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The Mark Koldys-Johnny Dollar Comment of the Day

Johnny Dollar, aka Mark Koldys,
when even his mother loved him.

Aunty Em’s spies are everywhere. Paid informants told me Greyhammy was tweeting about me again. Curiosity got the best of me. Hilarity ensues.

A reminder: Greyhammy is the miserable miscreant who pinched out the excremental turd that prompted me to write “Johnny Dollar Has Proven Himself To Be A Very Dangerous Person,” the post that launched this blog. Greyhammy had the bowel movement, but it took a real walking piece of shit named Johnny Dollar — aka Mark Koldys — to determine it was worth publishing online.

Mark Koldy as he was entering his Liberace
phase. The sparkly suit is still to come.

Johnny Dollar‘s rubric is CABLE NEWS TRUTH, but Greyhammy’s post had nothing to do with truth, or cable news for that matter. It was a nakedly blatant attempt to kill the messenger because Johnny Dollar has never liked the NewsHound message. Since I was NewsHounds’ most prolific writer, Johnny Dollar made the executive decision that in order to defend Fox “News” he had to destroy me. Nothing else explains why he would reveal my nom de plume (which was not a secret in the first place as hundreds of people knew it) along with outing my sex life. Happens every day in the Marketplace of Ideas, right?

So, when I heard Grayhammy and Johnny Dollar were at it again I have to admit to being curious, the same way one rubbernecks at a traffic accident. Greyhammy’s blocked me on Twitter like the fucking little coward he is, but that doesn’t stop him from tweeting about me. Nor does it stop me from seeing his pile of manure, so I really wonder what’s the point. No matter. This is what Greyhammy’s live Twitter feed looks like:

It took a while to figure out how I managed to come up in conversation (even if they didn’t use my name). It appears to have begun at 4:05PM February 9th with a tweet by Greyhammy:

However, I never called Paul Krugman a partisan hack. Therefore, Greyhammy is lying again. Or, and this is far more likely, he’s mixed me up with someone else AGAIN!!! Remember when the denizens of Johnny Dollar‘s sewer thought I was Jonathan? Remember when they thought I was Patrick? Remember when they thought I was Ferris? I can’t even remember all the various people they have accused me of being.

Johnny Dollar and his brain-dead sycophants come up with a Conspiracy Theory first and then work backwards to compile all the evidence they need to convince themselves of something that is simply not true. Yet, despite there being no truth to Greyhammy’s tweet, that was enough for him and Johnny Dollar to kick it around for over an hour and a half, concluding with:

Only a moron would believe Greyhammy. Step right up Mark Koldys. I challenge Mark Koldys, or his bum-licker Greyhammy, to prove I said Paul Krugman was a partisan hack. If either of them can prove this I will donate $5 million dollars to the non-profit Donald Trump Toupee Fund For Men.

Otherwise, they have just proven themselves to be fucking liars again. Here’s an oldie but goody from the Johnny Dollar archives:

Even a quack like Dr. Ablow would recognize this projection on the part of Mark Koldys, who has only one tactic to attack NewsHound writers. Don’t take my word for it. The evidence is all over his web site, for those with a strong enough stomach. I’m sure Dr. Ablow would concur with my lay diagnosis: Johnny Dollar is clearly a psychopath.

If you’re on facebook, don’t forget to join The Johnny Dollar Depreciation Society. It’s Dollarishious. And, to my Confidential Informant, the cheque is in the mail. Keep those cards and letters coming in.

Musical Appreciation ► Paul McCartney

There is no denying that Paul McCartney has written a wealth of music that will stand the test of time. As we listen to Beethoven and Bach long after their lifetimes, we will be listening to the music of Paul McCartney.

Here’s a small Paul McCartney Jukebox:

As always: CRANK IT UP!!!

Uncle Russ Gibb

And, just because it pisses Mark Koldys-Johnny Dollar off, I am going to link to other versions of this story again.

Uncle Russ Gibb

Here’s what I find funny: I have made no claims, yet Johnny Dollar has gone out of his way to refute them.

J$ asked one person one question (or had a confederate ask one
question) and then spun out an entire new conspiracy theory. While, that’s
hardly journalism, it’s par for the course for Markie K and the Sycophant Five.

I only ever told this to ONE journalist. The resultant article that came
out was so garbled, I never told it again “on the record.” Therefore, every other
version I have read is second hand, or a re-writing of the
original post. Each has managed to garble the story further.
However, and I stress, only one person ever bothered to ask me any questions and I answered them all honestly.

