crazy obsession, because Bitstrips is just a bit of fun I have on my facebookery and neither Mark Koldys or Ashley Graham are among my facefriends. [In fact, they keep their facebook walls hidden.] However, because nothing gets by The Flying Monkey Squad (clearly my most faithful fans) even my facebook tomfoolery is not beneath their cyber-bullying. It’s HIGH-LARRY-US they’d spend any time tricking up an image. It’s HIGH-LARRY-US they think it’s a clever attack. But then, again, I’m dealing with 12-year old girls in The Flying Monkey Squad who are obsessed about my every facebook and Twitter utterance:

Because beards have now become a running joke between me and my facefriends, I couldn’t help but send out the following this morning:

Within minutes, because nothing I do or say ever gets by The Flying Monkey Squad, Ashley Graham replied:

It’s not the first time he’s gone for flea-infested either. Just like a 12-year old girl would. However, that’s not the funniest thing I discovered from Grayhammy this morning. This is:
Gee! Now he’s lying and denying writing about my alternative lifestyle?

There was a time, and not all that long ago either, when Ashley Graham was inordinately, and unjustifiably, proud of what he did to me. He even threatened to do it all over again after Johnny Dollar [Mark Koldys] had second thoughts and deleted that part of Ashley Graham’s screed. If he was so proud, why is he now denying it?

Maybe I’m reading his Tweet wrong. Maybe Grayhammy playing a game of semantics, making the distinction between having written about my alternative lifestyle and posting it, which was actually done by Mark Koldys, aka Fox “News” defender Johnny Dollar. And, why would Johnny Dollar post such a screed in the first place? Because I wrote for NewsHounds and that’s how he defends Fox “News.” Because Mark Koldys disagreed with my politics his Flying Monkey Squad set to destroy me. This is documented on the very first post on Not Now Silly: Johnny Dollar Has Proven Himself To Be A Very Dangerous Person.

There are times I actually wonder whether Mark Koldys, aka Johnny Dollar, is still happy that he opened this can of worms. I’m one of the only people who has ever stood up to his and his sycophants’ nonsense. I will continue to stand up to The Flying Monkey Squad and I won’t back down.

I would be willing to bet that when Mark Koldys really stops and thinks about it, he will have to admit that he made a serious mistake. He allowed himself to get caught up in the mob mentality of 12-year old girls and printed Ashley Graham’s screed without considering the larger ramifications. And, he’s still encouraging The Flying Monkey Squad cyber-bullying without thinking of the larger ramifications. Their every silly, cyber-bullying, 12-year old girlie tweet makes them look ridiculous to their followers. Furthermore, every time I publish something on my blog about Johnny
Dollar (Mark Koldys), more people come to realize what raging
psychopaths he and his little 12-year old girl buddies are. They could grow the fuck up, but I know they won’t.

How do I know? Because they’re not done with me yet. They have one more card to play. Lately The Flying Monkey Squad has been goading me for one reason and one reason alone: They are trying to get me to react and fly off the handle, which will allow them to publish a new esposé of me (and for all I know it’s already written).

Get this: The Flying Monkey Squad is preparing to reveal the name I was born with. They’ve already dropped hints about it.

Or, maybe those hints were the cyber-bully’s equivalent of a threat: Don’t mess with us or we’ll reveal all your secrets.

Which means these 12-year old girls, aka The Flying Monkey Squad, are not quite ready to admit they are cyber-bullies yet.

It’s also why I can accurately call The Flying Monkey Squad obsessive cyber-bullies. In the past The Flying Monkey Squad has tried to paint me as obsessive. But we all know the unvarnished truth — The Flying Monkey Squad more than any. I didn’t start this and my desire to stand up to the cyber-bullying from Mark Koldys and Ashley Graham has nothing to do with obsession and everything to do with
exacting revenge. Who will stop first?

