The Mark Koldys-Johnny Dollar Comment of the Day
A thread from Johnny Dollar’s CABLE NEWS TRUTH sewer on my birthday

The Flying Monkey Squad™ is at it again. 

The Flying Monkey Squad™ has, once again, started with an observation and, working backwards, created another Bogus Conspiracy Theory™. Then Johnny Dollar, aka Mark Koldys, allows the use of his sewer about CABLE NEWS TRUTH to disseminate their bullshit.

Wash, rinse, repeat. It’s the same old pattern I’ve put up with for the last year of obsessive cyber-stalking by The Flying Monkey Squad™.

It’s so nice that The Flying Monkey Squad thinks I am important enough to continue to cyber-stalk. You’d have thought li’l ol’ me wouldn’t be worth their time, but they just can’t quit me.

Who is obsessed? They claim it’s me. I say it’s them. Who you gonna believe?

Take a look: Ashley Graham, aka Grayhammy, is quoting my emails from 10 years ago and making unfounded assumptions about it. He also quotes an exchange from somewhere with Johnny Dollar, aka Mark Koldys, from 2011. Check out that obsession!!! The NSA could use a few pointers from Ashley Graham on obsessive cyber-stalking.

Yet, this is his latest feeble attempt to discredit me.

That MoFo Grayhammy has proven once again that he simply doesn’t understand how a nom de plume works. I created the character of Aunty Em Ericann SEVERAL YEARS before I was approached to write for NewsHounds. When I started writing for NewsHounds, I simply kept the nom de plume. Using a nom de plume to write under is not a lie, just ask A.A. Fair. In fact, in today’s political climate it might be wise to use a nom de plume, right (he asks of the piece of shit hiding behind the sock puppet) Grayhammy?

Case in point: Ashley Graham and Mark Koldys tried to discredit me as a NewsHound writer by exposing my sex life. They sweep that inconvenient fact under the carpet. Exposing my sex life and Aunty Em’s nom de plume proves why a political writer would need a nom de plume in this age of personal destruction, a tactic at which The Flying Monkey Squad™ excels.

Grayhammy claims, without proof, that I lied to my family and friends when I created the performance artist I named Aunty Em. Several hundred people knew I was Aunty Em, including my family, my friends, and Flo and Eddie, among many others. How much of a secret could it really be? Whenever I called up contacts for NewsHound research I’d introduce myself as “Headly Westerfield, writing for NewsHounds under the name of Aunty Em.” AGAIN: How much of a secret could it really be?

The Flying Monkey Squads™ conspiracy theory falls apart right there. They know that, of course. Which is why they know they are lying about me when they continue to bring it up.

Having said all that: Johnny Dollar continues to prove that he is the enabler, and often instigator, of the The Flying Monkey Squad™. I cut enablers no slack. I wonder why a grown man — a former Michigan prosecutor — would act that way. I’m sure his parents taught him better than that.

Above: a mother’s adoring eyes.
Far left, Grumpy Cat, aka Mark Koldys, aka Johnny Dollar, the fearless leader of The Flying Monkey Squad. You’d have thought his mother (pictured here with Brother Bruce and brother Ken) and father would have taught him to not be such a mendacious piece of shit.

I need to point out that Grayhammy also drags Patrick into his discussion.
What’s so HIGH-LARRY-US about that is for the longest time The Flying Monkey Squad™ kept
accusing Aunty Em of being this person named Patrick, along with dozens of other sock
puppets, even tho’ the only name I was using online at that point was Aunty Em. When The Flying Monkey Squad™ finally exposed Aunty Em’s identity they also proved I
wasn’t Patrick. Or have they? Bwah-ha-ha!!!

Regardless, now I am being
accused of directing this Patrick — telling him what to say. Aside from a few exchanges on various
forums on the innertubes, I don’t know Patrick. Nor do I tell him what
to tweet. From what I have seen of Patrick’s tweets, nobody tells him what to tweet. He tweets what he wants to tweet
and much of it is unpleasant. But, I have no connection to Patrick. I
never have. Nor do I feel a need to denounce someone I do not know. However, The Flying Monkey Squad™ loves to play guilt by

LAUGH OF THE DAY: “You’ve inspired a hammytweet.” And, sure enough, as if on cue, there was a hammytweet tweet about Chicolinis:

I can’t wait to see what chicken entrails Johnny Dollar, aka Mark Koldys, Grayhammy, and the rest of The Flying Monkey Squad™ examine next to come up with their next Bogus Conspiracy Theory™ concerning me. Sadly I am leaving for my Sunrise to Canton Road Trip For Research first thing in the morning, so I may not be able to see what those assholes get up to for the next few days.* However, you can bet it will be a doozy. Hilarity ensues.

* h/t to my innertube tipster. You know who you are.



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1 thought on “The Mark Koldys-Johnny Dollar Comment of the Day

  1. That moron Ashley Graham created another shit storm when he posted some guy's name and some of his links claiming THAT was yours truly.

    All based on a Giggles search for the made up term "gNOpigs" So, just because some guy is using the same made up term "gNOpigs," THAT was all the proof he needed to claim he had found me out.

    The stupidity didn't end there. He also claimed another regular poster was me too. The basis for this claim? Another idiot on the Koldys' sewer said it. It must be so.

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