However, I am most grateful that Markie K and the Sycophant Five, along with their patron Mark Koldys-Johnny Dollar are such loyal followers of my Aunty Em Ericann Blog.

What’s left of The Grande Ballroom; Picture by author 2010
The Grande Ballroom on opening night of a whole new era.

The Mark Koldys-Johnny Dollar Comment of the Day ► The gretchen carlson Edition

This time, it’s not so much what was said as what wasn’t said. First take a look at Johnny Dollar’s Wall of Resentments and Paybacks™. What’s missing? I’ll let you decide:

If you guessed gretchen carlson [I won’t capitalize her name ever again] then you can move to the head of the class. Yesterday was the day that gretchen carlson FAMOUSLY walked off the set of Fox and Friends when Brian Kilmeade made a not-so-friendly sexist joke. It was everywhere EXCEPT at J$’s sewer. Maybe it’s time for Johnny Dollar-Mark Koldys to retire that obviously lying rubric:

Actual screen capture of an actual lie

Johnny Dollar has learned well from his [alleged] financial backers. “Cable News Truth” is no more honest a slogan than is “Fair & Balanced.”J$ doesn’t think you can handle the truth, or wants to hide it from you. For your viewing pleasure, here is gretchen carlson walking off the set of Fox and Friends.

Not only did Johnny Dollar-Mark Koldys ignore it, but it appears as if Fox and Friends never addressed it either.


Johnny Dollar: Thanks for reading the Aunty Em Ericann blog!

The Mark Koldys-Johnny Dollar Comment of the Day

It’s been a while since I’ve posted one of these very popular Mark Koldys-Johnny Dollar Comment of the Day, but I have been busy and, besides, I am far less obsessed with Markie K and the Sycophant Five than they are of all things NewsHounds. No matter, this silly thing crossed my Twitter feed today and it’s easily the most HIGH-LARRY-US thing I’ve ever seen Johnny Dollar The Destroyer publish:

Now here’s the irony: The reason this is funny is pretty much an inside NewsHounds joke, and I am sure they’ll be laughing as soon as they see this. To try and explain would take hours.  Suffice to say:What makes me laugh the most about this is how Mark Koldys-Johnny Dollar is being patronizing to Julie because she’s a former-NewsHound, who eventually left NH fold and sided with him. It’s another indication of his obsession. Julie’s defection was always incomprehensible to those of us who believe in CABLE NEWS TRUTH, unlike Johnny Dollar who defends Fox “News” lies under his rubric of…wait for it…CABLE NEWS TRUTH.

I’ve decided to follow LibDriscol. I’ll have to let her know about how Johnny Dollar exposed my sex life along with my nom de plume because he’s an evil, evil man, as is Grayhammy, his little puppet.

Hi, Julie. Long time no read!!!

If any of this made you curious about this media bun fight, here are two compendiums of all my posts from NewsHounds:The Early PostsThe Later Posts

Here’s one last funny: NewsHounds migrated platforms, which is why there have to be two different NewsHound searches. NOW IT CAN BE REVEALED!!! The switchover was imperfect and is also the reason there are some odd gaps in the NewsHound archives. The cost to fix it was more than some thought it worth. However, the collective genius known as Markie K and the Sycophant Five came up with another of their whacked out NewsHounds Conspiracy Theories™ (like I was also using 3 other nom de plumes (sockpuppets), when the only name I was using online was Aunty Em Ericann). Those Mensa members over there decided that Ellen had scrubbed the archives to delete the posts that Johnny Dollar had challenged to whitewash the record and remove the evidence. Since J$ FALSELY challenges so many NH posts, there was bound to be some overlap between their NewsHounds Conspiracy Theory™ and these lost posts.

Keep inventing conspiracies, Markie K and the Sycophant Five. It keeps my readers amused.

BTW: The interest in the J$ book continues and one crazy sumnabitch thinks it’s a movie. Who knows? People blow a lot of smoke, but I’ll listen for a while. Like the lawyer who sees a contingency fee in it. Do I care that some ambulance chaser contacted me? Not if papers get filed. Those have to be answered. Right there it becomes win/win for me.

However, think about the irony: I could make Mark Koldys more famous than he’s ever been, even as a former Michigan District Attorney.

Mark Koldys-Johnny Dollar Comment of the Day

This one’s almost too easy, folks. If this isn’t the most supremely hypocritical thing Johnny Dollar-Mark Koldys has ever said, you’ll have to prove it to me.