Mark Koldys used to be a Michigan prosecutor and this is what he is reduced to in his dotage? Acting no better than a coterie of 12-year old cyber-bullying girls. With every passing day his The Flying Monkey Squad proves its sick obsession by sneaking into my
private life, revealing details of that life, collecting everything I
say on social media, and regurgitating it in the ugliest way possible. It’s as true today as it was over a year ago: Johnny Dollar Has Proven Himself To Be A Very Dangerous Person.

Clich here and read more about Johnny Dollar. Hilarity ensues.

The Flying Monkey Squad Strikes Again & Again

Mark Koldys is the phat phucking psychopath on the far right

I call them the Flying Monkey Squad, but they actually have actual names: Mark Koldys, aka Johnny Dollar, and Ashley Graham, aka Grayhammy. 

[Sadly] I have been writing about these supreme creeps since the very first post on this blog called, appropriately enough, Johnny Dollar Has Proven Himself To Be A Very Dangerous Person. Since that was published just over a year ago, Mark Koldys and Ashley Graham have proven — time and time again — they just can’t to quit me. It’s an addiction with these two MoFos. I am their crack and they just can’t stop hitting on the pipe.

I go about my merry life — such as it is — ignoring The Flying Monkey Squad as best I can. However, from time to time friends message me, “Hey have you seen the latest from the Koldys Kiddie Korner?” Sometimes I take a look, but I certainly don’t reply to every provocation because it’s a daily thing with these nut bars. Not a single day goes by that they don’t reference me on Twitter. There have been many days they spend HOURS in a Twitter circle jerk all about me. Please, as Glenn Beck would say, don’t take my word for it. Feel free to check the Twitter feeds for both Johnny Dollar  and Grayhammy. I suppose I should be flattered at the daily attention, but it’s really creepy, stalking behaviour.

Sickness is as sickness does.

TRIVIA: Mark Koldys [seated], the undisputed Wicked Witch leader of
The Flying Monkey Squad, was the original human model for Grumpy Cat

BTW: I find their Twitter bios to be HIGH-LARRY-US!!! Johnny Dollar proudly proclaims himself, “Blogger on all things cable news and your source for the truth about the Fox News Channel.” Yet, all intelligent people know the truth about the Fox “News” Channel: Most! Mendacious!! Network!!! Ever!!!!

What does it say about Mark Koldys that he has made it his life’s work to defend the indefensible? That he does so with misdirection, red herrings, and deliberate twisting of words taken out of context only means he’s learned well from the Roger Ailes School of Broadcasting.

Ashley Graham’s Twitter bio is even funnier, if that’s possible. Grayhammy claims to be “More of an expert on Canadian Broadcasting than someone else I know!” which is a direct reference to me. Why he’d turn over his biography to me, and leave it that way for a year, is really a subject fit for a trained psychiatrist. “Some people say” Ashley Graham’s wife is a psychologist. If that’s true: Can you take a look into your husband’s crazy behaviour? Ashley Graham has now demonstrated a repeated pattern that can only be put down as part of an Obsessive/Compulsive Disorder. I’m not the only one. His worship of and service to Mark Koldys has people all over the internet accusing him of invading their privacy. What’s up with that?

As I was saying . . . I let the Flying Monkey Squad idiocy build up until I have enough material for a Not Now Silly blog post, exposing their supreme ignorance and their crazy cyber-stalking behaviour. Then I’ll write up something about those assholes and post it here. Which is why I already have a series of posts about Johnny Dollar and his Flying Monkey Squad. Read ’em all; trade ’em with your friends.

Which explains why I ignored their provocation of July 10, 2013, in which Johnny Dollar accused me of stealing his credit card information to commit theft. I know!!! I didn’t believe it either, but here it is as a screen capture from the Mark Koldys shit-hole of a web site:

Actual screen capture from an actual shit-hole of a web site

Note the interesting language: “someone poked and prodded into my background.” Gee, Koldys, projection much??? That’s all The Flying Monkey Squad has done with me: poke and prod into my background. Exposing my sex life on the internet was the result of all their poking and prodding. Johnny Dollar Has Proven Himself To Be A Very Dangerous Person was my reply. And, the crazy Merry-Go-Round continues.