Ain’t that rich? Proving that J$ is a fucking hypocrite is like shooting fish in a barrel.

When I wrote “Johnny Dollar Has Proven Himself To Be A Very Dangerous Person”  I made the point:

However, why is Johnny Dollar dangerous?  Under the guise of his rubric of “CABLE NEWS TRUTH” he published GrayHammy’s long character assassination on his website, which exposed my alternative lifestyle.  Reprehensible.  Disgusting.  Beyond the pale.  And, we must ask: Why was this done?  Simply because I write for NewsHounds.  If it’s something that could potentially hurt NewsHounds, then why not destroy Headly Westerfield personally by all means necessary?  I’m merely the collateral damage in the years long war J$ has dishonestly fought against NewsHounds.  There was no other reason to expose things about me that have no relevance to my writing for NewHounds and there is nothing in that article that has any relevance to NewsHounds.  Johnny Dollar has proven himself to be a very dangerous person.  

Not only was I collateral damage, but in the Johnny Dollar-Mark Koldys tradition, he will stop at NOTHING to defend Fox News, because he’s a Cable News Truther. What my sex life had to do with Cable News Truth is a question you’ll have to ask of him.

While you’re at it, please ask him why he is now contacting other people from my past to ask whether they know me or not. Seriously. This MoFo is psychotic. Next thing you know he’ll be asking Ted Nugent if he remembers this goofy kid on Gilchrist Avenue 45 years ago standing at the end of the driveway.

Neither Bob Marley nor George Harrison are alive. Therefore, Johnny Dollar-Mark Koldys will just have to take my word that I spent time with both. Or, in the case of Harrison, plenty of video footage exists. I can let J$ know how he can order up B-Roll. Marley? Plenty of people saw us together. Pictures? Probably. I can point him at people who were there. I just want to be helpful.

Oh, maybe this’ll help: John Sinclair still visits Detroit. Maybe Johnny Two Cents will want to interview him next. There’s a very public story on the innertubes about me and my friend John Sinclair and Dr. John.

Johnny Dollar? Mark Koldys? GreyHammy? Ashley Graham? Go fetch!!! You sick fucks!!!

The Mark Koldys-Johnny Dollar Comment of the Day

As I get used to my new Blog Digs, I discovered these stat buttons. I was shocked to find my most loyal readers, as a group, were #MarkieKandtheSycophantFive from the Johnny Dollar sewer.  I couldn’t feel more honoured and so, to give back I am launching the Mark Koldys-Johnny Dollar Comment of the Day, an occasional feature.

Today’s comment is a screen capture of an exchange today from the J$ sewer. As I precdicted on Twitter as soon as the edit in question was made, they would eventually deny it was ever there.  Here’s the game now: To either get me to post what they edited, exposing myself, or for Mark Koldys to reinstate it himself.  He’s threatened to do so already.  Now they are using my sex life as blackmail against me in order to silence me.  And, if he reprints it as threatened, you just know he will blame me, just as I have already been blamed for GrayHammy’s despicable post because of some shit that happened on a blog I never heard of with people I don’t know.

If you see a Mark Koldys comment you think worthy of posterity, don’t hesitate to bring it to my attention. We are here to memorialize the most duplicitous blogger in all Blogville and I need your help showing what happens to a Michigan shyster lawyer when they allow their dark side to win. It can be a Mark Koldys/Johnny Dollar from anywhere the sick fuck hangs out.  Some of my readers know better than I the dark recesses of the innertubes he occupies.

On The Thread Where He Cyber-Raped Me, Johnny Dollar Edited Away My Mild Sarcasm

Last one for tonight, folks, I have a book review I’m writing.

Nothing proves better proves what a fucking little hypocrite worm of an indecent human being Johnny Dollar is than his edit of my comments on his blog.  On the thread where he cyber-raped me, and then threatened to do it again, he edited away some of my mild sarcasm of himself and his little cult of personality.



It is sad that a CABLE NEWS TRUTHER feels the need to pull such stunts.  Anyone who would cyber-rape another human over a vendetta with NewsHounds is capable of anything.  That’s why I keep saying that Johnny Dollar is a dangerous man.  His actions, and continued actions, are beyond the pale.  As an ex-lawyer he has learned how to twist the truth and as a Fox “News” Defender he has learned the politics of personal destruction.  If he says anything about this at all, he’ll insist I broke his rules.  The next step is to put people on Johnny Dollar Island when one refuses to answer a gotcha question.  I’ve been predicting all his actions all along the way.