I ignored this July 10th provocation for two reasons:

1). It’s not a good idea to respond to the crazies too often, lest they begin to get the mistaken impression that they are important. Since I had already written about these assholes on June 21st, I wanted some more time to pass before I returned to the subject of the Walking Turds Who Stalk Me On The Internet™. Not Now Silly is not about them and their obsessions. It’s all about me and my obsessions.

2). I was actually hoping Koldys would come out and definitively accuse me of stealing his credit card info so I could sue his fat, sorry ass. However, he’s too much of a coward to actually come out and say it, so he hints about it in a roundabout, douchebaggy way. Two of my friends recognized that he was talking about me and alerted me to the post. Therefore, it’s not terribly well disguised, whether it’s actionable or not.

So, while I was studiously ignoring being called a credit card scam artist, I was alerted to this yesterday by one of my favourite fans. [You know who you are.] Here is another example of The Flying Monkey Squad’s finely-tuned sense of humour:

TO BE FAIR: Ashley Graham was merely responding out of anger on behalf of Johnny Dollar, his Wicked Witch of the West. You can imagine how that conversation may have gone. Watch:

TO BE FAIR: In my recent post Where Did July Go? ► Unpacking The Writer I tweaked their nose. I showed a screen capture of a Google image search of “Flying Monkey Squad” and said it was the best new thing on the internet.

Ashley proved me right by attacking me the very next day, which also proves what I have been saying all along: The Flying Monkey Squad are my most faithful readers. It took Grayhammy almost no time at all to: 

  1. Read my blog post; 
  2. Realize that a Google image search for “Flying Monkey Squad” brings up pictures of Johnny Dollar; 
  3. Do a Google image search for Headly Westerfield; 
  4. Grab the first pic he finds, from a Spanish language web site
  5. Trick up his sophomoric little graphic; 
  6. Tweet it out; 
  7. So that he and Johnny Dollar can have a little jerk-off about it.

Yuck, yuck, yuck, yuck. Then, after Johnny Dollar and Grayhammy have their daily circle jerk, they can sit back sated. Their Twitter-post-orgasmic bliss will tide them over until the next time they feel the need to cyber-stalk and cyber-attack me. Sickness is as sickness does.

However, d’ya want funny?  A Google image search of “Headly Westerfield” brings up almost as many images of Mark Koldys as it does of me. I’m making Johnny Dollar famous no matter what term you search.

It’s time to grow the fuck up, Koldys. Defending Fox “News” will only take human garbage so far.

Where Did July Go? ► Unpacking The Writer

As July almost comes to a close, it’s time to look back on what has been an especially exciting month for me. A website I read and respect has seen fit to publish a few of my articles this month. 

My more faithful readers may have already found Why Florida’s Stand Your Ground Law Has Got To Go and Detroit is the New Conservative Wet Dream over at PoliticusUSA. If you’ve not been over there, take a look and let me know what you think. Thanks go to Managing Editor Sarah Jones who recognized my writing ability. While I will still keep updating Not Now Silly several times a week, I will also be freelancing for other publications, such as PoliticusUSA. I already know this writer/editor relationship won’t be the total disaster WebVee Guide turned out to be.

However, by far the best new thing on the internet this month — maybe the entire year — is what happens when you plug “Flying Monkey Squad” into the Googalizer Image Search Engine:

For the uninitiated, The Flying Monkey Squad™ is the name I’ve given to Mark Koldys, aka Johnny Dollar, Ashley Graham, aka Grayhammy, and the entire crew of J$’s ass-kissing sychophants. I don’t know of any of those fancy, schmancy SEO tricks, but clearly I must be doing something right.

Facts & Figures: Top Ten for July

Another thing I must be doing right is delivering words people want to read. The Top 10 for the month are, for the most part, blog posts I’m quite proud of. You can compare how this month stacks up with my All Time Top Ten by taking a gander at the column on the right.

The Top Ten For July

  1. The Detroit Riots ► Unpacking My Detroit ► Part Five
  2. Another Dispatch From Detroit, ‘Merka’s First Throwaway City
  3. Loofah Lad’s Attack Dog Jesse Watters Attacks LGBT Folk
  4. The First Three Stooges ► Nostalgia Ain’t What It Used To Be
  5. Brian Jones ► A Musical Appreciation [My all time most popular post]
  6. No Skin In The Game ► Part One
  7. How Jamaica Conquered The World ► The Day I Met Bob Marley
  8. Happy Birthday Doc Pomus ► A Musical Appreciation
  9. The Case of the Growing Child ► Perry Mason and Me
  10. Dance Music To Change The World ► Happy Birthday Nelson Mandela

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Advertising makes the world go round.

The Mark Koldys-Johnny Dollar Comment of the Day

Grumpy Cat, aka Johnny
Dollar, aka Mark Koldys

The Flying Money Squad strikes again!!!  How low is it to FALSELY report someone to facebook for an abuse violation, when they are the one’s guilty of abuse in the first place?

Can you say HYPOCRISY? I knew you could.

Lest you forget, The Flying Monkey Squad is the group of sycophants who worship at the altar of Johnny Dollar, aka Mark Koldys, and kiss his ass. That’s why he has such a big ass.

All one really need know about Mark Koldys is that he is a Fox “News” Truther. That alone makes him a laughingstock to thinking people everywhere. Mark Koldys claims his web site is about CABLE NEWS TRUTH, but if he were being “cable truthful” he’d be attacking Fox “News” for its lies, not supporting it as a paragon of professional journalism.

However, this post is only about Mark Koldys tangentially. Koldys is the enabler of The Flying Monkey Squad. He not only eggs them on, but he provides a safe place for them to attack without being attacked in return. It has been this way for at least 8 years as The Flying Monkey Squad has falsely attacked people from NewsHounds, because they expose Fox “News” lies. In fact, that’s how I came onto their radar. And, because I have always refused to back down from their false criticisms, they decided that they had to destroy me. I told that story in the very first post on this blog: Johnny Dollar Has Proven Himself To Be A Very Dangerous Person.

More than a year later: Mark Koldys is proving that his Flying Monkey Squad is as dangerous as ever. They are not interested in honest political debate and require an unlevel playing field before they will attack. Safety in numbers and all that. Cowardly bullies and all that.


Last night I noticed that Ashley Graham, aka Grayhammy, showed up on the Johnny Dollar Depreciation Society facebook page and started shitting all over it again. It’s not the first time, but it will be the last time. My normal MO is to delete his messages as soon as they appear. However, last night I chose to let them stand for a while to see how abusive he would get. He didn’t disappoint, each comment was more offensive and abusive than the last.

Then another gent showed up. This (unnamed) gent has always told me that Ashley could be reasoned with if one treated him properly, so he tried. And tried. And tried. He tried many times last night to have a decent conversation with Ashley Graham, but eventually gave it up as a lost cause when he saw how his own words were being twisted to use against him. Privately he told me he was done trying to reason with people who were so unreasonable and he left.Later he posted this in a public forum:

All I was attempting to do was have reasonable conversation with Ashley. I was trying to set a respectful tone with him on how our cable news is covered today. I offered him the opportunity to talk with me privately where neither one of us would have home field advantage, back up or felt the need to impress others. Obviously he was only interested in being confrontational and it soon became apparent that it was a waste of time.

Eventually even I got bored of the game and deleted all of Grayhammy’s abusive comments.

Then I began deleting Grayhammy’s comments as soon as they arrived on the J$DS, at the rate of several per minute. They were arriving almost as fast as I could delete them. Finally after deleting DOZENS of crazy comments from GrayHammy, the head of The Flying Monkey Squad, I just chose to just ban his ass instead. There’s only so much abuse one can take.

In the interests of transparency I posted a message that I had finally tired of his shit and banned him from The Johnny Dollar Depreciation Society and attached the following screen capture:

What makes me laugh about this picture is that I plugged Mark Koldys’ college picture (the one on the upper left) into Google search and the Googlizer returned a whole bunch of lookalikes. Note the lookalike in the middle of the bottom row. Why Google thinks Johnny Dollar can be compared to infamous Nazi Josef Mengele is something you’ll have to ask Google. I don’t know. I do know why I would compare Mark Koldys and The Flying Monkey Squad to Nazis, however.