Coward. Worm. Shyster Lawyer. Duplicitous blogger and Fox :News” defender.  There’s your Johnny Dollar/Mark Koldys, folks.

Johnny Dollar Threatens To Cyber-Rape Me All Over Again

And worse: He took my obvious ironic sarcasm as gratitude.

Johnny Dollar’s biggest problem now, as I see it, is I am no longer bound by any niceties and can now finally behave exactly like the sleazy lawyer Mark Koldys, lead singer of #MarkieKandtheSycophantFive has done since the day I started writing for NewsHounds. However, since I no longer write for NewsHounds Johnny Dollar needs a new excuse to cyber-rape me all over again.  I suspect it’s now become sport and he’s believes I am giving him permission to cyber-rape me by my ‘come hither’ looks and what I’m wearing.. “Aunty Em was asking for it!” As predicted earlier today on Twitter he will cyber-rape me all over again and blame me for it.  Look at that comment above.  He’s already laying the groundwork, if you’ll pardon the expression.

A reminder: Johnny Dollar defends Fox News and was once, I suspect, a very sleazy lawyer.  What more do you need to know?

Johnny Dollar Has Proven Himself To Be A Very Dangerous Person

Recently Ellen wrote about Johnny
Dollar.  Today it’s my turn.  Mark Koldys, the psychopath* behind the
Johnny Dollar brand, has published a very long post by GrayHammy that accuses
me of: 1). Writing under a nom de plume; 2). Being a man; 3). Being a man named
Headly Westerfield; 4). Being an elitist; and 5). Being the puppetmaster of
anyone who tweets at him.  1). Duh!; 2). Yes;
3). Yes; 4). WTF?, 5). Double WTF?  However,
why is Johnny Dollar dangerous?  Under
the guise of his rubric of “CABLE NEWS TRUTH” he published GrayHammy’s long character
assassination on his website, which exposed my alternative lifestyle.  Reprehensible.  Disgusting. 
Beyond the pale.  And, we must
ask: Why was this done?  Simply because I
write for NewsHounds.  If it’s something
that could potentially hurt NewsHounds, then why not destroy Headly Westerfield
personally by all means necessary?  I’m
merely the collateral damage in the years long war J$ has dishonestly fought
against NewsHounds.  There was no other
reason to expose things about me that have no relevance to my writing for
NewHounds and there is nothing in that article that has any relevance to
NewsHounds.  Johnny Dollar has proven
himself to be a very dangerous person. 