I thought banning Ashley Graham from the J$DS would FINALLY be the end of it. It was not to be.

I woke up this morning to discover that I was reported for ABUSE based on the screen capture above. Now, how sick and hypocritical is that? After well more than a year of almost non-stop abuse from The Flying Monkey Squad I finally ban Ashley Graham from my page, and I am falsely reported to facebook for abuse. What a crock.

Here’s my response to facebook this morning after discovering I have been given a 12 hour TIME OUT due to this FALSE report of abuse:

First, what you need to know is that this is all due to a difference of political opinion.

I once wrote for NewsHounds, a web site which exposes Fox “News” lies. These people are Fox “News” defenders. However, they won’t defend Fox “News” honestly and are using Facebook to do its dirty work for them by FALSELY reporting things as abuse, or as copyright violations, which is also something they have done in the past.

I was FALSELY reported for abuse last night ONLY after I finally blocked Ashley Graham from posting on one of my pages. He had been posting abuse towards me and Jim Thorpe for several hours on end at that point. I just I kept deleting his nonsense, one comment after another. After deleting dozens of offensive and abusive messages, I finally chose to BAN Ashley Graham instead. That’s the exact moment when I was reported for abuse.

Ironic, no? After I had endured hours of abuse and decided I didn’t have to take it any more, I was reported for abuse merely because I banned him from my page.

This is not the first time that Ashley Graham has been abusive to me and my friends. This is not the first time I have been falsely accused of abuse, or copyright violations where none exist, by those who are abusing me.

Facebook is being used to do their dirty work for them.

What bothers me is that Facebook does not look into the merits of a complaint. Facebook just reacts to the complaint. These people know that Facebook will react without investigating the merits of a complaint. In fact, it’s what they hope will happen when they FALSELY report abuse.

Let me repeat: Facebook is being used to do their dirty work for them. They cannot debate their political opinions in an honest manner, so they use your rules to FALSELY accuse people of abuse and copyright violations where none exist.

How does it feel to be used in this way?

I don’t know if facebook will lift my TIME OUT, or not. However, I thought I should go ON RECORD — once again — to show facebook how people are using its rules in a mendacious manner. TO BE FAIR: Mendacity is the only way The Flying Monkey Squad can win.

It’s not the first time these MoFos have FALSELY reported me to facebook. Check out the screen capture to the right.

It’s the height of hypocrisy to report that as a copyright violation because Mark Koldys has long used Ellen’s picture on his mendacious web site. He claimed it was FAIR GAME because he found the picture on the internet. Well, I found his family pictures on the internet, which should make them FAIR GAME as well, right? Of course not!!! There are different rules for Johnny Dollar and The Flying Monkey Squad.

In point of fact: Mark Koldys should care more about who decided to share his family pictures with me, as opposed to claiming copyright violations. That’s the fight I’d love to witness.

Another hypocritical thing to this entire contretemps is that Mark Koldys and Ashley Graham seem to think I broke some unwritten rule in the Politics of Personal Destruction™ by posting his family pictures. I didn’t realize there were any rules when one is playing the Politics of Personal Destruction™.

When Mark Koldys and Ashley Graham exposed my nom de plume and my sex life (a story told in Johnny Dollar Has Proven Himself To Be A Very Dangerous Person), I just naturally assumed all rules about decency went out the window. Exposing my nom de plume and sex life had NOTHING to do with CABLE NEWS TRUTH or our differences of political opinion. It was done merely in an attempt to destroy the messenger because they hated my message.

However, they seem to think that posting pictures from the Koldys Family Album is somehow beyond the pale? What sickness plagues these assholes that would even think this way? They honestly believe their shit don’t stink.

It must be noted I never attacked these MoFos until my post called Johnny Dollar Has Proven Himself To Be A Very Dangerous Person. Because I thought that Mark Koldys’ behaviour went WELL beyond the pale (as did several of his own sycophants, it must be noted) I chose to FINALLY fight back on my blog. Here’s all I do: I show them up for the mendacious hypocrites they are, using just their own words and actions, like I have done in this post.

While I need not lie about them to make them look foolish, they can only lie about me in response.

Every time I accuse these assholes of obsessive behaviour they come back to claim I am the one who is obsessed. I have never denied that. However, you’d be obsessed too after you found your sex life being splashed all over the innertubes and found yourself the subject of relentless and false attacks lasting several years. I want people to note: I only respond to those MoFos. I have never initiated an attack upon them. Furthermore I have ignored many attacks and only occasionally do I respond to their nonsense.

When will Mark Koldys come to realize that every time The Flying Monkey Squad tries to throw mud at me, he’s the only one who gets dirtied?

The Mark Koldys-Johnny Dollar Comment of the Day

A thread from Johnny Dollar’s CABLE NEWS TRUTH sewer on my birthday

The Flying Monkey Squad™ is at it again. 

The Flying Monkey Squad™ has, once again, started with an observation and, working backwards, created another Bogus Conspiracy Theory™. Then Johnny Dollar, aka Mark Koldys, allows the use of his sewer about CABLE NEWS TRUTH to disseminate their bullshit.

Wash, rinse, repeat. It’s the same old pattern I’ve put up with for the last year of obsessive cyber-stalking by The Flying Monkey Squad™.

It’s so nice that The Flying Monkey Squad thinks I am important enough to continue to cyber-stalk. You’d have thought li’l ol’ me wouldn’t be worth their time, but they just can’t quit me.

Who is obsessed? They claim it’s me. I say it’s them. Who you gonna believe?

Take a look: Ashley Graham, aka Grayhammy, is quoting my emails from 10 years ago and making unfounded assumptions about it. He also quotes an exchange from somewhere with Johnny Dollar, aka Mark Koldys, from 2011. Check out that obsession!!! The NSA could use a few pointers from Ashley Graham on obsessive cyber-stalking.

Yet, this is his latest feeble attempt to discredit me.

That MoFo Grayhammy has proven once again that he simply doesn’t understand how a nom de plume works. I created the character of Aunty Em Ericann SEVERAL YEARS before I was approached to write for NewsHounds. When I started writing for NewsHounds, I simply kept the nom de plume. Using a nom de plume to write under is not a lie, just ask A.A. Fair. In fact, in today’s political climate it might be wise to use a nom de plume, right (he asks of the piece of shit hiding behind the sock puppet) Grayhammy?

Case in point: Ashley Graham and Mark Koldys tried to discredit me as a NewsHound writer by exposing my sex life. They sweep that inconvenient fact under the carpet. Exposing my sex life and Aunty Em’s nom de plume proves why a political writer would need a nom de plume in this age of personal destruction, a tactic at which The Flying Monkey Squad™ excels.

Grayhammy claims, without proof, that I lied to my family and friends when I created the performance artist I named Aunty Em. Several hundred people knew I was Aunty Em, including my family, my friends, and Flo and Eddie, among many others. How much of a secret could it really be? Whenever I called up contacts for NewsHound research I’d introduce myself as “Headly Westerfield, writing for NewsHounds under the name of Aunty Em.” AGAIN: How much of a secret could it really be?

The Flying Monkey Squads™ conspiracy theory falls apart right there. They know that, of course. Which is why they know they are lying about me when they continue to bring it up.

Having said all that: Johnny Dollar continues to prove that he is the enabler, and often instigator, of the The Flying Monkey Squad™. I cut enablers no slack. I wonder why a grown man — a former Michigan prosecutor — would act that way. I’m sure his parents taught him better than that.

Above: a mother’s adoring eyes.
Far left, Grumpy Cat, aka Mark Koldys, aka Johnny Dollar, the fearless leader of The Flying Monkey Squad. You’d have thought his mother (pictured here with Brother Bruce and brother Ken) and father would have taught him to not be such a mendacious piece of shit.