The long post (which I won’t link
to, but is there for all to see unless it has been changed or deleted. Screen
caps all ‘round if needed) was written by GrayHammy, one of the sycophantic
asslickers that hang out in Johnny Dollar’s sewer.  GrayHammy—who it must be said is hiding
behind his own secret identity—sends dozens
upon dozens
of tweets to me and Alex ON A DAILY BASIS.  Here’s a link to the profile so you can see
for yourself just one crazy, obsessive, cyber, stalking bully from the Johnny
Dollar cult at work.  Now GrayHammy is
only one of several that will pop over from the J$ sewer and shit all over our
timelines, but he is the most persistent. 
In fact, in his post he admits joining Twitter only to harass us with
questions.  Why?  Because we write for NewsHounds and he’s in
the Johnny Dollar cult of personal destruction. 
Is another reason needed?  I
collectively call them #MarkieKandtheSycophantFive and there are times that all
of them are hitting all of us NewsHounds at once with tweets.  Yet, get this: In his post that demonstrates
his obsessive stalking behaviour even better than his hundreds and hundreds and
hundreds of tweets, GrayHammy denies being an obsessed stalker.  Ironic, no? 
I’m the only NewsHounder that hasn’t blocked those Dollarites due to
their creepy stalking-like behaviour.  In
his post GrayHammy gives me credit for that. 
Ironic, no? 
#MarkieKandtheSycophantFive are hilarious most of the time, and I have
some good fun yanking their chains; there are entire Spotify playlists
dedicated to them.  But there are times all
I wanna do is tweet with friends.  Just
ignoring #MarkieKandtheSycophantFive can be exhausting at times.  
Lest we lose sight of the primary
mission: all this obsessive behaviour from the Johnny Dollar Cult is because they
are defending Fox “News” against us terrible NewsHounds.  Therefore, in order to defend Fox “News,” GreyHammy
put on his cyber-camo to creep and crawl around the innertubes to find shit I
forgot was even out there.  It’s true
what they say; it never goes away.  This
was obviously a long project on the part of GreyHammy.  Look at all the meticulous research.  Read how he lays out all the clues—one after
another—like it’s the final scene in a Perry Mason novel.  I’m a writer. 
I know how much research and writing and editing went in to get this
just right.  Then I read his P.S., his final
AHA! moment when GrayHammy levels a new charge at me, one I’d never heard
before in my entire life: I am a draft dodger who high-tailed it to Canada
when the going got tough in the Vietnam war. 
Of all the spurious smears Johnny Dollar and his crew of dead-enders
have tried to slap on me, that’s the only one I will address.  However, ask yourself: Why would GrayHammy even
go there?  Politics and NewsHounds again.  Today I tweeted out a NewsHounds post that
exposed Ted Nugent as a self-admitted draft dodger.  This can’t stand.  My reputation must be destroyed in order to
defend Fox “News’” and Sean Hannity’s favourite son, Ted Nugent. 
Anyway, here’s the truth in a
nutshell: When I was 17 years old I made the same mistake a young Levi Johnston
made and I got a girl pregnant.  She was
Canadian.  I moved to Canada to marry
the mother of my child.  End of story,
except that I duly registered at my ‘local’ draft board at the United States
Consulate on University Avenue
in Toronto and was
100% copasetic with my draft board.  YAWN.
While GrayHammy did the legwork, he
wasn’t the one who published this screed of personal destruction—this character
assassination that has no NewsHound content. 
Mark Koldys published it because he’s all about CABLE NEWS TRUTH, doncha
know?  For reasons that only a psychopath
might understand, Mark Koldys decided that this post of GrayHammy’s qualified
as “CABLE NEWS TRUTH,” so he published it. 
In doing so, Johnny Dollar has proven himself to be a very dangerous
person.  I am left to answer any
questions that family and friends may have. 
There’s a group who argue politics on the patio of the local coffee shop
who all know I write as Aunty Em.  I
suppose I’ll have some explaining to do there, too.  Meanwhile, Mark Koldys/Johnny Dollar and his
evil sycophants cackle in his comment thread how they got NewsHounds good by
taking Aunty Em down.  But here’s the
thing: This was exactly the reason I used a pen name.  I was fearful of writing about ‘Merkin politics
and being stalked by crazies.  Johnny
Dollar has proven himself to be a very dangerous person by exposing both my
identity and my lifestyle. 
Here’s something else about Johnny
Dollar’s sewer that I find interesting. 
He only ever publishes linked headlines, unless it’s about
NewsHounds.  Then he will do long posts
that twist our words and spit them out in a way that make them resemble a fun
house mirror.  His only reason to exist
appears to be to tear down NewsHounds and he’s been at it a very long time
now.  Ellen says he must be paid to be so
devoted.  I think he’s just plain mean
and crazy.  Yesterday, when he learned I
was travelling to Michigan
where he resides, he suggested we meet for “détente.”  Today he exposes me, leaving me without even
a fig leaf of cover.  That’s clearly
psychotic behaviour.  Johnny Dollar has
proven himself to be a very dangerous person. 
If he has paymasters, I hope they are proud of the Frankenstein monster
they created.  Maybe he’ll get a bonus
for this one. 
On a more personal note, as if this
hasn’t been gut-wrenching enough: I sincerely apologize to all NewsHounds past
and present and a special apology to Ellen Brodsky for any disgrace my private
life may have brought upon NH.  I am here
because I have always believed in the mission. 
Just before I moved back to ‘Merka after 35 sane years in Canada, I decided
to write about what I had seen happened to the land of my birth from media
distance that eluded most in this country. 
When my mother’s illness forced me to move back I started looking for a
nom de plume because I knew the opposition have guns and are bat shit
crazy.  I kept rejecting the name Aunty
Em Ericann, but it kept making me laugh in a way that Phil Harmonic, Phyllis
Stein, and Ben Dover didn’t.  I
eventually gave in to the inevitable.  But
here’s some more truth about me.  I am
not anti ALL ‘Merkins.  Hell, some
of my best friends and family are ‘Merkins. 
I’m just anti-some ‘Merkins, like those who would actually cheer on this
act of personal cruelty perpetrated by Johnny Dollar, aka Mark Koldys, aka the
lead singer of #MarkieKandtheSycophantFive. 
Considering what I have been through in the last 12 hours, I think the
nom de plume was well-chosen. 
With all my love,
Headly Westerfield
* Not an actual diagnosis by an
actual doctor, but I have eyes.