I need to point out that Grayhammy also drags Patrick into his discussion.
What’s so HIGH-LARRY-US about that is for the longest time The Flying Monkey Squad™ kept
accusing Aunty Em of being this person named Patrick, along with dozens of other sock
puppets, even tho’ the only name I was using online at that point was Aunty Em. When The Flying Monkey Squad™ finally exposed Aunty Em’s identity they also proved I
wasn’t Patrick. Or have they? Bwah-ha-ha!!!

Regardless, now I am being
accused of directing this Patrick — telling him what to say. Aside from a few exchanges on various
forums on the innertubes, I don’t know Patrick. Nor do I tell him what
to tweet. From what I have seen of Patrick’s tweets, nobody tells him what to tweet. He tweets what he wants to tweet
and much of it is unpleasant. But, I have no connection to Patrick. I
never have. Nor do I feel a need to denounce someone I do not know. However, The Flying Monkey Squad™ loves to play guilt by

LAUGH OF THE DAY: “You’ve inspired a hammytweet.” And, sure enough, as if on cue, there was a hammytweet tweet about Chicolinis:

I can’t wait to see what chicken entrails Johnny Dollar, aka Mark Koldys, Grayhammy, and the rest of The Flying Monkey Squad™ examine next to come up with their next Bogus Conspiracy Theory™ concerning me. Sadly I am leaving for my Sunrise to Canton Road Trip For Research first thing in the morning, so I may not be able to see what those assholes get up to for the next few days.* However, you can bet it will be a doozy. Hilarity ensues.

* h/t to my innertube tipster. You know who you are.



The Mark Koldys-Johnny Dollar Comment of the Day

The original Grumpy Cat, Mark Koldys

A sincere h/t to my innertube buddy (who wishes to remain anonymous) who always feels the need to fill me in whenever the Flying Monkey Squad™ — Mark Koldys and Ashley Graham — gets to tweeting about me again. 

I don’t see these gems on my Twitter feed because I blocked The Flying Monkey Squad a year ago. Their circle jerks are boring and predictable.

However, every once in a while my electronic friend suggests I take a look. It’s usually worth a glance to see what my Cyber-Stalking Bullies are up to. It’s just not always worth writing about.

However, the most recent links sent to me demonstrate — once again — several things I have already pointed out, but bear repeating:

  • These crazy MoFos are truly obsessed with me. The Flying Monkey Squad could very well be my most faithful followers, and I have some pretty rabid followers;
  • My tweets and facebook postings are poured over, examined, and dissected. Then they are spit back out by the Flying Monkey Squad, as twisted as a Bush-choking pretzel;
  • There’s nothing too trivial that the Flying Monkey Squad won’t use to distort, twist, and lie in order to try and smear me;
  • Mark Koldys, aka Johnny Dollar, enables and cheers on Ashley Graham by retweeting just about every lie he sends out about me;
  • When they retweet me, or discuss me, I pick up a few new followers. Thanks for the free promotion, boys;
  • These people are truly sick fucks who will now accuse me of being obsessed because I have — once again — documented their Cyber-Stalking obsession.

Here is one of Wednesday’s tweets (there were several others in the same vein) in which I am accused of supporting child rape because I happen to support Kate, the young lady in Florida who was charged after she turned 18 with sex crimes at the insistence of her lover’s parents, upset at her lesbianism:

I’d rather be a Fox “News” Hater than a Fox “News” Defender, like Mark Koldys, aka Johnny Dollar. To have to defend Fox “News” for its daily lies must be soul crushing. Unless one has no soul, which may very well be why Mark Koldys can do it for years on end.

As he always does, if he bothers to defend himself at all, Ashley Graham, aka GrayHammy, will say, “Hey! What? Me? I’m just asking questions.”

Here’s a question: Is Ashley Graham a confessed pedophile, or was that Blackflon? I always forget. Either way, Mark Barnard is just another member of The Flying Monkey Squad and they all support each other like any group of psychopathic sycophants who feed off each other. Think Manson Family with computers instead of knives.

Here’s one of Thursday’s tweets. Note how my pathetic little joke about Jack Webb and Neil Cavuto is turned against me:

What does my sex life or my facebook pics or my
tweets have to do with CABLE NEWS TRUTH?

This simply proves, once again, that there’s no comment of mine too trivial for Ashley Graham and Mark Koldys to twist. No low to which they won’t go in order. No lie they won’t concoct. No words they won’t mischaracterize. No decency they won’t vitiate. Over the past year The Flying Monkey Squad has continued to prove — over and over again — what I wrote in the very first post on the Not Now Silly blog: Johnny Dollar Has Proven Himself To Be A Very Dangerous Person.

Grumpy Cat Mark Koldys

Every time Mark Koldys’ Flying Monkey, Ashley Graham, flings poo, most of the shit winds up on Mark Koldys. I love the irony.

Oh, BTW: Have you ever seen this memo in which Mark Koldys supports well-known religious nutcase Pat Robertson for president? In this memo Mark Koldys alleges an evil, dark conspiracy on the part of Jack Kemp to steal the nomination for George Bush. Oddly enough this secret, hush hush, confidential memo got right back to Jack Kemp because this copy was released by Kemp’s office:

Actual memo from Mark Koldys supporting religious nut Pat “Homos Cause Hurricanes” Robertson for POTUS

Further reading on Now Now Silly

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The Mark Koldys-Johnny Dollar Comment of the Day

It’s been one year since Mark Koldys, aka Johnny Dollar, exposed my alternative lifestyle at his sewer, and clearly he just can’t quit me. However, in typical high school bully-style, he’s accusing me of doing the very thing he’s actually doing himself.

[First off I’d like to thank my various friends, who alert me to all Mark Koldys’ latest nonsense, wherever and whenever it appears. Because I don’t have the time, energy, or inclination to keep up with his obsession, it’s nice to have people who care enough to look out for me.]

Is this the human model for Grumpy Cat?
Who would send me J$’s family pictures?

Here’s the latest controversy: Johnny Dollar, aka Mark Koldys, dropped this turd in the comment section of his own web site, even tho’ he claims his web site is all about CABLE NEWS TRUTH.

Our friend Aunty Headly apparently has some unusual cravings.

However, Mark Koldys must be freelancing again because there’s nothing about CABLE NEWS TRUTH in that facebook photo album he chose to share. In point of fact: Mark Koldys, or his #1 stalker and sycophant Ashley Graham, had to have been crawling all over my facebook pages (again) to discover what’s in my facebook photo albums.

After Mark Koldys shared the link with his Flying Monkey Squad, and after I was alerted to it, I mentioned it in passing on social media because it struck me funny. The stalker Mark Koldys immediately seized upon this offhand remark as some kind of sick win:

Bam! Less than 24 hours. Aunty has already acknowledged reading the above comment. We now know that Headly obsessively reads thru the comments on this website. Hey Aunty, thank you for reading J$P.

Wait!!! What??? It took my friend almost 24 hours to alert me of this? You’re fired!!!

However, it’s highly amusing that Mark Koldys and Ashley Graham dig into my every tweet, facebook status update, and photo album, but if I make note of their sick obsession in passing I am “obsessed, fixated, and possibly in need of professional help.

This is called “projection.”

And, on cue, the Flying Monkey Squad takes to Twitter to do their Frick and Frack comedy routine for 45 minutes:

No, I suggested it was stalking and cyber-bullying to post it as a comment on your CABLE NEWS TRUTH web site, Who’s obsessed again, Mark Koldys? Some days the Flying Monkey Squad spends hours passing tweets back and forth about me, but pretend I’m the one with the obsession in the very tweets they are obsessing about me. That’s one crazy meta-obsession.

However, credit where credit’s due: Heartfelt thanks to Mark Koldys (aka JohnnyDollar01 in the Twitterverse) and Ashley Graham for being my most faithful readers. Want to see crazy in action? Here’s a live Ashley Graham timeline. He’s clearly one crazy MoFo, but not as crazy as Mark Koldys, his enabler.


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